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True Life Story: My Brother Neglected His Beautiful Wife And This Happened


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True Life Story: My Brother Neglected His Beautiful Wife And This Happened

Hi Lively Stones,

My elder brother is a scum. He is the reason people say men are scum. I know I cannot exonerate myself in this story am about to share but how can one explain how a man with everything in the world, money, the most beautiful, loving wife, children, cars, houses will cheat on his wife and also neglect her as if she is a single woman inside a marriage?

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My elder brother’s first marriage fell apart because the first wife got tired of him treating her like sh*t. And I am sorry, but I blame our African culture that makes a man think he can do anything he likes to his wife and get away with it. All my family members and even friends knew Okey was a woman beater and cheater, yet no one dared speak to him cos he was bankroling everyone with his money.

After his first marriage broke up, brother got married to a young woman same age as me. She was 25 when they got married. It was not long after, he started abusing her like the first wife. Poor girl, she did not stand a chance cos she was even several years younger than him so he would shut her up anytime she tried to report anyone. Peace (not her real name) became very afraid and withdrawn.

Peace decided to focus on her children, but she was also very depressed. Infact, as time went on, my brother stopped sleeping with her and anytime he choose to, was because he was drunk, and he would just r*pe her in his drunken state. I never knew all these until I moved in with them when I was having accommodation challenge. Instead of my wicked brother to give me money to get the kind of apartment he needed, he offered me the two-bedroom apartment beside their mansion in the same compound.

I was supposed to stay there for a year until at least I got my own place. Though I was not in the main mansion, but occasionally, I would drop by and say hello to sis Peace. I saw how reserved and unhappy she had become. She tried to smile when her husband was not around, but I knew it was a fake smile. Then I could physically see the fear when her husband came around. Well, I could not do anything cos the only time I tried to say something my brother asked me to mind my business cos its his marriage and his business.

On my part too, I tried to talk to Sis Peace, but she was afraid of telling me anything cos of the fear of her husband. Maybe she felt I would report her if she spoke to me. However, I noticed that they had hired a lesson teacher for one of their sons and the teacher seemed to be spending alot of hours when he came around which was like, from 1pm even before the kids got back from school. I was wondering how a lesson teacher would be coming almost 1 hour before his work starts.

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They made it seem like he was teaching the little girl that is barely 4 years old before the twin boys will return by around 2.30pm. On this day, around 1.30pm, I was hungry, and I decided to get to the main house to get some food. I tried to sneak in cos I didn’t want to be caught taking food cos I was a bit ashamed that I have to be dependent on my brother always to survive.

I sneaked in through the back but when I took the food from the fridge, as I was about to turn around to leave, I heard a loud noise in the kitchen store. I froze…but when nothing happened after, I knew someone was inside…so I shouted who is there but there was no answer. That was how I pushed the door open and behold sis Peace and, on all fours, and Uncle lesson teacher was hanging at angle 90 from drilling her.

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All I could mutter was….sh*t…f*ck….Sis Peace why…. why …why? The lesson teacher and sis Peace quickly pulled up their clothes and the lesson teacher ran out. Sis Peace started begging me, saying this was a mistake but she made the mistake to prevent her from running mental or committing suicide from the pain and neglect her husband puts on her. To be honest, I could not blame but I told her that she better leave my brother instead of cheating like him cos two wrongs don’t make a right.

After she had cried and begged, I told her not to worry cos I would not tell my brother, but she must stop having S** with this guy and he must not continue tutoring the children. She agreed. After that incident, sis Peace began to be friendly with me, giving me food, always checking on me. Of course, her conscience was pricking her. Well, I did not complain cos I was broke and she was paying me back for my silence in her own way.

Then one day, she came to my apartment and said she wanted to talk to me. I was happy she has begun to feel comfortable too open up around me. So she and I talked, and I realized she had endured more than any normal human being can take with my brother. She said she was afraid of my brother finding out that she was sleeping with the lesson teacher and he may take her children away from her. She has no job or money to fight him back.

I sympathized with her and told her not to be afraid…that her secret was safe with me…she said the only way she can be sure that I do not rat on her was to sleep with her. I told her it was not necessary by sis Peace came prepared. She took off her clothes and asked me to enter into a S** covenant with her, that I will never tell my brother. If you are thinking I should have refused, you are right…. I tried to refuse but the stark beauty in front of me made me unable to move.

Sis Peace began to work on my jock and before long…I lost the battle…we f*cked like rabbits for almost an hour…. after which …she left but not after saying …. we are even now. What she did not know is…. we only just started. I never in my wildest dream imagine that I could ever sleep with another man’s wife…talk less of my own flesh and blood…my own brother’s wife…. but I could not stop thinking and dreaming of sis Peace, her succulent breasts and he body like a goddess.

TO BE CONTINUED…don’t hold your breath now…kindly share your advice for this young man before the part 2 of the story drops.


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  1. Oga there is no justification for cheating ,trust me if any woman is caught cheating she would always see what to blame ,even if ur brother was the best of everything ,she can still cheat on him because it is in her nature ,but people would always blame what looks like a means of excuse for their short coming ,and anybody who is not ready to accept the fact that he/she cheated because they want it ,are not ready to change ,she S.e.x u then the teacher and u think she is innocent ,ur first mistake was not telling ur brother ,ur second mistake there is nothing like one time knacking once u startu would always do it again ,this is why I used to say that any man who knacks a woman at any point in time can still do so if he can make the environment conducive for her to do so ,now u are in a bondage because she just bonded u ,the way she bonded the teacher till he lost his job ,I tell u there is no dignity in sleeping with ur brothers wife although I can’t blame u ,pussy is like hard drugs that can be hard to stop ,so it is better u don’t try when u are not ready to continue .
    She is not happy but she remain with ur brother ? If ur brother was broke she would have left him but we are in a world where hypergamy trives where most beautiful ladies would leave the man who truly love them ,for the man who has money,even if she sees the red flag even before marrying him ,she believes she can change or endure u ,but she doesn’t have faith that the broke lover can be rich one day , anyway u are already entangled u need to break it ,but first leaving ur brothers house ,if u don’t have a girlfriend pls get ur girlfriend ,u are stepping on mighty thin ice and u might sink because she is about to destroy the relationship u have with ur brother for life ,if a woman chooses to date a man even after seeing that he has red flags then she should be comfortable with enduring the problem ,
    Wise up man u have more to lose than one hour of pleasure with her ,men are not scum point of correction ,umher choice for a definition of a man fit that of a scum ,there are good men out there but we would never date them ,for goodness sake why would a man marry u after having the understanding he married some other woman and she ran ,and u didn’t try to find out why the woman ran or what makes u think urs would be different ,

  2. Wow, much has been said by @Ezego A

    Dear Poster, please determine within yourself to leave that home, your apartment in your brother’s compound and stay away from the woman. Don’t give any excuse !

    Go out, struggle and hustle and live separately from your brother’s family. Don’t Ever again come near your brother’s wife. It’s very, very bad since your brother is still alive.
    Just leave them and focus on your own life
    God helping You


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