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True Life Story: My Experience With A Family Pervert On Christmas Eve


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True Life Story: My Experience With A Family Pervert On Christmas Eve

Compliments Lively Stones,

On the 4th of December this year was my wedding. After our marriage, my husband’s uncle who was the major sponsor of our wedding invited my husband and I to come and spend Christmas with him in his house in Abuja (not real location). This Uncle is very wealthy and well respected by all in my husband’s family. He gave us alot of money too for our wedding.

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So, we travelled to Uncle’s place on the 22nd of December so we can spend Christmas with him. His house was filled with alot of dignitaries and it was fun to be there. This man is living in a mansion with cooks, several armed guards and every iota of what living big and rich is. I noticed his wife and children were not around though. They had gone to US for Christmas.

We stayed in this big beautiful house, enjoying ourselves with everyone until 24th night…there was a big party….eating and drinking and everyone was lit. The men were on the terrace…eating asun and drinking. I was with my husband when one of the maids came to tell me that Uncle sent for me. My husband was happy cos he thought he was calling me to give me money cos he had actually told me he would give me money for my Christmas that night.

So, I went to Uncle’s study cos that was where I was told he was. I got there and knocked…Uncle was with someone there…a man…when the man saw me….he got up and left…Uncle asked me to sit and he started chatting with me…asking me if I am enjoying my stay at his house, I told him yes…he asked if I needed anything to make me more comfortable, I told him I was very comfortable.

Then I just added that I am grateful for all he did for me and my husband during our wedding and how he promised me Christmas gift. He laughed and said that is what family is for. That he can do anything I want as long as I remain a grateful person. That he dislikes grateful people. I told him I cannot be ungrateful cos my parents raised me well. He then said what will I do to show him I am grateful. I told him ah,…I can only continue to say thanks.

This man looked at me and said…saying thanks are just mere words na…I was like,…its true but genuine words are important. This man then said he wants to show me something. He turned on the TV and low and behold, it was CCTV camera recording of the room where me and my husband are staying in his house. He showed me where I was batting and where me and my husband was making love.

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I was shocked….before I could say anything, he said he wants to enjoy what my husband is enjoying…that if I give it to him…he will give me 1M immediately. I was like, what do you mean…give you what my husband is enjoying? S3x? He smiled and rubbed his privates and said he gets turned on watching me and my husband and me when I am bathing. I just told him that is so wrong, that he is our uncle and he is invading on our privacy.

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This man said…no one needs to know….that it will be quick …he just wants to enjoy me small…that he has not been himself since he has been watching us on CCTV. I told him I cannot do what he is asking of me…I cannot betray my husband and certainly not with his uncle…his own mother’s brother for that matter. He laughed and told me to stop acting like virgin Mary…that he knows I will like it too.

By this time, I got up and told him I wanted to go. He also got up and said…so you don’t want 1M? I told him … no…if it means sleeping with him to get the money. He said ok…that he will not force me but I cannot tell my husband. I told him why wont I tell my husband…he said…because if you do….your husband will not believe you and I will destroy you with everything I have.

This man said he is a very dangerous man to deny anything…that anything he wants…he gets…that if I think a small fly like me can deny him and also try to say anything….that by the time he finishes with me…I will regret coming into this family. I became so afraid that I told him I will not say anything. I swore by my late mother that I will not say anything. He then grabbed my breasts, squeezed them so hard and told me if he wanted to force his way…I can not stop him and no one can challenge me but that I should just get out. This man told me that if I change my mind …I know where to find him.

I was shaking by the time I left his study…I went straight to my husband and told him I was not feeling well and I was going to sleep. He was wondering at me cos he thought I was coming to tell him the good news that his uncle gave me money. So I went to the room….I tried to look for where the CCTV camera are but I could not find it…I was so scared this man was watching me.

I used the duvet to cover my body when I went to bed. Around 2am, my husband came into the room and woke me up….he said his Uncle said he asked me to help him make bitter leaf soup like our village people used to do and that I said no, that I did not come to his house to be a cook. That his Uncle said he did not mean any harm but he just thought as someone from our side, I can make him original bitter leaf soup.

My husband was asking me why I disrespected his uncle like that….I told him that is not what happened…that what happened was…I was going to tell him….I remembered this man’s threat…I just froze. I told him I am sorry….that I was not feeling well….that is why I refused to cook the soup….that I will do that the next day. My husband said ok. My husband then warned me that I should never disrespect his Uncle again…that he is the head of their family and his family does not joke with him at all…I could not sleep that night….knowing that I was being watched by the pervert uncle.

Even to bath…I had to wear my bra and pant as I had my bath…when my husband tried to make love to me, I told him I was still feeling weak and sick. I begged my husband that we should leave on the 27th. He refused but when he saw I was not happy…he agreed…so we left Abuja on last flight yesterday. I am still in disbelief of what happened….I am still struggling whether to tell my husband or just keep quiet….will my husband believe me?

Even if he does….what can he do about this? This Uncle is like a very rich billionaire…maybe he is even into diabolical things. I am so scared when I remembered how he said he will destroy me with everything he has…so…does that mean I must never tell my husband? Will I be ever safe in this family that I married into? I need your advice on what to do…just thinking about what happened and this man….I am still shaking uncontrollably.

Please advice me.



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  1. Ur husband would not believe u , the only thing u can do is to avoid the man , but come to think of it , which man would give u 1 million for doing nothing that’s impossible , except if u are his sister , daughter or wife , no man would just give u money like that , u have to be willing to give him something in return , let the matter slide . but if the man disturb u again then u must prepare to have enough evidence against him . Try as much as u can to have recording of ur conversation with the man , both text messages too , this u would do if this man continue , to disturb u . Then when u have gathered enough evidence then u can tell ur husband . And again warn ur husband not to fight him he would lose , money rules and the voice of the weak is not heard.

  2. I’m really sorry about what you are going through, I would advice you seek the help of someone u respect so much, you can start by opening up to your mum and pastor, when u are settled enough and free of fears, please let your husband know, tell him the truth, open up completely, he would believe you, I assure u that, try as much as possible to avoid the useless uncle, most useless men think because they are wealthy they can control anyone…..I like your guts dear, u stood firm to your words….the useless uncle can’t do anything….relax your mind, God be with dear…peace..

  3. Tell your husband biko,you can’t keep such from him,what if your uncle blackmails you?

    Tell him everything. God bless you and be careful

  4. Wonders truly will never cease.
    You have to tell your husband. You should have done that on that night. But it’s not too late. Please, tell your husband what actually happened that night and if he asks you why you didn’t tell him immediately, tell him your fear. Tell your husband that if he really loves you, he will disconnect from that uncle of his no matter what he gains from him, because he is going to destroy you both. That uncle is both fetish and evil. Your husband must not confront him with it, at all, because he’s going to make do his threat and make life miserable for both of you, he might even get you killed. Just disconnect from him completely


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