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True Life Story: The Only Woman I Love Has Refused To Give Me A Chance


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True Life Story: The Only Woman I Love Has Refused To Give Me A Chance

Hi Lively Stones,

I need some advice. I am in love with someone, probably the only woman I have ever loved in my entire life but she wont give me a chance. Morayo (not real name) and I met when I was 19 years old. She had moved into my father’s compound, the BQ behind us. Morayo is tall and very pretty. Everyone whispered when she passed by. And then, different cars used to come look for her.

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I was home back from school for the holidays and I also was fascinated by Morayo but I knew she was out my league. She was older than me. Later, I found out she was 7 years older than me. Then one day, we met at the back tap. I greeted her, she smiled and said hello handsome. She asked what I was doing for the holidays, I said nothing, that I was bored. So she invited me to come and watch a series with her.

That was how I started going to her apartment to watch movies. Sometimes, she would leave her key for me to watch movies when she was not around. even my younger ones joined me to start going to her apartment to watch movies cos our parents think watching TV will make a child dull. There was this series we were watching, so interesting but it had a lot of adult scenes. We watched it late into the night and during one of the scenes, Morayo asked me if I have a girlfriend, I said no.

The long and short story was, Morayo and I started having s3x. She was my first….she disvirgned me. It was raw and rough s3x anytime we found the time. This girl opened my eyes to the world of s3x and as a young man, I could not get over her. I was so sad when it was time to go back to school. I became sexually active after that in school but none of the girls I slept with could match Mo.

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After school, we continued our secret affair. No one knew of our affair cos Morayo had a fiancé and she used to call me her brother and my parents liked her alot cos they saw she was making me a more responsible young man. I behaved very well to my parents so they allowed me to keep going to Mo’s place. Infact, cos of me, my parents did not collect rent from Mo for a year.

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Then Mo told me that we need to stop having s3x cos her wedding was the following month. I almost died. I begged and begged her. I asked her to marry me. Told her I loved her…she said she loves me but we can never be together cos of the age difference. Morayo stopped talking to me and banned me from her apartment. After her marriage, I went back to school until I graduated.

Every woman I have dated since Morayo never made me feel like her at all. I graduated and went abroad for my masters which I finished last year. I came back home and I have been working. I and my colleagues attended a meeting in a company we are trying to do business with and I ran into Morayo. She was the branch manager in that company. She was so happy to see me. We hugged and laughed so hard seeing each other. She gave me her no and we kept in touch after that.

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Today, I am 25 years old. Morayo is 32 and she is divorced with a two year old daughter. her marriage to that guy didnt even last a year. She and I got in contact again and we have been talking and f*cking. I love this girl like mad. I need her like the air I breathe. I really want to marry her. I have asked her…I did not waist time but she said no. Morayo said no because of the age thing again. Why is it such a bad thing for a younger man to marry an older woman?

Why should I be trying to find love with someone else when I have already found the love of my life. I think Morayo is afraid more of what people will say; especially my parents. I know my parents may not agree but I am an adult and I think I can make my own decisions. I stylishly asked my mom how will she feel if I marry an older woman, she already said God forbid and back to sender. So I just need people to contribute to this…advice me and Morayo. Please help her explain that seven years age difference is just a number.

Morayo keeps saying she feels I love her cos she was my first but that one day I may prefer a younger woman to her….that everyone never forgets the person that disvirgins them….Morayo thinks I am just infatuated…but I am not….how is that even possible? Is that true? I personally believe God brought us back together after all these years. Its would be a shame to loose her again. I don’t want to. She says if I keep bringing up marriage issue…that we should break up…so I been keeping quiet but its disturbing my heart.

How to I convince Mo? And we both dont even look our age…I look older…she looks younger…what else can I say to change her mind about giving our relationship a chance. Morayo is by far the best woman I have ever met…she is my dream.  Please help.


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  1. This lady sexually molested you when you were in a teenager, she is a paedophile, cant you see, and now you are still fornicating with her, who told you she is divorced, why cant some men think like men.

    If her husband kills you, we will only use you as a lesson to other men.

    I pity you bro, you may soon be six feets deep.

    • Mr. King. Please be advised. Be guided and careful in your choice of words. You did not need to say he would be six feet deep….

      You also did not need to call anyone a fornicator…..didn’t Jesus ask anyone without sin to cast the first stone?

      Please …your responses are too judgmental and harsh.

      Be kind even while counselling.

      God bless

  2. Leave her and try to move on. It will be hard but it is not impossible. You have already told her what you want and if she believes in you then she should fight to make it work.
    You have to show you are matured now. Do not go crying to her. Leave her to her decision and move on with your life. Find out what you really want in a relationship and be open minded to other people.

  3. ur attachment to mo is merely because she was the first person u had sex with ,that is why the first woman or the first man in ur sexual experience are very important because there have the strong power to influence any relationship u might have in the future ,she disvirgin u so it isn’t strange ur strong entanglement with her ,as a friend u might not want to listen but u can’t force a woman to love u ,if sex is all she wants give her sex and move on ,by the way she is objective in the relationship ,u are just caught up in the moment .

    if mo doesn’t see u as a husband but a sexual partner just play ur role and move on , common u have taken her as ur wishlist too long ,I think u are obsessed about her ,and obsession is not healthy for a perfect relationship .

    the age difference is not an issue but she sees it as such ,u cannot enforce ur love on her from the onset she just want a guy who would quench hersexual desire and u were available to her ,so she just used u to quench her desire

    There are better women more than mo ,but first u must understand that mo doesn’t see u as an husband .

    look ahead ,and u would find the love u deserve .

    u can’t force a woman to marry u ,u have tried all this time u are wasting on her ,u can invest in someone who loves u ,and would marry u .

    even if u eventually marry mo ,my candid advice for u ,delete her number because she has a strong influence over u bro ,if u are not careful u would marry a good woman and still be sving sex with mo ,which is audaciously wrong

  4. My dear brother,your love for her is based on the fact that she deflowered and made you enjoy and know about sex,she is more experienced when it comes to sex ,and that is why she gave it to you the way you like it,
    and now you cannot seem to find anyone better than her.

    Love is blind now but I believe marriage will open your eyes,you are 25 ,are you sure you are even ready for marriage?

    Anyways,face your career and allow Morayo remarry,she still wants to remarry,she is still young, focus on your job and try to know Jesus,He will help you in all that you desire including a good wife.

    Have you asked yourself,what if you marry her and the marriage does not last just like it didn’t last with her Ex? Be wise bro,no let lust carry you go where you no know.



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