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True Life Story: How I Failed In My Marriage After Struggling With Fear And Temptation


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True Life Story: How I Failed In My Marriage After Struggling With Fear And Temptation

Hello Lively Stones,

This story is about fear and temptation that a guy like me is facing. I am married, I love my wife but I deal constantly with temptation and the fear of not be the best husband that my wife deserves. An average good guy can always relate with this. From a man’s perspective, I want to share my story and open a discussion for debate and advise. First, I want to say that I do not try to justify when a man cheats on his woman but the truth is that not all men have the power to resist the temptation that women bring before them. I swear, women will be death of men. Kudos to brothers who have been in this situation but  many have been and they will understand my point of view.

Never one to claim to be a saint but I have always tried to be a one woman kind of man. But if I am being honest, I face temptation every single day of my adult life as a man. From the sexy ladies at work, on the way home, at church, at social events, supermarkets and all. I try my best to remind myself what a lovely woman I am married to, I have to suppress the urge to cheat or hurt her. So far, I give myself kudos for keeping it together for almost 4 years of marriage.

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And then, my wife decided to bring her 23 year old fresh graduate out of school sister to our house, to help with our young children since her youth service year is not happening until next year. When you see my wife, you know God spent quality time setting her up. She set behind and in front but when you see her younger sister, that one over set behind and in front. And she is a bad girl.

Since she came to our house, she has been tempting me, wearing skimpy outfits that show the very intimate parts of her body. Giving me inviting glances every now and then, I have been struggling. My wife is not seeing anything wrong when I told her that her sister is dressing inappropriately. She was like, I was reading too much into it…that her sister is a GEN Z and you cannot tell them how to dress and all that.

So, I left it before it will look like I have ulterior motives. Over last Saturday, my wife went out very early in the morning with the children. I was supposed to go into the office that morning so I could not go with her. Before she left, she told me her sister was sleeping cos she was having mensural pain all through the night. So about 25 mins after my wife left, I got up to have my bath to prepare for work, after having my bath…came back into my room…to meet her 23 year old sister on my bed…stark naked.

My reaction was instant but the girl was smiling like a seductress…before I could ask her what she was doing in my room, she explained by herself: she said she needs my help, that she is experiencing mensural cramp, its so painful and her boyfriend used to help her  reduce the pain by fcking her…so she wants me to help her too. I told her I cannot do what she is asking cos I am not going to cheat on my wife with her younger sister plus her story about fcking to reduce mensural cramp is bull shit; I don’t do s3x with a woman on her period.

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This girl began to come towards me, trying to persuade me…saying dumb stuff like I wont regret it and her sister will never find out….. I began to fight her off…saying I will not do it…I then noticed, she had locked my room door and hidden the key somewhere. So the more I tried to get her to go out, I could not cos the door was locked. I also tried to get my boxer on cos I was just on my towel but she kept on snatching the boxers from me. In the same process, the towel I had around me fell off…and then she asked if I can do anal s3x with her…told her I have never done that before and I wont do that with her…

This girl arched her ass up on me, pressed hard on me and asked me to try it…the more I tried, the harder she pressed…then she said….stop acting like a small boy and this is your last chance. My won reaction even shocked me…I accepted the challenge and bent her over and did her…it was not my first anal…I lied but it turned out to be my best anal. I ended up doing everything I said I was not going to do…In short, I did not go to work until 2 hours later cos this little girl got mad s3x skills.

Going to work later on, I was consumed with guilt  but at the same time, I was smiling with such satisfaction. That weekend was hard for me…the girl kept trying to get my attention for more…I tried running from her…she began to send me nude videos of herself… Monday morning came, I could not wait to run out of my house,…as much as I am completely disappointed in myself for this…I swear to God…all I can think of is, how do I fck this girl again…in her ass…in her pssy and every where…

So this is why I am sharing my story…what exactly am I supposed to do about this? Tell  my wife? How will she react? Should I ask her to send her sister away because she seduced me? I am imagining a millions things that will go wrong once my wife finds out what I did with her sister….my wife is not even going to listen or reason anything…I know her….she will leave me,….she could kll me…she could take my kids away…she would never forgive me…I am scared sht but I am loosing my strength to keep struggling. Its easy to say just tell your wife the truth…its the hardest thing any man can do cos right now…its scaring the living day lights out of me.

The easier thing for me to do is to keep this secret but I know the more I  keep this secret longer…I will keep fcking this girl…you see my dilemma?  I wish I didn’t fck this girl but I did and I am fighting the urge to have her again as the other option of telling my wife wont work because it will only break up my marriage…and I am very scared of that….yes fear is why men like me can’t tell their wives things like this cos we don’t won’t to loose our homes cos we f*cked up.

There is a alot of temptation for men…we try our best but sometimes like this…we fall and we don’t know how to make things right anymore, so we keep falling deeper and deeper into lust and temptation…apart from telling my wife…what else can one do to get rid of this kind of temptation? I have been debating this all day…I don’t know what else to think…what is a man like me supposed to do? I had done everything in my power to resist temptation but here we are….what am I supposed to do?


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  1. Relate it with your wife with all evidences and proofs e.g videos, chat and etc everything stating that she seduced you before you soil yourselves in a worsen situation beyond explanation if not you go too explain taya and the damages might get beyond repair peace be unto you

  2. This story is so annoying. It’s obvious you have been responding to her green lights and seductive move. How can she have the nerve to lay on your bed,like I don’t get it?

    Your wife’s sister had the gut to lay on your bed,haaaaaa,dear poster ,fear God ooooo.

    Your were the one lusting after her and then she did the needful by seducing you and you fell for it. Discipline, self control and being firm is suppose to be studied in school oooo because e get why.

    So how do you want to tell your wife that you slept with her sister of 23years bayi? You have totally lost your respect as an inlaw that you are.

    Anyways,call your wife to order because she should have warned her sister to desist from wearing skimpy dresses in your house but she neglected it and you too fell into the almighty trap. You don go enter kpekus and anus wey “set” abi, good for you.

    Oga,tell your wife and send the girl away,if you refuse to tell your wife,she would find out herself,don’t mess with my gender. Peace

  3. Dear Poster,

    You’re battling with lust… a sickness that destroys slowly but surely and without mercy…

    You’ve come to realise you can’t help yourself… your strength has failed you…

    How did you get here?

    …through filthy imaginations you entertain in your mind.

    You seem to sexualize every sight of breast and nyash…

    How can you get out?

    #1 Consciously, make deliberate efforts to purify your thoughts.

    #2 Desist from having s*x with your sister in-law

    How severe is your challenge?

    Very severe. It’s obvious, your strength can’t help you. The filthy thoughts come effortlessly. You have no control over it…

    So, you must complement your efforts with prayers for God to help you.

    Know this…

    You must end it before it destroys you. Treat it as an emergency case…

    If I may code you..

    “My wife is not seeing anything wrong when I told her that her sister is dressing inappropriately.”

    It’s  a pity your wife is naive in this area.

    Ladies, do not treat a man’s sight comment on any gender casually… especially in a context like this…

    I pray you find strength in this weakness.

  4. If you don’t know how to break the news to her in a way she will understand, share the link to this story wiry her.

    Tell her you are sorry, take measures to ensure it never happens again. Let your wife send her Sister back home.

    Walk in the Spirit and you would not gratify the desires of the flesh.

  5. It’s time you stop endorsing that temptation has more power than your mind.

    Your mind is powerful.

    Your willpower is your winning power.

    Why do you think you failed? You endorsed that it’s a struggle to stay faithful because all you see and think is temptation. Renee your mind. Take up your power and win.

    Your sister in-law must leave the house for now.

    You must let your wife know about it and cut off that fear of the news destroying your marriage.

    If you accept the fear, you will remain in the sin, the girl will blackmail you and will destroy you.

    What if she takes in? Will that be better? Aren’t thinking of consequences of your unfaithfulness and even with sister in-law?

    Stop being naive. Expose the sin. The fear will go.

    Whatever comes out of it, be bold to hold your head up and fix the issue. You opened the door and here is a doom that wants to eat you up.

    If you think keeping it secret and cutting the girl off is possible better do so otherwise open up to your wife and save yourself.

    All the best.


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