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True Life Story: My Brother’s Widow Is Using Our Tradition To Seduce Me-PT 2


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True Life Story: My Brother’s Widow Is Using Our Tradition To Seduce Me-PT 2


Hello Lively Stones,

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After I narrated my ordeal with my brother’s wife living with my family, things have gone from bad to very bad….everything has scattered. So, after that incident on Christmas day that I pushed my Amaka away from me and she injured herself, this woman has gotten angry and is ready to destroy my family. Actually, I think God is allowing this problem to happen because I never knew there were many issues in this family.

I think the devil is truly at work and if care is not taken, everything will scatter. Amaka started acting very abnormal after that incident. She started being rude to my wife and me publicly. My wife thought it was because of the injury she had. She stopped running errands saying her leg was paining her. My wife asked her to go to the hospital but she refused. Things became tense, my wife became worried and told me that she believes something is upsetting Amaka.

I pretended not to know so I decided to use the opportunity to ask my wife to send Amaka away…at least we now have a reason to send her away from the house. My wife refused and said Amaka is family and she needs her to help in the house. So, I told her if she insists, that Amaka stays, then she should not complain to me. My wife was upset with me for not understanding her or Amaka.

My wife decided to ignore all Amaka’s misbehavior until one day, Amaka slept all through the day…woke up around 3pm and when she woke up, she took her food and left the plates in the kitchen. My wife was surprised. She did the same thing again for dinner. So, my wife told her that if she cannot wash her plates, then she will not eat anymore in her house. Amaka did not answer.

The next day, Amaka woke up around 10am, went to kitchen and there was no food….so she brought out soup to warm. My wife came and told her to leave the soup and leave her kitchen since Amaka has decided to be a madam in the house. Amaka ignored my wife and continued what she was doing. In annoyance, my wife took the bowl of soup from Amaka and dragged it away but Amaka dragged it back and said she will beat my wife if my wife continues to provoke her.

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Well, my wife is a fearless woman and she dared Amaka to touch her. The rest is history o. A fight broke out and Amaka and my wife started fighting. I was not home but my security and neighbors all came out to separate them. Alot was destroyed and both women sustained injuries. By this time, my wife started telling Amaka to pack her things and leave. Amaka was shouting that by tradition, she is in her husband’s house, since I am the eldest son in her late husband’s family ….so she is not going anywhere.

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When I got back, my wife was fuming and asking me what rubbish is Amaka saying about tradition….I told her I am not in support of such tradition so I cannot take my late brother’s widow as my wife. I told Amaka to get her things and leave my house the next day. Amaka told me never….that she has come to stay and since we have had s3x, that our marriage has been validated.

When Amaka exposed me in front of my wife…I wanted the ground to open and swallow me but I tried to deny immediately….Amaka was like she was possessed with a demon…she said she has been in love with me since she met me in our house 9 years ago. That I was engaged and she tried everything to get my attention but I did not notice her. Then Amaka was a friend to one of our close friends that used to come to our family house in Enugu.

Now, she is revealing she had feelings for me and I never noticed….so she decided to go after my younger brother who was single but she discovered that my younger brother and my fiancé were cheating and f*cking behind my back. So she blackmailed my brother to marry her or she will expose them. After everything, my brother married her to keep her quiet but my brother never loved her and was still sleeping with my wife behind my back.

So when my brother died….she felt cheated and decided to go back to the original person that she was in love with….which is me…..omo…I was just staring at Amaka as she was crying and making all these confessions and my wife was busy shouting …she’s lying….she’s lying….she’s amosu (devil)….as in….my house don scatter be this…what is Amaka saying? did my wife really cheat with me with my younger brother?

I am very confused and I am still trying to wrap my head around everything Amaka is saying…is she mad? Is she really possessed? How can she say these things about my brother and my wife? Has my wife been cheating on me? And now…my wife knows I cheated with Amaka…..ha….this is madness…I cannot make sense out of it. Please I need cold water and I need to get out of here.

I need advice on what to do….


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  1. Wahala oti poju ooooo,this is really serious,long time secrets are unfolding. Haaaaaaaa,this marriage is about to collapse,why is Amaka insisting on tradition bayi,haaaa. This girl is confused and causing confusion and she is really possessed.

    You can now see that I said it,that this Amaka is possessed,I said it in part one of this story. It is well, waiting for part 3

  2. Is it possible for you and your wife to rent another house and leave amaka to stay alone? So you both can go sort your problems alone elsewhere. Now there’s nobody to judge, you have both cheated abominably- like there’s nobody else outside that you both have to cheat within the family.
    But whether you chose to separate or stay together you guys must never give amaka any relevance she is evil. Imagine how long she has been blackmailing; from your brother then you now your wife.
    She knew all this and she never told you until she wanted to use it to her advantage. Her type is evil

  3. Leave the house relocate to some where else that would be the best bet. Sending Amala out won’t be a good idea. She would use different things to want to hurt your family. Please save your marriage and leave the house for Amaka.

  4. This story is interesting.

    Amaka actually came for you and wish to have a place in your life and home.

    When we decide to cover evil for shame, we cover the opportunity to change bigger shame.

    Self control is essential and must be applied in life.

    Amaka is evil.

    If she can’t have you, no one will.

    Your younger brother is late and no way will you get his opinion on this matter.

    Meanwhile, don’t leave your wife for anything.

    Talk it over. Pray and stay together.

    Get another place and disassociate from Amaka.

    I’m suspicious of Amaka as the killer of her husband and your life is in danger here.


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