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True Life Story: A Silent War Is Happening In My Marriage After My Wife Has Drawn The Battle Line


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True Life Story: A Silent War Is Happening In My Marriage After My Wife Has Drawn The Battle Line

Hello Lively Stones,

Keep me anonymous.

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There is a war in my house as we speak. A silent war that I fear may soon evolve to a nuclear war. And you wont believe who this war is between. The war is between my wife and her mother. Why you may ask. It all started a year ago. My wife and I have been married for five years with 3 children. My wife and I have a fairly good marriage but the issue is that my wife got a job in 2021 and she started earning about five times more than me.

That was when the disrespect started. She would go off on long official meetings that lasted into the nights and weekends. We quarreled alot cos she was neglecting her wifely and motherly duties. She said I was complaining because she was earning higher than me. I started suspecting my wife was cheating on me. Eventually, after reporting her to her mom, her mother had to move in to try to help her daughter with the running of the house and taking care of the kids so they will not be left to the hands of maids.

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The mother saw the way her daughter treated me and she was not happy. She tried to correct her daughter several times but she wont listen. Then in January of this year, I suffered a cardiac arrest which led to partial stroke that affected my right hand and right leg. I was in hospital for a whole month before I was sent home to get better. My wife was only with me for a few days. She said she cannot loose her job tending to me, especially because I was unable to go to work due to my situation.

That would mean I needed a nurse to come help me bath and do other things. The cost of hiring a nurse was too much. So, my mother in-law opted to do it. Meanwhile, my family members were going from one prayer house to another. It was in one of those prayer houses that it was revealed that my condition was caused by my wife, that she is sleeping with a powerful man who is very powerful in spirit world. By this time, my wife started ‘travelling’ for days on official assignment. When she returns, she is dropped off by a male colleague of hers and that made us quarrel for a long time.

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My wife was also ashamed of me. I discovered her friends stopped coming to the house to visit. But her mother completely took over and made sure I was well cared for. She encouraged me not to allow the challenges make me divorce her daughter. My mother inl-aw and my wife have a tense relationship cos she had her at age 17. And the guy who impregnated her refused to accept responsibilities. My wife always blames her mother for every bad luck she experienced in her life.

With the help of my mother in-law..I was able to bath and take care of myself and do my physiotherapy which saw some progress to my body being restored gradually. Along the line, my mother in-law and I became intimate. It happened because she saw how I struggled from the abandonment from my wife. She started stroking me and eventually we were both aroused. She started sleeping with me. No one suspected because I was still not able to walk well but my mother in-law was making sure I was sexually satisfied.

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I know what we did is wrong but we have been through so many dark times during this trial with stroke. They were days I wanted to commit suicide. I thought I would never be able to have s3x or be a man. It was my mother in-law who assured me that my manhood will not be lost, so in trying to convince me, she would straddle my penis and after a while, I would get an erection. That made me happy but she would also end up sucking me.

When I got stronger, we started having penetrative s3x. She was helping me I swear but I also knew it was wrong but having this kind of s3x versus no s3x from my wife who was so ashamed of me was better. I needed to be constantly reminded that I will recover from this stroke. Do you know what a man is going through when he is thinking stroke will take away his ability to f*ck anyone for the rest of his life? I was very grateful my mother in-law helped with restoring my manhood even when I felt all was lost.

I am still on the mend, I still cant walk as much as before but things are better for me. But unfortunately, my wife caught her mother and me having s3x last month. She went gaga and started fighting her mother. She wanted mother to leave the house but I told her it can never happen. Who will take care of me? My wife said she will pay for a nurse but that is impossible because we don’t know for how long I will need a nurse, we cannot afford a nurse for a long term period.

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So, now, my wife and her mother fought so hard that her mother in annoyance told her that she will take me away from her cos she does  not appreciate her husband. The mother said that to make my wife change and come back to her senses but my wife is still more involved in her job than her home. My wife moved out and said she is not coming back until her mother leaves. I have said I will not allow her mother leave until my wife quite that job by agreeing to start looking for another.

My wife will rather die than leave that job…you know why…she is sleeping with that colleague of hers. I have hacked her phone and seen my proof. So, this is the war. My home is on fire. I want peace. But my wife is refusing to cooperate. Should I file for divorce? At least, her mom has successfully filled her wife and motherly role for over seven months.

No one can blame me and her mother for finding each other…circumstances beyond our control happened. Maybe if my wife agrees to come to her senses, maybe then I can be able to detach from her mother. For now, sending the mother away will be at my own loss, who will take care of me? Which woman will agree to make love to a semi disabled man? How will I walk normally without proper emotional support like the one I get from my my mother in-law.

In the meantime….if my wife does not change…will it not be within my rights to seek divorce? Please share your thoughts.


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  2. Nothing justifies sleeping with your mother in law you seem to have exonerated yourself from wrong doings.
    You all share equal blame
    If she quits the job how do you take care of the family in your condition.
    Why not move out with your mother in law so she can care for you better instead of allowing her mum commit this abomination with you all in the same house

  3. Nothing justifies sleeping with your mother in law you seem to have exonerated yourself from wrong doings.
    You all share equal blame
    If she quits the job how do you take care of the family in your condition.
    Why not move out with your mother in law so she can care for you better instead of allowing her mum commit this abomination with you all in the same house

  4. Dear poster,you are not different from your wife,you claim to have evidence of your wife cheating yet you’re cheating with her mum right under your roof.

    Instead of you to think of how to get better, recover,stand on your feet and get back to work as a man and start earning times 10 of your wife’s salary since you claim that she now earns times five of your income and she has been doing anyhow, you’re there dulling yourself shioor.

    If you divorce her,na you loose,she is richer than you and will fight you big time in court and even take custody of her children,then you can start a new family with her mum if you choose.

    You need to have a rethink and stay in peace with your family,your wife cannot resign not even with the way Nigeria is,think of how to get quick recovery and stop your mother in-love from distracting you. When you recover fully,your mother-in-love should go . Be a man that you’re and stop this sex ,haba!

    All the best

  5. When we tell men female nature, they call us misogynists, women cannot handle power, most women that claim to be submissive say so because they dont have money yet or money like their husbands. Today’s men have no ided of how ruthless women are. That aside.

    Oga, sleeping with a woman not your wife is evil, and wickedness, don’t try to justify it, though I understand, you were in a position only two of you were alone and also your condition, but it is still evil. Adultery is a very grievous sin and leads to the abyss faster than any other sin, you better believe what I just said. You MUST stop it right now, if you can get a male person to do it.

    As for your wife, I always say it, once a woman cheats, send her packing, your wife doesn’t love you. If I told you don’t trust your wife, you will accuse me of wanting to destroy your marriage, but can you see now, when we tell fellow men women should never be trusted, they think its because of hatred until they learn the painful way. Seek help, even spiritually, that man is using your wife’s destiny to prosper, unfortunately, both of them are only being stupid.

    Bro, stop committing adultery, get a male care taker (don’t you have any male family member that can help?), send your wife away, seek spiritual help.

    Lastly, to the men that sleep with other men’s wives, if you are killed, we will only use you as a lesson to other men not to have anything with married women.


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