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True Life Story: My Mom ls Pregnant For My Boyfriend-Pt 2


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True Life Story: My Mom ls Pregnant For My Boyfriend-Pt 2

Part 2

The next morning in the kitchen, l was banging all the doors and clanging everything together in my annoyance, while she cooked breakfast. Her lover, Uncle Ferdinand had gone out early with another man, who most likely was a clearing agent, to get the goods he sent at Apapa Wharf.

“Alright Imelda, l know you have been sparing for this fight, okay give it to me, slap my face, hit me, do whatever will give you satisfaction Okay,” Mum said at last.

“You know, l have a good mind to do all that and kick your adulterous ass into the bargain mom!”

“Watch your tongue young lady, for as long as you are living in this house, and eating my food and going to school on my bill, you must be very very careful what you say to me okay!”

“Dad is still hot in his grave mom, and in his matrimonial bed mom!”

“Now listen Imelda, Ferdinand is your dad’s younger brother, and according to the traditions of his rotten people, l was supposed to go to bed with any of his brothers of my choice until l produce a male child for him and that is exactly what l was trying to do!”

“You know what l hate most about you mom, you have an answer for all your evil. You are as bad as them all, you people are terrible.”

My mother then broke down and went: “Please lmelda, whatever you do, don’t class me together with your father’s people. I will regret marrying your father for the rest of my life. All my life, since he died, l have been fighting to stay alive, just for you and your two sisters. If not for you, l would just go back to Germany and leave everything for these people.

“But we want to go back to Germany mom….”

“Imelda you are still young. Tomorrow you are going to ask me for your heritage. I have to stay here and ensure that you and your sisters have a surname and an inheritance. Imelda, for once appreciate the sacrifices l’m making for you.”

“What were you sacrificing by f*cking him? Tell me because l don’t understand.”

“Calm down baby, please calm down and l will explain”

“I’m listening!”

“Sit baby, sit”

I sat down, and after a long while, she said: “Ferdinand was my lover when l was in college of nursing in Enugu. He had a shop where he sold drugs near the teaching hospital. We became friends and then lovers. He wanted to marry me. But that Christmas in 1989, l followed him to his hometown Okposi, to be introduced to his people. But it happened that his eldest brother, the first son of his father’s eldest wife, was back in the village from Germany.

You know that your paternal grandfather has seven wives and more children than l care to know. Your father was forty years old then; a medical doctor and very rich but unmarried. He took one look at me and fell in love with me. I was 24, and a very ambitious and alluring girl. I wanted his wealth. So behind Ferdinand, l deliberately seduced your father. Eventually, he called Ferdinand and they did a deal; if he left me to him, he would sponsor him abroad to any country he wished to migrate to.

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Ferdinand chose the US. And before l was traditionally married to your father, he made sure that Ferdinand was not only in the US, but was studying Engineering at Berkeley. Now your father is dead, and Obiora, Ferdinand’s elder brother from the same womb wants to kill me with diabolical means. And l’m still in Love with Ferdinand, so l figured out that if l get pregnant for him, Obiora might spare my life, you see baby. At least then, tradition would be against him if he attacks me since l have come under his blood brother.”

Reluctantly, l accepted my mother’s explanation and even convinced my younger sisters to accept Ferdinand as our adopted father! Two months later, Ferdinand’s containers of Mack truck Engines and spare parts were released at the Port. He sold them and made a lot of money. Then he travelled to the village to see his people.

It was the last time we saw of him. He was killed in a car accident on his way back. Everyone in the village pointed accusing fingers at his eldest brother, Obiora. They we’re said to have had a bitter fight over my mother. Obiora had said that unless my mum came under him as his wife and hand over the Lekki house and the filling station to him as his property, that my mom will surely die. Ferdinand had said that could only happen over his dead body, as he had already taken my mom as his wife. After all, everyone knew that my mom was his fiancé from the origins.

Everyone in the village supported Ferdinand. But Obiora promised him that indeed it would all happen over his dead body. That was how Ferdinand died. Once again, my mum refused to step her feet in my father’s hometown for Ferdinand’s burial. What really got the villagers incensed was the fact that all Ferdinand’s millions, realized from selling his goods were in a joint account which he had with my mother, but my mum refused to release a Kobo to them for Ferdinand’s burial, telling all who cared to listen that she was pregnant with Ferdinand’s baby, and would need the money to cater for the child.

Life had to progress. We had become tired of the lull in our education, so mom arranged and got me into one of the best private universities in Lagos, and also got my two sisters went into an high-brow secondary school in Lekki. While she continued her running battle with my father’s family. School was a welcome relief. It was on Campus that l met Ochuko. He had led a group of boys to our Hostel to promote an upcoming party when we bumped into each other at the hostel’s stairwell. He had a deep voice, and he laughed effortlessly. He made a joke about my heavy tongue, English was a secondary language to me.

Ochuko was painfully handsome, dark and had gleaming white teeth. He was 6 feet 4 inches tall, with a well sculptured body. He reminded me of one of those Greek god effigies my father used to have back then in Germany. In just 3 weeks, Ochuko and l became an item. I was the envy of every girl on campus. Ochuko was not as privileged as l was, so l put a lot of things at his disposal. He drove my Lexus350 on campus, and l gave him all the money he needed. In return he showered me with so much attention and made me feel like a queen.

In less than two months of our relationship, l brought him home and introduced him to mom. Mom took to him instantly and said that he was always welcomed at our house. We spent weekends at home, and mom was very supportive. Ochuko came to the house frequently, he was like the brother we never had. But after a while, l noticed subtle changes in Ochuko. He kinda started avoiding me, and was always tensed whenever we were together, like he was hiding some big secret from me.

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Then one afternoon, l came home and barged into my mom’s bedroom…Lo and behold! Ochuko, about whose recent behavior l had come to complain to my mom was lying on top of her. She held her two feet apart with her hands and sobbed with S.e.xual delirium while Ochuko pounded her in that killing way he knew how to do it best that left me temporarily crippled after every S.e.xual encounter with him.

I left home and have never gone back ever since. My mom cries on the phone everyday begging me to understand! She said that Ferdinand didn’t get her pregnant like she had expected. And since she had told his people that he was carrying his child to save her life, she needed to get pregnant fast. And that was why she paid Ochuko to make her pregnant.

That Ochuko just did it for the big money that she paid him. That he still loves me. She kept paying money into my account. And pleading with me to forgive her unless she takes her own life! Ochuko too has been texting me quite often telling me that it was my mom that seduced him with 800k to make her pregnant!

Then about three weeks later, mom texted me sounding quite happy, telling me that she has been confirmed pregnant at last! And that she has this feeling that she’s carrying a baby boy! But l want to hear the opinions of others, is my mom right? Should l just forgive her?

Somebody please help me!



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  1. Your mum is truly from Owerri,she never gives up,she is a goal getter. Please forgive her and leave Ochuko alone because he is going to be your step dad soon…

    Leave him alone please,look for another. It is well oooo,what tradition cannot do does not exist oooo. All these sins and incest is all in the name of tradition. Odikwa egwu

  2. All of this means you have to step up and move on. This mess is not what you need in your life now. Leave Ochuko and your mum, I can bet you that relationship won’t last, he may even come back for you. So wise up and don’t be fooled again. You need to start living the life you want and not this traditional shenanigans.
    You mum is on her own, I hope she is able to sustain what she has started.
    When you finish your program find a way to go back to germany and stay away from your father’s family.

  3. Hmm just move on. Its painful to see ur love in the hands of others but this time u just have to let go. Keep learning and build ur future whiles waiting for ur next love.

    May God strengthen you

  4. I will be honest with you. First, STOP fornicating sister, you are destroying yourself, even if everyone fornicates, it will still never make it right.

    Your mum is an IRRESPONSIBLE woman, she is VERY manipulative and deceitful. Anyone hailing your mother for her evils is unserious. You have to forgive her, but keep your distance. As for the guy, both of you are fornicators and need to STOP, break up with him already.

    The question is will you do? I doubt you will do it, when you remember your S.e.xual pleasures from him and he comes telling you sweet words, lol. It’s your choice sister.

    I will say once again, RUN far from fornication. You are WARNED. It is a GREAT sin before GOD.

    I wish you well.


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