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True Life Story: My Ex Broke Up With His Wife And Wants Me Back-Pls Advise


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True Life Story: My Ex Broke Up With His Wife And Wants Me Back-Pls Advise

Hello Lively Stones,

My name is Dora not real name, I am a working-class lady, am 38yrs. Am a member of LivelyStone and will be waiting for you guys respond. Please hide my ID.

I have not been lucky in relationships and most of my relationship are distance relationship. Let me just go straight to the point. Am from Katsina not real location.
How I met Chima not real name, was when I graduated from secondary school I was working with a private organization, I was very honest with the work I was doing, so my boss sent me to learn computer in one of the best center in Katsina, there I met Chima, he was one of the best computer lecturer. He falls for me, we started dating, everything was going smoothly.
I got admission into the university of plateau state as a medical student. In my year two, Chima start getting angry with me unnecessarily, during my exam period Chima broke up with me on no cause.
I really find it hard to cope during that time but was encouraged by my roommate.
Chima got married to someone else, that was 2017, no issue(child) till date.
One day Chima chatted me up and was asking for forgiveness, if maybe I bad mouth him. I said I don’t have anything against him and I have forgiving him.
Chima was asking me out, which I refused. So one day Chima chatted me up and was telling me they are no more together with his wife, I now ask him what really happened, he said he caught her chatting with her ex and he was confessing his love to her and want to marry her. That they went to the hospital for checking up to see what the problem could be and who has the problem.
Unfortunately, the doctor said he was the one, that she started misbehaving to him, that he attempted suicide 3 times, but his friends intervene. He later found out that his wife connived with the doctor, to put the blame on him. His wife has left the house leaving him with nothing.
To cut the story short, Chima is begging me to see him this Sunday, that we really need to talk and pleading with me to give him a second chance.
Please what should I do, should I go or not? Are we really meant to be after all this mess? just recently I found someone which am in love with, trying to understand each other.
Please advise me.
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  1. Has Chima divorced his wife properly? Do you even love him? Is he your kind of man? Why is he coming back to you all because his wife left him? Why did he leave you in the first place? Afterall,you didn’t offend him.

    Anyways,stick to the lover of your life,the one you are presently in love with,don’t see Chima this Sunday. Your guy or fiance hasn’t done anything wrong to you,don’t because of Chima and then loose him ooo.

    Abeg allow Chima to remain in the past for now,unless your guy is not ready for marriage because of age and that will make you want to consider Chima because I know he would want to marry you as soon as possible.

    Lastly,pray,pray and pray. Let God lead you so you can make the right choice. God bless you

  2. Do not allow an old flame burn u twice , whatever happens at Golgotha stays at Golgotha , he didn’t choose u then , why are u his backup plan ? I think u need to think it straight u are risking too much giving chima any attention , what proof do u have chima Is sincere , or u believe anything men tell u ? Chima is a man who has his life to live, u have another man now, focus on making him happy and rest, or do u still over chima , ask urself would u go for who rejected u for a man who love u after the rejection , this is a risk , but if ur love for chima supersede ur love for the new man , I would asked u to pause , and think it straight , one thing I know about women they don’t fall in love easily but when they do they don’t come out easily , if u still love chima then ur love for ur new man , would not please u because u would always feel lackluster ND might be in situations where u compare both men , if u are sure u love chima, I think u can still go for him , but understand that u have more to lose going for chima because u might lose ur new man , if I were u I would block chima

  3. Madam please take the 2 advice above and block chima. That’s what I do to people like that. People lie to look good, what do you expect chima to tell you? He would never spoil his own name in front of you but I bet you his wife will have a different story.

    You even have a new man so I wonder why you would even be considering one that ghosted you years ago.

  4. Hello dear Lady,
    Refuse Chima completely. Don’t you ever go back to him. He’s not for you….. You are Not meant to be together !

    True as much as your heart can carry you to build a quality relationship with this new guy


    If your heart (truly, if your heart indeed) goes for Chima after all your experiences with him in the time past of so many years….

    Renew the old “love” flame with him and cut off your relationship with this New guy

    Nevertheless, pray ! Ask God for MORE proper way and directions for you !

    # Peace

  5. My dear don’t be fooled. Chima is not telling you the truth. He is a temptation sent by the devil to distract you and make you miss your right man. Remember a leopard can’t change it’s spot. Don’t meet him at all and if you will go in the company of your fiance who I suggest you intimate with all that is going on. Better you even block every communication with Chima and abstain from the evil -Chima

  6. Forget Chima.

    He isn’t truthful. Even if he is, he had it going well and just turned back because he was abandoned.

    His attitude presents him as seeking his own interest or using you to get at his ex.

    Focus on your current relationship.

    Don’t ever return or meet up with him.

    All the best.


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