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True Life Story: My Husband Married Me Out Of Pity But Refuses To Divorce Me


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True Life Story: My Husband Married Me Out Of Pity But Refuses To Divorce Me

Hello Lively Stones,

This is coming from a frustrated woman. When I was 17 years old, I made a mistake and got pregnant for a boy in the same street. I was foolish and thought it was love. Of course, the boy denied me. I was scared of abortion cos of the horrible things I heard about it. My parents disowned me. Only my grandma assisted me. I lived with grandma until I had my baby girl.

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To survive, I did all kind of odd jobs, selling food stuff, working in peoples farms, house girl,etc. A divorcee in the church I attended took interest in me and started helping me. He wanted to marry me and promised to send me to school. We got married when my daughter was 4 years old and I was able to start and complete my HND in two and a half years.

We agreed that I will wait until after I completed my OND. After the OND, I was still unable to get pregnant. He became impatient. It became all about having a child. I told him, why not let me start my HND while waiting to get pregnant. He refused and said I will not further my education until I give him children.

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My husband began to be mean to my daughter, saying she was the one responsible for me not being pregnant. That my daughter did not want another sibling, so she is a witch and wants me not to have a baby. For peace sake, I sent my daughter back to my grandma.

After a while, I noticed my husband started moving with a particular woman, also a divorcee, cheating on me with her. Funny thing is this woman is related to our church pastor and the pastor did not do anything about it.

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When I went to complain to the pastor, the pastor said called the relative to confront her. She was so rude and arrogant, saying that my husband is the one coming after her, begging her for a baby…that my husband told her , that he married me out of pity and that she is already pregnant for him.

Hearing that she was pregnant was like a stab to my chest. The pastor said he cannot do anything since she was pregnant already for my husband. I watched as my husband married this woman traditionally and got her an apartment. He would spend most times with her, hardly spending any time with me. I felt so miserable and suicidal most times.

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With the help of God, I got a job as office assistant in an office. I did so well that I became a supervisor very fast. My company decided to pay for my school fees for me to complete my HND. I started school again for my HND program. A few months after working, the manager called me for a meeting in his office.

The Manager told me that he admires my handwork and that is why he wanted the company to encourage my education. He then said that the scholarship will not be for free. That I have to show him appreciation. I was confused. I knew what he was saying but I told him I am married so I cannot do that. He said oh, alright…sorry I didn’t know.

After I left his office, I did not know he was going to do anything but after my first semester, the company stopped paying for my school. And my meager salary cannot pay for my schooling. I had to take start online business to support myself. I made online sales of clothing and I was barely able to manage through my HND first year.

By second year HND, I could not pay my school fees. I begged and begged my husband to help me but he refused, saying I just drop off and concentrate on having children. I cried and cried until a colleague of mine noticed I was no longer myself.  John, is a young sales executive. He encouraged me not to give up, then he introduced me to a corporative bank that gave me a loan.

John really encouraged me and even gave me part of his salary to pay back the loan. I liked John alot. He never asked me for anything s3xual. He was a good guy. Every time, I tell him I do not know how to repay him. Then I noticed a girl was getting close to John at work. And John being a nice guy too, didn’t mind but I became Jealous.

I know I am a married woman but John is ,y friend and I told him that I don’t like the way the girl is getting close to him, cos she is flirting with him too much. John asked me if I was jealous and I said no. He laughed and said if I was jealous, then he would cut off the girl. So I told him yes. John said ok and started staying away from the girl.

John later asked me if I was happy being married, I told him no but I cannot leave the marriage cos my husband has helped me so much for my OND. John told me that he is falling in love with me but he would not force me to do anything cos I am married but he does not see why I should remain married to someone who does not appreciate me because I have not given birth.

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Since that discussion, I can see clearly that John has feelings for me. He treats me very kind and people are beginning to tease him calling him, saying he is in love with me but I have put him in friendzone. That made him upset and stopped talking to me. Some rumors even got to him that I slept with the manager to get a scholarship. I started begging John and he accused me of playing with his feelings.

John still sends me money everyday but he does not talk to me at work, he blocked my nos so I cannot chat with him anymore. I was loosing my mind, I had to go to his place last Saturday. John was surprised to see me in his place but he was very happy. We hugged and I kissed him. John was like, please do not play with me…if I continue, I will not stop. I told him not to stop.

John and I made out and I was ready for him to go all the way but he refused. He stopped and said he will not sleep with a married woman. John has given me an ultimatum, that if I do not leave my husband, that he will not be with me anymore. I am troubled. How do I leave my husband…I feel indebted to him. Even though we don’t love each other but he helped me when no one else did.

And I know John loves me. I have not stopped thinking of his kisses and that day we were in each others arms. But what if he changes later if I cannot give birth? Its been almost  six years of marriage, no pregnancy. Sometimes, I think I am the cause of my inability to conceive. I was so bitter when I got pregnant as a teenager, I cursed myself and my  womb. I did it to punish myself for failing myself. I did it in ignorance because I was serious pain. Since then, I have asked God for forgiveness but its like my womb is shut.

John says he knows I will give birth if we marry but what if I do not eventually? I am scared. I don’t know what to do. My husband said he will never divorce me, that I owe him my life for saving me when I had nothing. Yes, he saved me and then hated me for having no children.

How do I end this marriage without seeming ungrateful? And how do I know my future with John will be a happy one? John is good today but so was my husband good to me before…every man who ever wanted to help me always betrayed me in the end. I have made too many mistakes in my life…I do not want to make another…but I cannot stop thinking of John and praying I do not loose him forever….I need advice.


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  1. Dear poster I know you are going through a lot, I advice you divorce your husband, u can’t be indebted to someone who doesn’t appreciate you, when you are done with the divorce then you can give John a trial…….even if John doesn’t work out , there are still other good guys out there , don’t tie yourself down to your hubby who simply cares about having kids and doesn’t care about the one who is bringing the child into the world…..peace dear..

  2. Dear Poster,

    You’re a strong woman. In life mistakes are inevitable, so, don’t be too hard on yourself.

    I’ll not suggest you divorce your husband. Your suspicion of men betraying you in the end may turn out to be true with John.

    So, I’ll strongly recommend you ask God on the way forward. Also, seek His face for deliverance.

    How? Consult with a higher Grace, a genuine Prophet of God.

    You may want to consider:

    1. SCOAN, Lagos. YouTube link: https://youtube.com/c/OfficialEmmanuelTV
    2. ELOHIM, Abuja. YouTube link: https://youtube.com/c/wisemandanielministries

    Take the above links seriously. Make sure you do your independent investigation.

    I know it will end in praise. God bless you.


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