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True Life Story: Will You Lie To Save Someone’s Marriage For A Thousand Dollars?


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Hi Lively Stones,

About four months ago, I got a contract to recruit a driver for a client. I recruit domestic help (drivers, house helps,etc), that is my hustle. So, someone told me that a certain man wanted a driver for his pregnant wife. They wanted someone responsible. Usually, I would get a mature man, a family man for such a client cos a pregnant woman needs gentle care. But at the time, my former landlord’s son was in need of job, he had three children from 3 baby mamas.

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The guy was desperate and because my former landlord was kind to me and my family( we stayed in their house for two years without paying rent when things were tough for me and my wife), I decided to help him. Kareem, my former landlord’s son used to drive a truck in a factory before he was sacked. So, I told him about this job, to work as a corporate driver for a client that stays in lekki. I coached him and told him that he must behave himself with these rich people. He said ok.

So he got this job and they were paying him 150k as Oga’s wife driver. Everyday, Kareem will call me to thank me for hooking him up with the job. Even his dad and his wife called me to thank me. All was well until last month, police showed up in my house to arrest me, to produce Kareem. That kareem stole his boss’s wife five thousand dollars. That they had been looking for him for three days. I was alarmed. I had no choice but to lead the police to Kareem’s father’s house in Agege.

Kareem was not at home. His father and everyone was alarmed. The police launched a man hunt for Kareem and with some tips, he was caught in Ogun state a week later. The police interrogated him for stealing the money but Kareem said he did not steal the money. That it was the madam that provoked him. What happened? Kareem said, soon as he started working with the pregnant madam, the woman started pressuring him for S**. The woman kept begging him to f*ck her cos she said the pregnancy was making her horny and her husband was not satisfying her.

This continued until Kareem yielded and started sleeping with his madam’s pregnant wife. Kareem said this continued everyday, he got exhausted cos the woman was insatiable. He had to start taking igbo or loud to keep up with the madam. That the madam’s S**ual appetite was so much that if he tries to reject her, the madam starts making up stories to say Kareem was incompetent as a driver or lie to the husband that Kareem was rude or was driving rough.

According to Kareem, the madam reported him to oga that oga threatened to fire Kareem once madam gives birth. Madam is now 9 months pregnant. Suspecting that they will soon sack him, he had to take an envelop of money to run away before they sack him. Well, that is the story Kareem told the police. Now, the police was able to recover about 90% of the money from Kareem. He is to pay back the remaining before month end but the issue now is, the Oga wants to drive madam away from his house.

Madam said Kareem is lying. She has been begging me to tell Kareem to come and recant the story of them having an affair. She said its a lie. I asked Kareem….kareem don use Ogun swear say him no dey lie. Now, madam and madam’s family is begging me to help beg kareem to come and say he was lying….that its the devils’ work…this woman has promised to give me and Kareem one thousand dollars if I can convince Kareem to come tell Oga say he was just lying….maybe he said it cos he was desperate.

My people….should I lie? Should I beg Kareem to lie for this woman? At least to save this woman’s marriage…..this madam already has one son for the Oga o. I am just confused. Please if you are in my shoes, what will you do? Will you help this woman to lie to save her marriage? Or what? Please advise me. This matter taya me…its the money sef that is tempting me….should I sell my conscience for one thousand dollars? Abi, make I run am?My mind dey tell me say make I run am but sha…. All hustle na hustle na. Please advise me.


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  1. Dear poster, will u like being lied to by your wife in the future? Why do you want to sell your conscience for few penny that could go down the drain in a short while… typical example of women run away from accountability and can do anything possible to cover up their promiscuous lifestyle….she messed up, let her face the consequences of her actions…

  2. Don’t lie. Don’t do anything like that and reap the consequence later. The money is tempting but don’t do it.

  3. How can you even consider telling Kareem to change his words for one $1k, too many men without integrity, you ae the same ones that curse politicians but you do exactly the same thing, a woman has been cheating on her husband, instead of you to help a brother so he knows he married a whore, you are thinking of telling Kareem to change his words, you men of today are very irresponsible, you have sold your souls and consciences to money and what it can buy, you have bowed to the god of mammon, im sure you are living comfortably, but your greed has poisoned you and wont let you think straight, even if you are not living well, it is still greed and wickedness.

  4. I don’t see what is tempting in the madam’s offer. What he should be negotiating is how to free the Kareem and clear his debt. It is obvious the woman had an affair with this guy.
    How much is 1000 dollars?
    If that woman wants to save her marriage by all means, then she should give you money sufficient enough to bail the man. Because she is guilt as well


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