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Tales of A Wife Married To A Phlegmatic Husband.


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Tales of A Wife Married To A Phlegmatic Husband.

I got promoted at my place of work yesterday but couldn’t break the news to my husband because he comes back late, not that he cheats or goes clubbing but his type of work makes him come home late everyday. Some times I doze off while waiting for him in the parlor but always wakes up in the bedroom, I don’t know how he manages to lift me to the bedroom, I’ve been always thankful that he did and something in me wishes to see him do it while I’m awake, you know the feeling of hanging on a man’s neck, just like on our wedding day. He never behaves like he carried me to the bedroom which always makes me assume an angel does this.

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Back from work that day and worried about his unexitement in the morning maybe something is wrong with him so I should atleast ask without jumping straight into conclusions.

Friday’s were his off so he stays at home through out the day and maybe goes for a hang out in the evening, I targeted his coming back and stood in front of him face to face, we were about the same height so I could really see myself through his eyes, I didn’t know what was propelling me.

“Hey Honey” I said “I told you about my promotion in the morning and you never seemed excited or happy about it”.

“What should I have done?” he asked. “But I said congratulations” he added.

“Just congratulations?” my eyes peered more into his.

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“Yes, what more could I have done? I don’t know how to express my feelings”. Hearing that a cold wave swept down my spine and I wanted to give up, I almost regretted the confrontation.

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“You didn’t know what you could have done?” he shook his head.

I told him that I expected he atleast could have smiled if not for any other thing, à promotion means a bigger income, I would lessen his burden since I would be bringing more money home, we have been praying for this and it has finally come, “I wanted to see you joyous and happy”.

“I wanted you to hug me, lift me up, jubilate with me at least we would have ran round the palor out of happiness and maybe pulled up my gown bend me down near a cushion and you know…”

After a brief silence, “what do you want me to do?” he asked.

I made good use of the opportunity, I told him to hug me, grab my back, kiss me, carry me to the bedroom.

I don’t know what else happened…


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