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True life Story: Never Marry Your Boss’ Daughter


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True life Story: Never Marry Your Boss’ Daughter


Part 2:

That was how I travelled to Nsukka to see Adaeze. She seemed so shy to see me. And she really treated me like I was so important to her. She even introduced me to her  flat mates as her fiancé!, causing me to almost hang my mouth open in shock. She then shared out all the vast array of goodies I bought her among her two flat mates, who were  both as beautiful as she was. They were all full of respect for me.

Then at night, her two flat mates quietly excused themselves, saying that they were going for night class, and left the whole flat for me and Adaeze. She served me a steaming delicious plate of rice and chicken. I gladly enjoyed the meal, with the happy thoughts, that my would-be wife was such a good cook. Then I washed the meal down with bottles of cold beer, which she served me straight from her small fridge.

I don’t know if it was the beer, or how lovely her room looked and smelt, or both, but after drinking to my satisfaction, and after I had taken my bath with the warm water she placed for me in the bathroom, l went up to the sink, where she was washing the dishes, gently hug her from behind and started caressing her smooth skin. She washed her hands, turned to face me and planted a deep warm kiss on my lips.

And before l knew what was happening, we were already on the bed making love. We spent the whole night making love, like our lives depended on it, and we both slept locked in his other’s arms.  That was the sweetest night of my life. To me, I was in love with the most beautiful girl on Earth. And I was just about to become richer than all my mates put together! What else would a young man of humble beginnings ever want in life!

Just what!

True life Story: Never Marry Your Boss’ Daughter

If only I had known what I was getting myself into.

Few days after my first visit to Adaeze, Chief and l signed the agreement with a lot of witnesses. The whole thing was videotaped and photograhed for the records. And we happily sealed the pact by announcing the date of my traditional marriage to his daughter, Adaeze.

Then I started noticing some subtle changes in Adaeze. She always seemed to avoid visiting home, perhaps to avoid meeting me. A girl that was always visiting home, almost every weekend before our engagement. Again, she never called me on the phone for once. I called her one night when she was supposed to be in school, and a young male voice picked the call and lay abuses on me! When l called the next day, she apologized and said that she was at a night vigil the previous night.

“But why did the boy say you were his girlfriend?”, I asked her. She laughed and told me that it was the usual student joke. And that the boy was just trying to protect her from any man, that would distract her from her studies. That it was nothing serious!

Then one day, l payed her a surprise visit. I was driving to see a customer at Abuja. But when I got to Nsukka, it was already dark, so I decided to stay with her for the night, and continue on my journey the next morning.

I arrived her flat by 8pm in the night, her two flat-mates were no where to be found, But a handsome boy was lying naked with just a boxer short in Adaeze’s bed! She was just coming out from the bathroom when I entered her room, and she was really surprised to see me. She told me that the boy was her distant cousin! I wondered whether she had forgotten that not only were we from the same village, but that I had lived in her father’s house since I was ten, and knew all her cousins.

But l kept quiet, walked into her sitting room, sat down and tuned on the TV. After a short while, she came out with the boy; now fully dressed, and told me that she was going to see the boy off to the gate. I just nodded at her, and pretended that my attention was on the TV programme I was watching. Few seconds later, l heard her quarrelling with the boy outside, l went to the window and saw the boy slap her and she slapped him back. But when I opened the day, they both pretended like nothing was wrong.

Then the boy left hurriedly, and she came back inside the flat. Instinctively, l knew l could not spend the night in that room, knowing all l knew about cultism. I told her to follow me to a small hotel in town, where we spent the night. The next morning l continued on my way to Abuja, without even saying a word to her about the previous night episode.

It was glaring to me that Adaeze had a boyfriend. But when I confided in my friends, they all told me to be patient with her, that she will adjust with time. But Adaeze did not adjust. I rather discovered that she had more than just one boyfriend. I had never seen a girl as promiscous as the one l was about to marry! Whenever I visited her, there was a new boy in her flat. I deliberately started visiting her at night.

Finally, I just couldn’t take it any longer, so I confronted her about the boys, and vehemently told her that I never wanted to see any of them again, whenever I visited her. And that was when our problems started! We had a heated argument that night. And Adaeze told me pointedly that she was not a virgin when I met her! She further said that She had a lot of boyfriends before I met her, and that she was not going to just snap a finger and send them all away, because they were all human beings, not dogs! And that if I had any problems with that, then I better go look for another wife!

From that day on, my life with Adaeze became a cat and dog life. On the day of our traditional marriage, Adaeze told me that she was going back to school after the ceremonies, as she had a quiz the next morning. I could not drive her to school as I had to attend to all our guests. But much later in the midnight, l drove to Nsukka with one of her brothers. We arrived at her flat by 3am in the morning. She did not lock her door, obviously not expecting a visitor like me.

I opened the day and found her on top of that handsome boy that slapped her the other day! They were both naked and she straddled the boy, while moaning in S.e.xual ectasy! I madly kicked her away from the boy, injuring her arm. But, for the day, l grabbed him and bashed his head against the hard concrete walls, then kicked and stomped at him untill he went into a coma.

I took Adaeze home, explained everything that happened to her parents, and told them that l was stopping her from schooling henceforth! They scolded her and supported what I said. But two days later, l returned from the market and found out that Adaeze had left for school, without even telling me. The most annoying part of it all was that when I complained to Chief, he simply told me that l couldn’t possibly be serious that l would stop her from Schooling just because we quarreled! That he was the one that gave her money to return to school and write her exams.

I had no choice but to concede to Chief’s decision. But I vowed never to visit Adaeze at school again, because of the shame and disgrace of it all.I then started getting calls from her flat mates, telling me whenever she had a male visitor, and when they  were sleeping with her!

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It got so bad that l finally went and paid a group of bad boys, to catch and beat up any boy that was found in her flat. A boy was shot when he was caught in her flat by my gang. I later learnt that he was the first person to pull out a gun during the confrontation, perhaps one reserved to shoot me, if l suddenly appeared from no where! But my boys were tougher, so they overpowered him and shot him in the belly.

After that shooting incidence, boys stopped visiting Adaeze’s flat, but she stopped sleeping in her flat as well. And my boys could not possibly trail her every movement. So Adaeze continued doing just what she knew how best to do; whoring about campus.

Finally, Adaeze graduated with a Second Class upper degree in Accountancy, and went for NYSC. And I breathed a sign of relief. One day l travelled to Kaduna, where she was serving, we spent the night together. And the next morning, She left for the Ministry of Finance, where she was posted to work for the duration of her service. With nothing to do after she left, l found myself going through her possessions. And what I discovered in her bag shocked me to the marrow.

lnside her small traveling bag were some medical slips, imagine my horror, when l went through the medical reports, and found out that Adaeze had done four abortions! I also found some contraceptive pills and a spermicidal cream; which she had been using in her handbag! That was why she had not gotten pregnant since we were married, she aborted whatever pregnancy she got, be it my own or her boyfriends’. I took all the medical reports and contraceptives, left her house that afternoon before she even returned from work, bought a flight ticket and returned to Onitsha.

The next day l visited my mother in the village, and told her all l found in Adaeze’s room. She invited a young village girl to our house, the girl named Ebere, was the daughter of her best friend, and always came to help her out with some chores. She slept in our house that day, and I slept with her. She was such an homely girl, above all, she was still a virgin when I met her. I didn’t need any soothsayer to tell me that I had found my missing rib.

Ebere became pregnant shortly after. And I quietly married her traditionally as a second wife barely a month later. I built a modest bungalow in our village and she lived there with my mother. My first son Nmamdi was born in 2008. Ebere was just the perfect wife for me; always humble and never demanding. She brought me the peace and love, l so desperately needed in my life, after all what Adaeze had put me through.

When Adaeze’s family learnt that l had a second wife, they did not say anything. I had already shown photocopies of Adaeze’s abortion records to Chief and his wife. We lived in a kind of an implied arrangement, l ran the business and made Chief his money, they kept their eyes away from my family life! Adaeze returned to her parent’s house after youth service. By then, I had already moved out of Chief’s house, and rented my own apartment. But l still kept my second wife and son with my mother in the village, to avoid Adaeze’s troubles.

One evening l went home and found Adaeze with all her belongings in my new house. She cried and pleaded with me to forgive her, that her parents drove her away from home and she had nowhere else to go. I let her stay, but to me, she was no longer significant in my life. I had carved out a perfect arrangement for my life, and it no longer mattered whether she was there or not! I even stopped sleeping with her, to avoid contacting HIV or something like that from her.

Then in January 2013, l fell terribly sick and started emaciating like an AIDS patient. I went from one hospital to the other, but none could diagnose my illness. I tested negative for HIV. And all the other tests I did showed that nothing was wrong with me medically, yet l was dying slowly. I spent eight months in the hospital and Adaeze never visited me for once!

What was more painful was that Chief found a seasoned manager, with foreign University degrees, to manage his business immediately I was hospitalized. I thought I was even indispensable to Chief, but now l know better. After a few early visits, Chief altogether stopped visiting me in the hospital, and seemed to have largely forgotten about me. I was left with just my mother and loving wife, Ebere, who by that time had three kids for me.

Eventually, my mother; who had been running from pillar to post, seeking for the cure to this my most mysterious illness, travelled to Sapele in Delta State, where an Ijaw priestess gave her a potion made from crude oil. I drank the bitter tasting potion, and immediately vomited three small black eggs in the hospital. The strange looking eggs were broken, and three small crawling creatures that looked like Earthworms crawled out of the eggs!

The Ijaw priestess told my mother that it was my first wife that poisoned my tea with the charm, so that I will die a very painfully and slow death for marrying a second wife! The feeling was indescribable, it was like the disease instantly left  my body after I vomited Adaeze’s evil eggs. And l slowly got back to life. One week later, l was discharged from hospital.

After l came back home, l quietly divorced not only Adaeze, but her father, Chief, as well. l left Onitsha for them, and relocated to Okota in Lagos, just to make sure l was very far away from Chief and his rotten daughter.I had carefully purchased a lot of shares and lands with my profits over the years, l sold some, bought a shop in Alaba international market, and set up a business, importing and selling small generators from Taiwan.

By God’s grace and hard work, l will still get to the level I was at, before Adaeze brought me down.Last Monday, l got a summon letter from Chief’s lawyer informing me that Chief was summoning me to a meeting, and was hell-bent on suing me for breaching our agreement, by setting up another business. I learnt that his foreign trained manager duped him of millions, and Chief had a stroke.

Let him die if he wants to. He can even take his daughter, Adaeze, with him. I don’t give a hoot! And I will never attend that meeting! Let Chief do his worse! I will never have anything to do with Chief, his entire family and that his beautifully evil daughter, Adaeze, again!



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  1. Dear poster,am glad you’re free from the horror chief and his daughter put you through.thank God for Mama’s wisdom in getting Ebere for you. It’s possible you might not have any kids by now.having the right people to give advice when things are going wrong is very important.it either mend or spoils everything.dont be fully relaxed yet you don’t know what chief and his daughter are planning.please try to have your own plan as well.keep praying and all will be well.best of luck. cheers

  2. Wow! I’m just speechless here. How can a family be this evil? What??? Honestly, you really tried for them. Except they genuinely ask for forgiveness, DO NOT GO TO THEM! To call them evil is even an understatement. Nawao!??

  3. So happy for you bro, congratulations! Thank God you are alive,thank God you were wise enough to marry another wife Ebere.

    So happy for you

  4. As you are free from their shackles be free and remain free from them.Never have anything to do with them again.If push comes to shove involve persons who are seasoned and can advise you on the line of action should in case the chief and his people want to play a fast one or get nasty

  5. If you can, I think you should get a lawyer who can find a loop hole in that agreement eg. It came as a package with the wife and everything she did is enough to get a divorce and hopefully also nullifies the business arrangement. You are not a slave to anyone.
    Please draw near to God and take protection in Him, let any convenant entered into by reason of using the Priests medication be broken over you and your family too in JESUS name. Amen


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