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I Broke Up With A Married Woman-Now Her Only Daughter Is Madly In Love With Me


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I Broke Up With A Married Woman-Now Her Only Daughter Is Madly In Love With Me

Sandra and Samuel (not real names)are twin brother and sister. They moved into our Estate six years ago. We met at the estate basket ball court. They were very good players and I was a 400 level sociology Student of Unilag (not real name of school) but I played professionally as well. Their family moved back to Nigeria after living in the US from birth.

We became very good friends from playing ball after school and during the holidays. Then one day, Samuel,who we call Sammie invited me to their house and that was when I met their mother. Their father is an American and living in the US. Their mom is stunning. She did not look like she gave birth to these two adults. She was also very kind and very sweet to her children and me as their friends.

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I spent lots of time in their house and they also spent time in mine. After I graduated and went for service in Kogi, I came back home after a year and found out that Sammie and his sister had gone back to the states again. Their mother stayed back in Nigeria though. But travels from time to time. I went to greet her when I got back and she was really happy to see me.

She invited me inside and offered me champagne. I have only had shots of champaign before, not down a bottle like that. And then, we had whiskey. She was just a fun vibrant woman.  She said she wanted to celebrate my successful completion of NYSC. We were dancing. We drank and I enjoyed her company.

Before I knew it, she began to kiss me and I was a bit shocked but I didn’t have a girlfriend at the time, so I was overwhelmed with excitement that such a stunning woman wanted to kiss me. We had mad fun and had s*x. This continued every day. She became my secret chick. I would go to her house soon as most people in the estate had gone to work ad have s*x with her for hours.

Later on, she helped me get a job and our affair continued for the next several months. Towards Christmas time, She told me her daughter was coming for Christmas and so we have to stop our relationship until after her daughter leaves in January. I agreed. When Sandra came for Christmas, I was surprised cos she came to our house. I was friends more with her brother Sammie so I was not expecting her as such.

Sandra wanted me to come to her place. I mean, I am like the only friend she and her brother have in Nigeria. I had to give several excuses why I could not come to hers. So, instead, she started coming to our house almost every evening, soon as I got back from work. My parents liked her cos I mean, she is a beautiful half cast. And well mannered as such.

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A few days before Christmas, Sandra came to our house and said she wanted to tell me something. I asked what: she said, she likes me and has been thinking about me. I was shocked My head spinning. Meanwhile, her mother was already sending me messages to discourage Sandra from coming to see me but what do I tell this girl to make her stop?

I lied to Sandra that I already have a girlfriend and she asked me to show her the picture of my girlfriend and our social media. I lied that she is not on social media. Sandra is persistent like her mother. She wanted me to give her a chance and she started to do everything to get me to like her back. She did everything to get me but I kept on resisting.

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The straw that broke the camel’s back was a few nights before she was due to return back to the US. Sandra lied that was going to a party and needed me to be her plus 1. I suspected she was up to something but in my mind, I could just oblige her since she would be leaving in 2 days and she will be gone and I will be back with her mother whom I genuinely love.

We took an uber to this party and as I suspected, there was no party. It was a five-star hotel. Sandra paid for the best room and wanted me to sleep with her and just have fun. I knew I was crossing a serious line but this girl is twice as stunning as her mother. I was weak, I feel sorry for myself as I write this.

Sandra and I had s*x and I told myself that was the end …it would never happen again. But the next day, this girl comes to my house furious and crying. Apparently, she told her mother she likes me and spent time with me. Her mother’s reaction gave her away. Her mother was filled with rage and slapped her. She said that was when she knew that something was up.

They got into a fight and the mother told her that I was her boyfriend. Sandra got upset with me, that I didn’t tell her mother who is married is my so-called girlfriend. She threatened to tell her father and all that. Anyways, she left the next day and I thought it was the end of the matter.

Sandra’s mother broke up with me after that. She did not want to be seen as someone who slept with the same guy as her daughter. I begged her and begged her cos I really was in love with her. She refused and encouraged me to find a girl my age. As painful as it is, I moved on. I had to get an apartment away from my parent’s estate. That was in January.

Now, Sandra and I got talking two weeks ago on Instagram. She said she and her mother spoke and they have reconciled. That her mother understands that Sandra is in love with me and so, to buy Sandra’s silence, not to inform her father of the affair with me, she has allowed Sandra to be with me.

I felt really hurt cos I don’t love Sandra as much as the mother. I told her I am not interested and that really broke her heart more. The mother called me and begged me to please give her daughter a chance. That she would do anything if I just obliged the daughter. I told her I did not lie about my feelings. I am in love with her and not her daughter.

Sandra called me a few days ago and asked me to come to the US for Summer. All expense paid she said. She wanted me to give her a chance to show me how she felt. She then brought up what if we get married? I could become a US citizen and I would relocate and we will be together in the US. She said her father, even though has never met me, already heard so many good things about me. Sammie told him we are good friends. I spoke to her father on phone. The man already thinks me and Sandra are in love.

Truth is, the offer from Sandra is tempting. I know I could grow to love her. She is stunning like I said and well mannered. And the fact that she is going out of her way to woo me, is making my head swell…I cannot lie. My only worry is: I hope I don’t mess this up. Cos, I may still have feelings for her mother. Feelings that I have suppressed. Will those feelings cost me in the future? when she becomes my mother-in-law, will I still have hots for her?

I know it’s easy to grow to love Sandra cos she is very attractive too but it feels weird. That I will be married to someone I had a relationship with her mother for almost seven months. Her mother said it’s fine. That her sleeping with me last year was because She was only just catching cruise with me. She was lonely, her husband being in the US and she was alone here.

Now, does this mean the coast is clear for me? Should I give Sandra’s offer consideration and go visit her in the US this summer and see how our relationship goes from there? This could change my life forever …a lot of guys would think I am lucky to have this offer. My family already thinks I have an American girlfriend. All they are seeing is a green card. I don’t blame them. I am just trying not to overthink things. What would you do if you were in my shoes?


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  1. Egungun be careful na express you dey go oooo,you can’t marry Sandra,take it or you leave it. For instance, what if in future her father gets to know that you had an affair with his wife probably you and Sandra had issues and she threatens you, remember this is US oooo not Nigeria?How do you look into your mother in-laws eye in future knowing full well that you have seen her………….,(pekus)you better think twice ooo,not all that glitters is gold oo. Everything might sound sweet and real to you
    now but remember marriage is not courtship. I will advise you face your work here in Nigeria with dignity and desist from seeing a married woman,tell Sandra you can only be friends with her,period. Stand your ground now and be happy in future, if not you shall regret your actions when the time comes. Please don’t just be deceived by the material things and goodies form Sandra and her family oooo,face your job and become a real man,not a man that wants to depend on a woman for greener pastures. It is well with you,what an elder sees while sitting down is different from what a child will see when standing up.

  2. Guy grab the offer joor, when u get to the bridge u will cross it. Like my father will always say, always have a positive mentality in everything you find yourself doing. Do you want me to book an appointment for you in the embassy?
    This na opportunity them dey give u to live this our village called Nigeria and u dey think twice?

  3. Hello bro, you are really stupid oo, sleeping with another man’s wife for 7 months claiming you love her, even with the daughter and wanting to use her to get American green card. You are a big fool, a big fool indeed, you knew what you were doing all along, you know what to do. Wicked people like you know what to do, you are only looking for people to stylishly tell you to do that evil you already in your heart. Another man’s wife and you have the guts to say you love her, why don’t you tell her husband all both of you have been doing. DO GOOD NOT EVIL. GOD bless you bro.

  4. That relationship is already messy, please leave both daughter and mother. This girl sounds like she is so hooked up on you and will do whatever it takes to have you, which is not a good sign considering all that has happened. What if she starts blackmailing you? Remember that America is not Nigeria, don’t leave what you have here to chase uncertainty. Women there don’t reason like the women in Nigeria. Stay far away from mother and child , block them and move on.

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  6. @Akin.

    Your opinion and that of other commenters are respected. However, refrain from making remarks that are a driect insult to others, no matter how irrelevant you think they are.

    Lively Stones is a safe place for everyone, remember,its a judgement free zone.

    You can disagree with someone, but no insults please. That is not who we are.

    Thank you for understanding.

  7. My Brother, it’s looking Rosy now but the end might not be this Rosy, no secrets last forever. Her father will definitely know one day that you slept with his wife and daughter, a white man will f***ck you up over there when he knows this, this will happen when you have issues with his daughter, remember, you will be alone there.

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