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True Life Story: My Fiancé Pressured Me To Sleep With Him & Then Betrayed Me


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True Life Story: My Fiancé Pressured Me To Sleep With Him & Then Betrayed Me

Good morning Lively Stones,

I need your advice cos my heart is really broken. I have been betrayed by the love of my life and I am loosing my mind daily. Linus and I met through a mutual friend. Though he was not my type when we first met, one thing that drew me to him was his kind heart. I saw some redflags like he believed so much that money can get him any thing including any girl he wants, so I kind of gave him tough time before I finally accepted.

Linus understood that I was not after money eventually and that was when he decided he wanted to marry me. I made sure he began to take the things of church seriously cos I was not going to marry someone who does not take God or church as important. So, we dated for one year and a half without S** before I agreed to marry him.

Every time, he kept appreciating me for keeping myself for marriage always says he cannot wait for us to get married so he will be the first. So, everything went fine and we were supposed to do all marriage ceremonies in December this year but from August this year, Linus started rushing our wedding. He said he could not wait again cos he can no longer hold himself from S** almost after one and a half years of dating.

So, we did our wedding introduction in August 2022. Our traditional and white wedding was now pushed back to September 2022. As soon as we did the wedding introduction, Linus started pressuring me for S**. To the extent that he started getting offended when I refused him. He said in the eyes of our tradition, we can have S** after all, my family has accepted his marriage proposal.

Later, he started saying, how can he marry something he has not tasted…later he would say that if I keep rejecting me, he will go outside and sleep with oloso cos he cannot keep waiting any longer. All these pressure made me to allow him to make love to me. I loved him and I was sure ,we were going to get married in September. After that, he was happy and even bought me an iphone as gift for breaking my virginity.

Now, as the time for the wedding was getting close, Linus was always asking for S** and I allowed him. At least, he was my husband to be in less than a month. Somehow, because of the heavy flooding in September, my family insisted that the wedding be moved to October cos of the heavy flooding in my village.

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And as things would turn out, I found out I was pregnant by end of September. I told Linus and he was very very happy. A few days to our wedding in October, I went to Linus place and I met a pregnant lady in his house. I asked her who she was, she asked me who I was to be questioning her. Well, I let me cut the long story short:

This woman told me she was Linus baby mama and she is pregnant for him. I wanted the ground to open and swallow me. She looked like seven months pregnant. As we were talking, Linus came in and when he saw me, he took me inside the room and began to ask me what the woman said, I told him what she said, that he was the father of her unborn child.

Linus started to deny but by this time, the lady was already throwing tantrums cos she did not like that Linus took me inside the room and locked her out. Next, she started shouting, calling me oloso…that I want to snatch her boyfriend. Everything did not make sense so I told Linus I was leaving, he refused and said he will take me home. Then, he dragged the woman and told her to leave.

This woman refused to leave until Linus began to beat her…I was shocked…how do you beat a pregnant woman…I screamed at Linus and he realized I was horrified so he began to beg the woman, he told her he will see her later, that she should just go. After she left in the bolt that Linus got for her, Linus tried to continue to explain but I used a trick on him. I told Linus that he should tell me the truth cos I will not marry a liar. That he should tell me if he really got that woman pregnant so I can know the truth about who I am going to marry and accept the truth.

Linus thinking I was going to forgive him…told me the truth…yes, he was the father of the baby of the pregnant lady. I started crying cos now I realized why Linus forced me to have S** with him. He wanted to pin me down with pregnancy so I must marry him. He knew if I found out about the pregnant lady, I will call off the wedding. Well, I called my parents and still called off the wedding.

Throughout that week, I cried. I want to take out the pregnancy cos I realized I am going to marry a cheat, a liar and woman beater. That for me, is unforgiveable. And if I am not getting married, why will I keep a child for a man who lied to me? Everyone is begging and asking me to forgive him but really I am scared of Linus now….not only did he trick me, I saw him beat a pregnant woman with my eyes….

Please is marriage to such a man still be a good idea? Please advise me…


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  1. God be praised. My dear you need to ask God forgiveness for sleeping with him.
    Please don’t remove the pregnancy because if u do, u meant lose your life during the processing. You need to go back to God and beg him very well to have mercy upon you and show you what to do next. This case is complicated. He drove the other lady out and kept you indoor, which means he choose you over her. My dear forgive him and take him back.

  2. My love,I like this bold step of yours,you are bold,brave and courageous,and above all you know what you really want for yourself and for your children. Don’t just marry a man, marry a man that will be a good husband to you , a wonderful father to your child/children and a sweet son in-law to your family.

    Here is the deal,thank you for calling off the wedding,you did well. If you don’t call it off now and you are pressured to marry him,you will still leave the marriage sooner or later.

    Linus would frustrate you by dating other girls,his baby mama will also come between you both,he will even beat you if you try to challenge him,you already saw the red flag where he feels he can get any woman with his money .

    The main advice is,get rid of the unborn baby,don’t give birth to that child unless you have decided to marry him or become his baby mama. If I were you,I won’t go close to such a woman beater even going to the extent of beating a pregnant woman.

    Nne ,the ball is in your court,use your head. Marriage is not for the weak,are you ready to receive insult and beatings from him,lies,etc…..

    Peace be unto you my dear,a better man deserves you sweetheart not Linus. Imagine his name sef Lie- Linus- Lie lie Mohammed.

  3. Nope! It will not be a good idea to marry such a man.

    Don’t mind people asking you to forgive, if they truly love you they wouldn’t ask you to stay with such a person knowing he will make you miserable.
    I’m actually proud of you, I’m proud because alot of women do not have this courage that you have and cannot take such bold step.

    He is a user and if you go ahead it’s a sign to him that you are desperate to be called a “wife” and he will take advantage of that to treat you anyhow he likes.
    Stay strong. As for the pregnancy I cannot advice you to remove it, at the same time I have no idea of your capability to raise the child on your own. May the Lord guide you.

  4. When we tell people S.e.x is only for marriage, they are quick to call us deputy JESUS.

    It’s good you found out, but bad you fornicated. You can’t do abortion, you said you cant marry a man that doesnt take GOD serious, it is a good thing but you failed that same standard,

    It tells you, we should stand out ground against all odds, patience is always good, but it’s done already, you need to move on but DO NOT DO ABORTION, don’t do it.

    Give birth to the child and you both should co parent.

    I wish you well sister.



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