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True Life Story: When The Side Chick Becomes The Hunter-Revenge Has Turned Tables


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True Life Story: When The Side Chick Becomes The Hunter-Revenge Has Turned Tables

Hello Lively Stones,

I just heard a something that is bursting my brain….ha….this our gender…our gender…Obrin Obirin…..we are our own problems. So, a friend of mine met up today to catch up after some months. We were just gisting and trying to catch up on what is happening on each other’s life. As we gisted, I asked her about one of our friends, whom I haven’t heard from in a while too. Lets call this friend Eniola. What my friend told me about Eniola is blowing my mind.

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Eniola is married to Femi. They have been together for three years and they have two children. After they married, there were rumors that Femi was cheating on Eniola, they were always fighting and making up. People started advising Eniola to leave Femi but this girl was bent on making the marriage work, so everyone left her alone. About eight months ago, Eniola discovered that her husband’s side chick was doing too much, the girl was flaunting her lifestyle that Femi was sponsoring online and trying to pepper Eniola.

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This girl had the audacity to be updating her stories that her man paid for her BBL (meanwhile, Femi refused to give Eniola money to do BBL), bought her a benz, jewelries, etc. Even saying that her man, which is Femi only married his wife (Eniola) for cos she is pregnant. That she has plans to get pregnant so she can be like Regina Daniels, wife of a rich man. This girl was really tensioning our friend. Eniola called Femi’s attention to warn his girl but Femi said the girl is an influencer, that she does not mean those things shes saying, that she is just using that to gain followers on social media.

Our friend Eniola was not satisfied cos the girl was doing too much. So Eniola then got some of our friends and other influencers to open fake accounts to troll the side chick. These friends went to work like the beyhive…they gave this side chick wahala, the goal was to drive her crazy, call her home wrecker, garner animosity against her online so that online community will drive her to shame. For a while, this strategy was working, the side chick had to make her account online to be private….but Eniola and her crew did not back down.

Then this side chick started attacking Eniola…we don’t know how she got to know but she got information that Eniola is sleeping with Femi’s friend, one Timi and this side chick contacted Eniola to say that she knows that Timi is the father of their second child…so now, she is planning to expose Eniola….Eniola had to start begging the side chick, begging her that Femi drove her into the arms of his friend cos of his promiscuous ways with women.

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Omo, this side chick is not playing o. This babe has receipts, its like she hacked Eniola’s phone….she has screenshots and pictures of Eniola with Timi. Its now Eniola that is begging…the side chick is now demanding that Eniola confess to Femi or she will tell Femi and become Femi’s second wife. She even threatened that she will make sure Femi sends her away. And this Femi is a big boy….na Eniola go loose if she is not smart.

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You see women, you know you are not pure, yet you are dragging your husband’s side chick online. Yes, Femi is a scum….he probably drove you to cheat on him but you know African men, they will cheat and clean mouth but they will never forgive a cheating wife.

So Eniola is in-between the devil and the deep blue sea…she offered the side chick money, the babe refused…saying Eniola has caused her emotional damage by dragging her online , so she wants to bring Eniola down by all means. So, that is the gist going on around town. Me, I feel its just a matter of time before Femi finds out what everyone else has found out about his wife , Eniola…to me, both cheated and no one is better than the other….I think Eniola should be ready to fight Femi when he finds out cos both of them are guilty. Something is wrong with that marriage….husband and wife are both cheaters….

However, this is just my opinion….Eniola’s friends are suggesting jungle justice…but Eniola is begging them to chill cos the side chick is not easy…she has guts…everyone has their street credibility….so now, If you are to advise Eniola, what will you do? Will you advise her confess to her husband or should Eniola call her bluff and allow the side chick do her worst, after all, Femi too is not a saint?

Please share your opinions. Thank you.


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