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True Life Story: My Friend Cannot Get Pregnant And She Suspects Her Husband Is To Blame


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True Life Story: My Friend Cannot Get Pregnant And She Suspects Her Husband Is To Blame

Hi Lively Stones,

I am sharing this story on behalf of my friend Edith (not real name). My friend thinks her husband is a cultist or ritualist. See her story: Edith and Ugo met some years ago at their village during the popular Igbo Christmas holiday in the village. That year, Edith was forced to travel home from Lagos with the family cos her parents wanted her to meet a suitors who would be coming from all over to the village to look for wives. Edith reluctantly went because everyone was in her case being that she was almost close to 30 years and no serious relationship in sight.

It was then she met Ugo. A rich guy who lives in Europe , he is an exporter, importer business man. Ugo was in his early forties and unmarried. This was not surprising as Igbo men hardly get married on time. Like joke, Ugo engaged her and they planned their wedding for Easter. All of us her friends were happy for her but also surprised our friend was getting married to a guy she barely knew for three months.

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Well, after the lavish wedding, Ugo went back to Europe but he got Edith a lavish house in Banana Island in Lagos. My friend got pregnant immediately. She became a kept wife…there was no need for her work as her husband was filthy rich and she had dozens of cars and houses at her disposal. Then things started happening. Edith’s baby died in her womb at the 7th month…they had to do an evacuation.

As expected, my friend and her family were devastated. But she was encouraged to try again and in less than six months, she got pregnant again. This time, Ugo insisted that she come abroad because he thought Edith lost her baby because of poor medical care in Nigeria. Edith miscarried her second pregnancy in Europe. They started trying to run all kinds of medical tests to know what was happening but everything was fine medically.

By this time, Edith’s family was getting worried. As her friend, I was worried too. So, she took a break for a year before trying to get pregnant. The next time she got pregnant, it was with twins and everyone was so happy she made it to her final trimester . Then evil struck again….they babies had to be born preterm by CS…during the process…one of the twins died….seven hours later….the second one died.

No one told the family that they had to go spiritual. It was fire for fire… the family began to consult prophets….they conducted several deliverances for Edith. It was one prophet that told Edith that she cannot give birth for Ugo because Ugo’s money is not pure. That Ugo got blood money so any child sent to that home, will not want to enter the house cos Ugo did something.

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Of course Ugo denied that his money was blood money. He called the prophet crazy. For almost two years after….Edith could not get pregnant. Things became tough between Edith and Ugo. So she decided to return to Nigeria to rest a bit. It was while in Nigeria, Edith decided to test the prophet’s prophecy. Edith slept with someone and she got pregnant immediately. She did not tell anyone but her husband and mother knew she was pregnant…she did not tell them it was not for her husband though.

So fingers crossed, they all watched and prayed until Edith gave birth to a healthy baby boy. This time the baby did not died. Ugo threw a seven days party and festival in Lagos, Abia State and in Europe. The naming ceremony was epic. Money everywhere. Ugo was very proud…bought an estate for Edith. About several months later, Edit called me. Told me that she is having nightmares and she has not been able to sleep for days.

This is because, she is being consumed by guilt that she made everyone believe her son was conceived by Ugo…she said in her dreams….she sees creatures pursuing her…..because she tried to give Ugo a child that he did not own. The nightmare led Edith to discover that in every house her husband buil….there is a secret room where no one is allowed to enter. Ugo said its his home office but no one is allowed into the room..whether he is around or not.

Edith kept seeing dark things coming out of the secret room in her dreams. So, Edith asked her husband why is the room that is always under lock and key? The husband just answered her saying: is my office and no one is allowed into the rooms.  My friend is so scared. She thinks those secret rooms is where Ugo is hiding the secret of his wealth. Now, Edith is now asking me for advise…she is scared that one day Ugo will find out about the son that is not his…she is scared that the evil thing Ugo did in those secret rooms, is what is preventing him from having children, and it  may affect her son one day cos she lied about him.

Meanwhile, this son was conceived by Edith’s ex-boyfriend, one yoruba guy for that matter….and he does not have a clue. Edith my friend needs your advise….should she tell Ugo what she did to save name? to remove shame from him that he could never father a child? or should she keep quiet, after all…she is only trying to save Ugo from those who believed that he did ritual money and so cannot have a child? Or should she leave the marriage now that she knows the real truth about her husband, that he is a ritualist and cannot have children because of blood money?

What about the nightmares, how will she make those stop? Edith was ready to hide he true paternity of her son because she was desperate after losing so many babies but the persistent nightmares are really beginning to scare her…its like, the creatures pursuing her will not let her rest until she tells the truth ….its like the creatures are also after her new born son….she keeps seeing the creatures trying to harm her son.

Please advise my friend…I have told her that she needs to be very prayerful…because her husband is clearly involved in some dark spiritual matters and its is beginning to scare her. Why are they after her in her dreams? Are they after her son too?

Should my friend tell the truth about her son or keep quiet or leave the marriage?


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  1. Your friend should give her life to Christ, join a fire brand ministry ( not a white garment church ), declare the word and engage in a fast.

    She should confide in her Pastor and let them go with a select group from the prayer brand members and force the door open to those private rooms. If you see an empty office physically and spiritually fine, if you see a calabash with liquid etc or fetish things destroy by fire, check another house, if same your friend knows what she’s dealing with.

    Let her Pastor introduce her husband to Christ and give him the opportunity to repent, with God any evil covenant can be broken and they can go free without evil wealth, starting again.

    After all this, let the right person he can listen to break the news of the child to him, if he is willing to forgive good. You should both be able to have children of your own then too. The baby is best with the mum.

    After this ordeal, remain steadfast in Christ.

    If you don’t find anything in those rooms Edith be prayerful, try to lead your husband to Christ and let him know the truth about the Paternity of the child then. If he send you away, start afresh.

    All the best

  2. Will you friend stay back and be consumed in a darkness she has no control over?

    She needs to know Jesus for herself and ask God to reveal the true identity of her husband to her. She will need to ask God to preserve her son though she did wrong.

    Confessing now isn’t necessary because if the man gets the idea, the force will kill the child and he will still divorce her shamefully.

    Her excuse isn’t enough to cheat. She cheated because she believed the prophecy. Since, the birth of her child and the secret rooms are proofs of Ugo’s secret life, then she needs to walk away and D
    save her life.

    What will happen if she dies or go insane by the force pursuing her? He will remarry and the circle continues. He might even be aware that the child isn’t his already but happy he has a son.

    She should be prayerful and hear from God.

    Though some people loose kids based on science issues but hers might be more.

    I suggest prayers, personal prayers, being born again and hear from God and leaving that home as God directs.

  3. Your friend needs to leave that marriage before something terrible happens to her and the son.

    This will sound as a warning to those who are always very desperate to marry,you allow people pressurize you into marriage all because age is no longer on your side, family and peer pressure too.

    Look at what she is going through in her marriage of just few years. There is money, enough money for that matter but there is no peace and rest of mind.

    Run! Leave that marriage,if not those creatures you see in the dream will torment you to death and you might never live to tell the story.

    A word is enough for the wise! Wisdom is profitable to direct.


  4. So, you are still asking if your friend should tell her husband the child is not his. You women are the ones that always get triggered when a man impregnates another woman, even though its no where close to paternity fraud. Lol.

  5. Nigerians and their mentality. There is no secret behind the young man’s money rather is her guilty conscience that is killing her. She imposed another’s man child on her husband that is not supposed to have kids because of his cultic powers but he threw a party and was so happy because his a proud father after so many miscarriages. She didn’t notice a dark room till after another man got her pregnant and she imposed the child on an innocent man. Instead being ashamed and remorseful she is here accusing her husband of ill gotten wealth. This is sad and I feel sorry for the young man.

    This something you will discuss with your husband if you have issue with his money. You went to prophet to inquire about someone’s wealth what a nonsense. His problem is his rich. We have poor people struggling to have kids too, who are they going to blame? Village people, neighbors or ancestors I weep for our mentality.

    I hope her husband finds out and throw her out because she belongs to the street. That young man is better without her nonsense,


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