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True Life Story: Is This Fate? Now I’m A Single Mother Of Two Because Of Baby Daddy Drama


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True Life Story: Is This Fate? Now I’m A Single Mother Of Two Because Of Baby Daddy Drama


I have two kids aged 3 and 7 from different fathers. My second baby daddy has been taking care of both kids because the first one decided to be a deadbeat. I broke up with the second baby daddy in April this year because the first baby daddy wanted us to get back together and get married. The second baby stopped taking care of my first child after I broke up with him.

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He buys the second one expensive things but refuses to take care of the first like he used to when we were together. So when he buys expensive things I sell them and buy both kids normal things. My first baby dumped me again because he thinks I’m still in love with the second baby daddy.


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The second baby daddy hates me because I went back to the first baby daddy. Now I’m single because of baby daddy drama. My problem is that no one is taking care of my first child. I feel like it was wrong of the second baby daddy to get my first child used to soft life and then stop out of the blue because our relationship ended. I’m even thinking of taking him to court to continue taking care of both kids equally. The first baby daddy I gave up on him because he never took of my child from the beginning.
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  1. I just can’t take you serious sister. You are angry your second baby daddy stopped taking care of your first baby’s daddy’s child, what kind of entitlement mentality is this?

    Why can’t you take care of the child you had with your first baby daddy?

    Go and fix up.

    I wish you well.


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