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True Life Story: Man Plans To Divorce Wife Because Of Wayward Sister In-law


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True Life Story: Man Plans To Divorce Wife Because Of Wayward Sister In-law

Hello Lively Stones,

A very good friend of mine is seeking advise from me. I have tried to advise based on my capacity but I thought its better to bring it to this platform for better advise. This my friend is doing ok. At least, two years ago, he bought a house in Lekki. He has been married also for over 10 years and him and his wife are doing well until about four months ago, when the wife’s younger sister who is engaged got posted to Lagos for her youth service.

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Naturally, the girl came to stay with them for her service year but my friend was very shocked to notice that the girl does not behave like a well brought up girl. Not too long after the girl moved in, my friend noticed that his sister in-law was always going to the neighbor’s duplex. This neighbor has been rumored to be a yahoo boy and he is notorious for living a very luxurious lifestyle, always partying and bringing different girls and boys to his house.

At first, my friend warned his sister in-law to stop fraternizing with this neighbor but wife was the one who kept saying they should allow her cos she wants her sister to make friends and connections in Lagos so she can get a job. My friend told his wife that the neighbor that is a yahoo boy cannot be the person to help his sister in-law with a job cos he does not do any legal work. My friend’s wife said the rumors about this guy being yahoo is not true, that the guy is an IT expert who works from home for an international company.

Another thing that is upsetting my friend is that, his sister in-law is supposed to be engaged but she is seriously flirting with this neighbor. My friend’s wife and sister are making light of the matter, saying she is not flirting but just being friendly. My friend has had a running battle with his wife and sister in-law about this neighbor but they refused to listen to him or care about his opinion.

Several weeks ago, the sister in-law was rushed to the hospital. The wife and sister tried to hide what was wrong but eventually, my friend found out that the sister in-law got pregnant for the neighbor and had an abortion which resulted in a complication that almost cost her her life. My friend was so upset that he asked the sister inlaw to leave his house after the ordeal but the wife begged and begged…saying the girl has learnt her lesson. Grudgingly, my friend forgave the girl only for two weeks latter, law enforcement raided the neighbor’s place and arrested the guy and picked up several people.

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Guess who was among those picked: this same girl. Now, they are asking for money to bail the girl and my friend has refused to bring any money. Infact, he said he does not want his wife to go near the station, that if she does, she would leave his house. The wife is begging family and friends to beg the husband but the husband says he warned his wife and sister in-law when pregnancy occurred…only for two weeks later, the girl went back again to this same man.

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My friend is disappointed in the wife and for disobeying him and allowing her sister to bring shame and disrespect to their family, my friend says he is considering even divorcing his own wife. That he could not believe his wife tried to hide her sister’s pregnancy and abortion…and yet, the wife did nothing when the sister went back to the same man. Now, if you are my friend…what will you do?

Do you think his reasons for wanting to divorce his wife is valid? Do you think he should not allow his wife go bail her sister? Do you think my friend is right for refusing to bring the money for bail? The whole family is thrown into confusion. Everyone is begging my friend to forgive and bail the girl first and take action later but he has refused. The girl’s family cant make the bail conditions by themselves. Please share your advise.


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  1. Dear poster, you’re a real man but your wife is from another planet entirely. I wonder which woman behaves in such manner, it’s obvious both sisters love material things and your wife gets a share from whatever her sister brings home from the yahoo guy’s place.

    Don’t bail her,let her family rally round for money,don’t give anyone a listening ear,let them sort themselves out .

    Don’t divorce your wife because both of you were in peace and had no marital issues until her engaged sister came for youth service. Just be adamant with the whole thing but don’t divorce her,I believe she must have learnt her lesson by now.

    I love men like this,very firm and have no time for rubbish and ingredients.

  2. Hello tell your friend to calm down on divorcing his wife but…..let him hands off the matter let their family pay to have the sister in law out of police station.
    The wife will learn one way or the other

  3. Don’t spend a dime on that silly sister-in-law. Let your wife and her people sort themselves out.
    And when she’s out of the station, she mustn’t come back to your house. From the station to wherever.
    If your wife insists she comes back to your house, then you will have to go hard on her and tell her to follow her sister.
    What kind of a woman is your wife sef? Na wah for her.
    I don’t want to face searchlight of suspicion on her too. Let me not talk.

  4. Dear Poster,

    Why can’t your friend’s in-laws make the bail conditions?

    Are they poor? Are they from nowhere? Don’t they have family members?

    If the young lady knows her family is of a poor background and her sister who is your friend’s wife knows she has no one to run to when in.trouble, why won’t she advice her sister properly?

    Your friend’s wife is careless and behaved unreasonably. She wants a rich man like her husband for her sister.

    Connections? Sleeping around in the name of being friendly? Pregnancy and lies just to be with a man and gain money?

    The money she obtained from thean should be able to bail her incase her family do not have.

    Your friend did no wrong be refusing to bail the lady. He is not obligated to do so. Since his wife supports her sister, she should find family members to help them.

    Your friend should have meeting with the in-laws and tell them that the girl won’t return to his house whenever she is out of the police custody. They should get a place and move her things before she comes out. He can permit the wife to go on the day of bailing with her family members.
    If they are poor, he can support after they presents what they were able to raise as a family.

    He needs to speak with the wife and make her understand the meaning of her actions and what he won’t tolerate in his home. He needs to sincere share how he feels and inform her of consequences of repetition of similar actions of hers in the future.

    Divorce isn’t necessary for now. He should forgive his wife and give her opportunity to make amends.

    All the best.

  5. Hello Poster,

    The family should sort out their daughter’s bail if they can

    If they can’t… Help them but make sure she leaves your house immediately… In fact… She can’t return after she is bailed

    As for your wife m.. No need for divorce… Yes she disrespected you but give her time to learn her lesson

    She’s the mother of your children… She’s deserving of forgiveness

    I believe she has learnt…. If not… The future will tell


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