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True Life Story: Why Is My Boyfriend Suddenly Acting Strange?


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True Life Story: Why Is My Boyfriend Suddenly Acting Strange?

Good evening Lively Stones,

It’s my boyfriend. We have been dating for almost 3 years now. Like next month will make it 3 years. But for some time now He has been acting strange, normally when we started he used to call me and chat.  Like he was so caring to me and my kids. I had 2 kids before we met, he was cool with it and he loves me.

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When he came back from Togo (not real location) we were good and happy together though he was not having much money like last year when he came. But we were ok, but some time now I noticed that anytime I went to Benin to see my dad, we always have issues, but this one was so surprising to me, on Christmas Eve when I got back I was feeling sick, though before then we planned to go out, but when I got back he said we won’t see again.

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I was angry and he told me to come meet him at in some were so I went. He was not talking to me, he was just pressing is phone, I was so embarrassed cos his friends noticed it, when I got home we talked on Christmas day he told me to go back to Benin that his attitude towards me I won’t like it. So, I asked him for us to see and talked, when he came to my place, he did not give any good reason why he his acting up.

He said I call and text him too much, he said I don’t give him breathing space, that most time he his missing being single, it was so touching and I was crying so he left.We saw on Monday and he said we should go for 2 weeks break that he need it. So I ask if he don’t love me anymore he said it’s not has before.

I don’t know what is going on, but I feel safe and comfortable with him, he treats me well and respect me, I have not felt like this for any other man, not even my kids dad, anybody that sees us together they will be saying nice things abut him Cus of the way he takes care of me. Ma, I am confused he has not called or write me since morning. I don’t know if there is another woman that is making him to act like this or his he really tired of the relationship??

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I am confused ma I can’t think straight.


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  1. You better start thinking straight and don’t allow any guy to stress you.

    Give him space,you are calling, texting, and bugging him too much,allow him breathe biko.

    Even if you are a single mother of 2,that shouldn’t make you look and express desperation,be calming down,get busy,take care of your children,and pray for a good husband and not some boyfriend that will take advantage of you and leave you at the end of the day,close your legs, stop opening them for now.

    God bless you,it is never a sin to be a single mother depending on the situation that made you have them.

  2. Let me use myself , if I am tired of any relationship I do withdrawal , less call , less attention she calls I don’t pick ,and I use work as excuse not to talk to her , this is a mere way of a man telling u he has lost interest without saying it ,I get the whole Cumbayá stuff ,he doesn’t want to hurt u ,but if I was the one I would expect u read my intention towards u ,it hurt I get so it does to any woman ,some guys are just good like me ,it is wrong telling her directly u no do again but when u withdraw with time she get the signal and move on ,I would suggest u channel ur energy to something else ,his recent attitude towards u is showing he is not sure he wants to continue ,I have asked a lady out before In time past ND she said yes I lost interest because she made it too easy ,and also another one she was wasting my time with she wants to observe ,so when she agree I still lost interest ,the main thing is when u Begin to lose interest there is nothing u can do to raise it ,it is painful I know ,but what pains a man more is realizing u are better than he left u ,if u go begging him ,he would only despise u the more .


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