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Happy Children’s Day 2023: Wishes And Messages


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In Nigeria, May 27th is observed as Children’s Day. A perfect occasion to wish your friends a memorable childhood. Share with them the most innocent and heartfelt Happy Children’s Day wishes and Children’s Day messages. Bring out the beautiful things attached with childhood with the inspiring Children’s Day quotes and Children’s Day wishes with images.

In this post, we bring to you the most fabulous collection of Children’s Day wishes to friends. Wish your pals with Children’s Day greetings messages and Children’s Day wishes for WhatsApp, Facebook status.

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Happy Children’s Day Wishes Messages to Friends

  1. Kids are the world’s greatest happiness. Happy Children’s Day
  2. Children are budding stars, the more you inspire them the more they learn. Happy Children’s Day!
  3. Happy Children’s Day, my dear child. I feel blessed to have a blessing like you by my side. I love you very much!
  4. Everybody’s best childhood memory was falling sleep on the couch and waking up in bed. I wish you a Happy Children’s Day
  5. Every child is a different kind of flower, and all together, they make the world a beautiful garden. Happy Children’s Day!
  6. Let’s join hands on this Children’s Day to make this world a safer place for the little ones. Happy Children’s Day!
  7. Let’s celebrate the day of innocence and joy. Happy Children’s Day
  8. From a child we learn giggling, laughing and playing. Let us continue to celebrate the day of children.  Happy Children’s Day!
  9. Children are the gift of God to us. Happy Children’s Day!
  10. May the purity of your child’s heart never fade. Happy Children’s Day!
  11. May the laughter and innocence of a child last for a lifetime. Happy Children’s Day!
  12. Kids are the world’s greatest happiness. Happy Children’s Day!
  13. Childhood is the phase that flies too fast and leaves us with memories that soothe our soul and bring us happiness all the times. Happy Children’s Day to my friend.
  14. Let us promise to make the most of our childhood because if this time is gone once, it is never going to be coming back. Wishing all my friends a very Happy Children’s Day.
  15. On the occasion of Children’s Day, I wish for lectures to bunk, more canteen time to spend, more group studies for fun, more good times with friends. Happy Children’s Day.
  16. Life is not going to be the same when we will not be children. Let us create some fun memories so that we don’t repent wasting our precious childhood. Warm wishes on Children’s Day.
  17. Wishing a very Happy Children’s Day to all my friends. You are the ones who make this life so special. You are the ones who make every day so much more fun. Happy Children’s Day
  18. A very Happy Children’s Day to my friends. It is an official day dedicated to all of us and an official day for us to party, play and have some good times together.
  19. When friends are there, life is great. When childhood is there, life is fearless and stress-free. I am so lucky to have them both together. Happy Children’s Day to my friends.
  20. One hour with a child will teach you a lifetime worth of joy and innocence. Happy Children’s Day

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Happy Children's Day 2023: Wishes And Messages Happy Children's Day 2023: Wishes And Messages Happy Children's Day 2023: Wishes And Messages Happy Children's Day 2023: Wishes And Messages

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