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True Life Story: How My Greediness And Stupidity Costed Me The Love Of My Life.-Pt2


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True Life Story: How My Greediness And Stupidity Costed Me The Love Of My Life.-Pt2




I met Angela during an interview l went for. After two years of being unemployed following my graduation, l was finally called for an interview as a copy writer. I was searching for the address of the ad agency, when l saw a tall beautiful girl by the roadside and decided to ask her for directions.

“I’m sorry, but l’m also looking for the same place.” She told me.

And together we tried to find the address. We found it and split up. Angela had come to be interviewed as a Client service executive.

After the interview, it turned out that Angela lived just three streets from mine. We do taken the same bus home.

So we got talking inside the bus, and l found out that Angela was so witty and fun to be with. In fact by the time she alighted from the bus, and we had exchanged contacts, it seemed like we’ve known each other for ages, as she had basically told me everything about herself inside the bus.

After that first meeting, we spent more time together, and grew quite fond of each other. It was Love at first sight indeed.

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I lived with my cousin brother then. He worked with the foreign affairs ministry, and was awaiting his posting. His place was a two bedroom apartment, and he let me have one room to myself.

In the month before Angela and l, heard from the agency, we practically spent all our days holed up in that room, gisting, watching horror movies, playing loud music, dancing wildly. And of course, making sweet love.

“I feel like I’ve known you all my life,” Angela told me on her third visit and the first time we made love. The words were hers but they captured so well, the exact feelings l wished to express.

Three months after we both got the Agency job, my cousin brother travelled out to Uganda. His posting had come and he’d left the flat in my care.

The rent was due in two month’s time, but l didn’t have the money to pay the Landlord, and the Agency wasn’t willing to grant me a loan. I brought up the issue with Angela one evening, and she said l should keep the flat.

“I want to, but where’s the money” l asked, sitting up in bed. “The moment l got this job, l started sending money home and how much do l earn, there’s no way l can afford this place.”

“I know but it’s still cheaper. A new place will mean paying two years upfront.”

“I know, but what will l do now,” l asked no one in particular.

Angela was quiet for a while, then she propped herself up on an elbow, leaving her left nipple dangling just above my mouth. I flicked out my tongue and licked it.

“Oh stop,” she said, laughing and pulling away.

“Well, if l can’t pay my rent, at least let me worship your body,” l said, reaching for her, but she pulled away.

“Mike, l have a plan.”

“What plan?”

“Well, l don’t know whether you will like it.”

“Let me hear it first.” I replied.

Then she asked me whether it would be alright for us to share the rent, and move in together.

“You want to live with me?” I asked her.

“If it’s okay with you. My uncle and his family are moving to Abuja soon. In a few months time, l will be homeless, l need a place too.”

“You’re sure you can cope with my madness?”

“I’ve managed this far,” she said laughing.

The idea sounded good to me. So l decided to give it a shot.

And that was how Angela moved in with me.

At first, Angela and l had misgivings. I knew we were deeply in Love, but she just kept saying that something could go wrong. I wasn’t thinking that way at all. I was looking on the bright side of things.

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My friends all thought we were crazy to be living together.

“Just six months, and you people are already living together. O boy, your head correct so?”

Chike, my maternal cousin asked me, the day he arrived from Aba. He’d just gotten a job with a bank and was staying with us until he got his own place.

“It just happened. It wasn’t planned. But I’m glad l did. Angela is an Angel,” l told him.

“Of course, that’s why they named her Angela,” Chike said sarcastically.

“No, l’m serious bro, you will find out yourself soon enough” l replied him.

And of course, Angela won him over in a short time. No one who met her failed to like her. They all had good things to say about her in the end. She was such a sweet person.

“Mike, she’s too good to be true, are you sure she’s not pretending,” Onyinye my female cousin once asked me about Angela.

Onyinye would have given anything to go out with me. For her, l was the perfect man. But of course, blood stood in her way, so she reserved a critical eye for all the girls l dated. But Angela was the only one she just couldn’t find any fault whatsoever with.

By the fifth month of our living together, l was already thinking about marriage.

Then Sandra appeared from nowhere and spoilt everything.

Looking back now, what pains me the most is the fact that l met her through Angela.

Angela was in Client Services, so she met various clients quite often. And one Saturday, as we lazed at the beach. She told me that so many girls in her department were parceling jobs to their guys in the creative department.

“What do you mean?” I asked her.

“I mean PP, they get the briefs and instead of billing it to the agency, they give it to their guys in the creatives, who charge less, but still deliver the same quality. I’ve been thinking, we could do the same.”

“Isn’t it risky?” I asked her.

“No, not at all, l get the brief, you do it, Who will know? We can get a visualizer from another agency.”

The idea sounded good. And before long, we were getting jobs and money was trickling in.

At first we charged small fees. But always the one with the business initiative, Angela began to charge higher rates. And the money kept rolling in.

Then, in the middle of 2019, Angela returned  home with Sandra one afternoon.

“Sandra, meet my colleague, Mike, we share this flat. Mike, meet Sandra, she has a brief.”

Sandra was setting up a boutique, a supermarket and a gift shop. She needed logos, jingles, flyers, ads in newspaper pages; a whole campaign.

We billed her Four hundred and fifty thousand naira, and she didn’t even blink. That was the biggest job we’d got so far. And l went to work.

Then, Angela started her MBA programe. Her lectures were Fridays and Saturdays. Somehow, Sandra found out, and started coming over whenever Angela was out for lectures.

The fourth time she visited, she noticed my discomfiture.

“You don’t feel comfortable with me visiting you, right?” She had always been so frontal.


“Well, how about you come to my place for a change. I’m sure you will feel more at ease.”

So l went to her place the next week. She lived in a duplex, a present from her billionaire father for her 25th birthday.

“Madam said you should come upstairs.” the houseboy told me, pointing up the stairs.

“I’m over here,” Sandra called when l got up the stairs and knocked on her bedroom.

I pushed the door open and Sandra was standing naked, the sight of her b00bs and perfect shape sending shockwaves all over my body.

We made love that very day, and it soon became a routine. Every Saturday morning as soon as Angela left for lectures, l’d rush over to Sandra’s place and have fun with her.

Three months later, Sandra proposed to me. I had thought it was a man’s duty to propose marriage. But Sandra was the one that proposed to me. And she went about it in that her ‘straight to the point’ manner;

“You have a good job, nice prospects, and of course, you are very good-looking, l have my business and lots of money to take very good care of you, there’s a nice house for us, so why struggle when you can be very comfortable with me, just marry me, and l will make you happy,” she told me pointedly.

I looked around me, the plush furnishings, the two Mercedes-benz cars parked in the garage, the whole luxury of it all. And l knew that l was sold.

So when our rent expired three months later, l simply told Angela that l didn’t want to stay together with her anymore.

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“Why, have l done something wrong?” she shockingly asked me.


“So what’s the problem?”

“I need space.”

“Well, let’s get a bigger spacious apartment then,” she had said.

But l snapped at her,

“No, l want to stay alone for once, l don’t want you in my life anymore, can’t you get that into your head.”

She pulled away from me, and a gulf yawned open between us and kept widening.

Three weeks later, l packed out and moved in with Sandra. Two months later, we were married.

Angela was devastated. She resigned from the Agency, and moved to Enugu.

My friends and relatives kept telling me that l had gone mad. Even Onyinye was against me for once. But l didn’t give a damn, l had found a beautiful babe with money, and l was drunk on it.

We cruised around town in her Benz. Her dad even sponsored our honeymoon to The Maldives; where we travelled to, and spent two weeks having fun on the tiny Island.

I resigned from the agency and became the manager of Sandra’s large boutique and Supermarket. The business was booming and l was making more money than l would have ever dreamt of making, if l had remained at the agency.

Life was like a picnic, but picnics always do end. Mine with Sandra ended a long time ago, and l began to see things, the way they really are.

I’ve come back to my senses now. And I’ve started picking up the pieces of my life. But there’s still one piece left; Angela

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Angela, l hear that you’re still unmarried. And l feel I’m in luck. I’m begging in God’s name, please take me back, Angela!

I’ve been a fool, an idiot and a good-for-nothing. But believe me, l’ve learnt my lessons.

These are my contemplation as i plan visiting her.


Dear listeners, please advise me on how to get Angela back. How and where do l even start explaining things to her?. Will she even give me a listening ear, after everything I did to her?

I also want you my dear readers to learn a lesson or two from my sad story. Yes, money is good, but Money is not everything. Happiness and peace of mind is better than money. So please never loose someone that loves you because of money. Cus you will live to regret it later.

Someone should talk to me please.


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