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True Life Story: This Girl Is Trying To Come In-between The Brotherhood


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True Life Story: This Girl Is Trying To Come In-between The Brotherhood

Hi Lively Stones,

Please I need your advise. During the long strike, my brother and sister and I were at home as we all came back home since we were not sure when the strike will be called off. My brother is in his final year, I am in 300 level while our baby sister is in 100 level. We all tried to stay busy through out the strike. Our dad is a Civil Engineer, me and my brother used to go with him to the site while my sister joined mum in her business.

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Then my sister’s friend who lives in Jos came down to spend the strike holiday with us. Her name is Debbie (not real name). This girl is 19 years and very pretty. God, northern girls are fine sha. Tall and dark, nice shape. We basically used to vibe with her and she with us. Pops and mom loved her too cos she is very well behaved. Debbie was truly a person that radiated all around the house. Her parents were even happy she was staying with us cos of all the insecurity issues in the North.

To me, Debbie was like a sister to me since she was my kid sister’s friend. I never had any desire to be involved with her romantically but I noticed she was super friendly with me, almost like she was flirting. I thought it was in my head cos she was friendly to my brother too. But thing I noticed was she was quite touchy feely whenever she was around me. And then she would just burst into me and my brother’s room at anytime without knocking.

Most times, I do not mind but my brother would be like, this is a guy’s room, what if you come in and we are not properly dressed, she would just laugh and say sorry. All of us used to spend time in our room gisting into the night, sometimes, someone can sleep off and if its my sister or Debbie, we usually wake them up to go to their rooms or if everyone is tired, we all crash in our room.

The first time this happened, Debbie crashed in our room, in my bed. My elder brother was the second person to sleep. I was expecting Debbie to go to her room but I discovered she was asleep in my bed. So, my sister was like, let her too sleep in my bed so that Debbie wont be alone in my room cos as much as we are close, my parents will not allow me sleep with a girl in my bed.

So, I went to the parlor to sleep since the girls have taken over my bed. I decided to watch a movie small before sleeping. Where I was watching a movie, this Debbie girl came and said she cannot sleep again…that she wants to watch a movie with me. I know my strict religious parents, if they see me and this girl alone in the parlor by 2am, they will not have it at all.

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I had to try and get up and leave, next thing she grabbed my crouch…I was shocked…like WTF…I told her to stop it and she was like, please please please…please what? She said she wants me…I was no way…not in my father’s house…you want my parents to disown me? I had to leave her to go back to my room and I jumped in my brother’s bed. My brother was upset that I was joining him but I refused to get up o.

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This girl came back and lay down beside my sister who was in my bed. I am sure I did not sleep that night…I kept vigil …afraid that Debbie might come and touch me. The next morning, I avoided her at all cost..I avoided her even the following days after. Then she sent me a text to apologize for her action. She confessed to be having feelings towards me and she never knew I would reject her. I told her I can’t cos of my parents and she said she understands. I thought we were cool after that.

Through out the strike, my and my brother were always at home on Sunday mornings. We dey form big boys. The girls went to church with my parents. But a week after Debbie pulled a stunt on me…she feigned sickness on the next Sunday morning so the folks had to leave her behind with me and my brother. Not long after, my brother got dressed and left the house. He did not even tell me where he was going to.

I was on my phone when Debbie came in again without knocking and before I could say jack…she bolted my door behind her and took off her T Shirt. She had nothing but a G string on. I was like…why are you behaving like this…my parents allowed you into our house cos they thought you are a well brought up girl and now, you are here trying to send me to hell fire.

Then she said, ok,…lets just kiss and make out…that she is horny…I told her no way…then she challenged me and said is it because I am a virgin? Virgin kor? Me, I thought her I was not a virgin…the she called me inexperienced…all these she said was to provoke me. She ended up saying I should let her see my cork if it. I told her to touch it and see it but nothing else.

From touching, every thing else failed. Debbie and I f*cked in my parents house …something I have never done before. We began to find opportunities round the house to mess around. This continued for two months. Debbie is a freak…I learnt so much from her and she turned me into something else I never knew I could be. It was like I was being challenged by her every time.

Then a few weeks before the strike was called off, she went back to her base and everyone in the house kept saying they miss her. We both kept in touch as well so you can imagine my shock when I saw her two weeks ago on my brother’s status. I asked my brother why he was posting her…he said he likes her….that while at home, he could not toast her cos of my parents but now, he has been chatting her and she is responding well.

As in…imagine my surprise ….this girl practically f*cked my in my parents house, now she wants my elder brother. When I asked her why she was playing me and my brother, she said she likes both of us and does not mind a threesome one day. This girl is mad, she plays too much…or maybe she is serious cos she told me she would like to try it one day. Shes too S** exposed and does not see anything wrong with dating my brother and me….

Should I tell my brother about her? If I tell him…he might report me to my parents and my parents will seriously disown me for having S** with a girl under their roof. I still dey 300L…I do not want to drop out of school cos of this nymphomaniac girl. If you see this chick, you wont believe she is this dubious cos she looks so sweet and innocent and well mannered.

To God, I am sure am not the only guy she has done this to. So how do I save my brother from this girl? He is always raving about her. Debbie wants to cause wahala between me and my brother. I told her to stop its, she says I am being jealous and want to keep her all to myself…she says we can share….this girl is mad gan…yes, I liked her alot and I liked knacking her but I cannot share the same girl with my brother…I also want to cut her off from my sister, she is clearly not a good influence….how will I warn my sister without exposing myself.

Even now, I told her we are done….broken up but I cant stand the thought of her and my brother chatting…what could they be talking about…soon they will be intimate….its really messing my head…she really knows she has an erotic influence over me…she might try to seduce me and I may not be able to say no….again…this girl don spoil…What should I do?


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  1. When I read ur story I was laughing , because I used to have a friend too back in my undergraduate days called Debbie (Deborah ) and that name dey do wonders ,very cunning

    Okay serious ,if u don’t want to ever get entangled with any woman don’t ever knack her either mistakenly or purposely ,pussy is like hard drugs that once consume allow the consumer to want to go back more and more ,u shouldn’t have started it ,now u can’t think straight .my advice for u is to realize that Debbie is a hoe , and from the first time of touching u to wanting to sleep with u , she was suffering from kongi , she was only using u to quench her S.e.xual appetite , I don’t see Love in ur story , only lust , forget all the acting she is doing at home , she is certainly a bad girl , of course she is so pretentious that no body can notice , but if I were u , I would just be bold and tell my brother that I have been S.e.xing Deborah , so he is aware , how can such a person suggest threesome in ur parent house , she doesn’t have shame , two brothers , oga this is not love but pure lust , don’t believe her lies she has been having threesome before she met u , she is only making it seem like it is the first , don’t believe a Ladies words , watch her action they would reveal alot u need to know about her . Man up tell ur brother u have been having S.e.x with her ,, this is the only way u can certainly receive freedom , and ur sister , u think she is innocent , if u want to know a woman without asking , watch her friends , I don’t want to believe ur sister is innocent , maybe ur sister is as smart as Debbie , where she has the holier attitude outside , and the hoe attitude behind close doors .

    Like I said Debbie doesn’t love u if not S.e.x would not be the first approach , probably she felt u were in better position to quench her S.e.xual appetite , and it work . If she love u , she wouldn’t be telling u about threesome , women love jealousy , it isnt love that makes her want to share her pussy between u ND ur brother it Is just lust , happy lusting around .

    Lust if not properly understood would look like love

    Crazy things are really happening .

  2. Discipline, self-control,being able to say NO to some certain things or situations in life matter alot and will help us alot.

    Stop blaming Debbie,you wanted her and got her, period.

    You better open up to your parents,they need to know,she will blackmail you into telling your parents about what you people did under their roof,call your parents and siblings and talk to them about Debbie,e get why ooooo. That girl is more experienced,she is 19 but mighty.

    Tell your parents and siblings,not because of now,but because of the future,your brother is already posting her,there is a problem, tackle it now to avoid regrets tomorrow (future).

    Bless you

  3. The mistake many men make when women seduce them, is men don’t warn them sternly, there is a way to you will sound that she will never try it a second time.

    You were acting all weak and she manipulated you, you definitely don’t know the female nature. You allowed her to touch your thing, you don’t do that bro, men must learn not to take nonsense from women.

    You must tell your brother and sister, and tell your parents, seat them down that you messed up, and tell them everything, they will call you all and talk to you all like parents.

    Please bro, tell you brother, sister and parents.

    I will also advise you read masculine books, books that tell you about the female nature too, like, the manipulated man by Esther Vilar, get it from pdfdrive.com.

    Many men don’t know how manipulative and deceitful women are, it’s why they think a quiet gentle looking lady is a actually good girl.

    I wish you well bro, please read those books, go to pdfdrive.com, you will see masculine books.

    I wish you well brother.



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