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True Life Story: My Wife Is Pregnant With Another Man’s Baby


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True Life Story: My Wife Is Pregnant With Another Man’s Baby

Dear Lively Stones,

Please let your people advise me. I am a simple man, I do not believe in divorce but right now, my wife of eight years is pushing me to the brink of divorce. I met my wife twelve years ago. She was a JAMB student who came for tutorials in my centre. I am a Physics teacher. She was one of the brightest in my class but I noticed she stopped coming after a while. I became worried and asked her class mates to look for her for me..

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When they told her I was looking her, she came and told me why she stopped coming to the tutorials. She did not have money for the lessons. So, I told her I would pay for her. That is how I became close to her, she is brilliant. She wanted to do medical engineering. I helped her get into U.I, she scored 499 in her JAMB. While in U.I, I also helped her get a scholarship that saw her through her six years in school.

Her parents were very grateful. I told them I wanted to marry her and they said no problem. That we can marry after she graduates. I am a widow, my wife died 2 years after we got married and I have been single since. The age gap between me and this lady is eleven years. But I look young. And my wife never complained about my age because we are like best friends. I give her freedom to be herself. She is 30 years now, I am 41. But our problems started after her NYSC. We had gotten married soon as she graduated. She graduated with a first class.

However, during her youth service, she started disturbing me, that she wants to study abroad. That everyone is saying is saying she needs to go abroad to study so she can get paid well for her course of study. I told her I don’t have the money and besides, if she travels abroad, what will happen to our marriage. I am not getting younger, I want to start having children. I have waited long enough for her to finish school.

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Then she agreed that she will have our two children and then process her travel abroad. That is how she had our two children under 3 years. Last year, I had to borrow money for her to travel abroad. The children are with my mother because her mother is not a very good example, there are rumors that she cheats on her husband.

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Now the issue is; my wife started exhibiting a strange behavior for the past couple of months now. She no longer calls as much as she used to. Anytime I call her, she wont pick. She will text that she is in school or at work because she does part time work and part time schooling. I allowed her but everything came to light when she told her mother that she wants to divorce.

It was her mother that told me that I should plan to look for another wife because my wife said she is no longer interested in the marriage. That she will work and pay me all that I have borrowed to assist her in going abroad. I was shattered. I tried to find out from her why she wants to divorce me. She kept saying she realized that she married me cos she needed help for her education and that the age difference between us is too much.

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To me, I felt she was lying and later found out that she was really lying. Apparently, she slept with someone and she felt very guilty and she told her mother, her mother was the one who told her to forget about me and follow the guy she slept with. When I found out, I told her I forgive her and that we can work through the infidelity. She was very happy. she cried and cried and promised me that she will be faithful for the rest of her life…that she has never seen any man as kind as me.

So we agreed to try and work past the infidelity. Unfortunately, the issue is, she is pregnant for the guy. She confessed to me. She did not know she was pregnant. She wants to carry out an abortion but that is not easily done in the country where she is especially because the baby is now more than four months, almost five. So, she said she wants to have the baby and when its born, she will give it up for adoption. I told her no that I cannot accept that.

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To me, its one thing to cheat…its another thing that a child comes out of that cheating. I feel pained and hurt and I really am beginning to suspect something fishy. Maybe she wants to hold on to the child so she can go and be with that guy. Maybe she is not even planning to leave the guy….maybe she wants to have the guy’s child. I told her to remove the baby….its already four months pregnancy…she says the doctor is advising against abortion.

Then I asked her to come back home to do the abortion here, she gave one reason or the other. That she cannot take leave off work…her school,etc.  To me, its like I either trust her, let her have the baby, see if she will give it up or just go ahead and get a divorce. I have suffered for my wife. I owe about N3M that I borrowed from the bank for her school abroad. What have I done to deserve such a treatment? If I had known, I would not have allowed her travel abroad.

After all I done for her…is this how she wants to repay me? What should I do now? Please advise me.


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  1. Your wife has leveled up to a new life. What was your plan when you allowed her to travel? Did you plan going to meet her there?.
    You can’t force her to have an abortion, you either take it like that or let her go. But if you don’t have plans to join her there, how will the marriage work?

  2. I was smiling immediately I read where you said she needed money for jamb. I already knew where the story will end.

    It seems like many men don’t learn and will never learn. We have always said it, stop sponsoring a woman to abroad, she even cried on the phone and told you, she has never seen a kind man like you, I laugh at you man, you are a BIG SIMP. You are weak.

    This woman played you, she even told you she realised she doesn’t love you that it was cos of her education she dated and married you.

    You even borrowed money to send a woman abroad, bro, what were you thinking. When we tell you simps the nature of women, you accuse us of hating women. Im sure if I told you dont try it, you would have called me bad friend but you see.

    I have noticed something on this site, its mostly women that send in stories of how they cheat on their husbands, even when a man sends in a story, it’s mostly of the wife’s adultery.

    Bro, she played you all along. Please read the book, the manipulated man by Esther Vilar, get it from pdfdrive.com. I BEG you bro, please read that book. You will so yourself a great favor.


    • Thank you bro. Most men don’t learn. If we tell them women nature they will call us simps. They are fools and they will learn the hard way

  3. I don’t really know how to judge people but I will tell you the truth, your wife is playing mind games on you, time will reveal everything.peace bro, you will be fine….


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