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True Life Story: The Woman I Trusted Have Taken Away My Husband’s M.a.n.ho.o.d From Me


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True Life Story: The Woman I Trusted Have Taken Away My Husband’s M.a.n.ho.o.d From Me

Dear Lively Stones,

I am ashamed. I am frustrated. I need your advice. This thing called marriage has been very unlucky for me. Pardon my English, I am originally from Cotonou. I came to Nigeria about 11 years ago, I started doing house girl work through agents because my family is poor, they are farmers and things are very difficult for them.

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After working as a house girl for almost 7 years, I met my husband. He is an okada rider and Security man. I did not plan to marry someone like that but he was like a friend to me then, he was kind and being in a foreign land like Naija, was very difficult for me. All the houses I was a help used to maltreat me. Some wanted to sleep with me, so, to avoid that, I had to get married cos I have no education or handwork.

Ever since I marry my husband, things are hard but we are living in love until last year. Last year, my husband cheated on me with one woman that used to come and buy something from my shop where I sell petty market things. The woman used to come and anytime she see my husband, she would call him her brother cos they are from the same East. They speak their language which I dont understand.

So because I take her like a sister because she come from the East like my husband, I used to sell on credit for her sometimes. And sometimes, I used to ask her to help me stay in the shop if I have to go to island to buy things for the shop. One day, I asked her to stay for me. But as I was going to the market, they rob me and took all my money, so I even borrow transport money to come back home.

On getting to the shop, I see my shop is locked and this woman I ask to stay for me is not there. I went to her house but she is not there. The neighbors told me they saw her in the shop. So, I went back to shop and she is not there. So, next I have to go to my house. On getting home, I was surprised to catch my husband and that woman having s3x.

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To my greatest surprise….I was so bitter. I cried and cried.  This woman that I trust so much.. My husband that I trust so much. My husband beg me and I had no choice but to forgive him. But I told him that he must never see her again. Since that time, my husband and I start to have s3x problem. Its like his thing does not rise up well again.

Then, I started hearing rumor that woman is boasting that she made sure that my husband can no longer f*ck me again. That anytime he try to sleep with me, his thing will not rise, that she will take my husband from me. Ma, since that time, this thing used to pain me. We have tried several medicine and herbs and still , no solution.

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A few months ago, as I was sleeping, my husband started to touch me, wanting s3x..I was like…but how are we going to do it, he now say let him try from the back, that is my anus. Ma, I was shocked cos I never do this kind of thing before. I told him no. He said he must do it, he said that is why married women push their husband to side chicks. He said that woman used to allow him f*ck her anywhere, front or back,etc.

And that is how my husband forced me to do it?. To my surprise, his manhood was working. So, now, if he want to do anal, his thing will work but from the normal place, it will not work. Now, I believe this thing is not ordinary. Are you sure this woman has not introduced my husband to something occultic? That is what what one elderly woman in my yard said when I confided in her.

After doing it several times, my anus is paining me. I always feel tear and pain and sometimes I have sore for days there. I am in pains. I don’t want to do this anymore. My husband say if I don’t want, then he will go to that woman cos she like it from the back. I have been crying. I don’t know what to do.

Should I allow him to continue to f*ck me from the back and cause more pain to me or should I allow him to go back to that woman that is boasting she will make sure his thing does not rise again except when he is with her?

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Like I said, I am a foreigner. I have no one else here to help me. If this woman take my husband, where will I start from? Is not easy ma…its not easy at all. Sometimes, I feel like going back to my country but things are very hard there. And my children are very young: 3 and 1 years old. Who will help me raise them? My husband people may even prefer that woman cos she is from their side, so I can’t even go to them for any help.

Please I need your help and advice of lively stones people. I have thought of even going to beg the woman to leave my husband for me. Will that touch her mind if she see me begging her?God bless you ma.


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  1. Stop anal sex, its wrong to have anal sex, a woman here too sent her story sometimes last year, infact she has injuries in her anus that she started smelling and the husband was angry with her, but he caused it.

    Stop having anal sex, i repeat, stop having anal sex, you will regret far more than what you are presently regretting now. Pray to GOD to end to end the affair of your husband with that strange woman, she has used a charm on your husband.

    Please don’t go beg her, don’t do it, tell your husband no more anal sex, i bet you when you don’t care what he does, he will have a rethink, even if he doesn’t have a rethink, he is destroying his soul, adultery is a VERY VERY GREAT SIN.

    Sister, pray as much as you can, but don’t go beg that strange woman, and please go to the hospital to treat the anal injuries before it gets worse.

    Your happiness is in your hands. DO NOT TRUST ANYONE

  2. Please stop anal sex,if you are sure he married you traditionally,please talk to his people about the development biko.

    His people has to know about everything that is happening oooo,but please stop having anal sex,if he decides to do anal with the stupid woman ,he can go ahead.

    Just keep praying for him and face your work,take care of your children madam,it is well with you

  3. This is very pitiful to read. Like its been emphasised, STOP ANAL SEX! i sincerely wish you are financial empowered to live your life. How can he be threathening you with going back to the strange woman ? such entitlement upon the damage!!
    i sincerely wonder how some people reason?! can he take it if you cheat? where is humanity?
    Please boost your financial dependent, reduce building it around him. God ll help you. Face your children. live your life. people like your husband that are manipulative, needs someone with high sense of confidence, if not, he ll keep manipulating you.
    But, please dont do anal sex again. consider your health, so you wont loose the energy to be there for your children. let him go on cheating, you just be prayerful, you ll be vindicated .

    one other thing again is, consider linking back up with your people. Gone are the days when wives feel ashamed to run from a troubled marriage to their families. You need that breather. Go home, visit your people. it ll break his manipulations over you to a great extent.
    God be with you.

  4. Hello dear poster, @King has said it all !

    Take heed to the Counsel of the Wise, and it shall be peace unto you.

    May God be with You


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