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True Life Story: My Uncle Almost Got Poisoned So He Asked For My Help To Remain Celibate-Pt 2


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True Life Story: My Uncle Almost Got Poisoned So He Asked For My Help To Remain Celibate-Pt 2

So, almost every night, US would dry hump me, release and go. This has continued….before he came on my thigh only….but now, he would lock his lips on mine or squeeze my nipple so hard before he releases. That squeezing of my nipples would make me have some sensations so much…I started falling for my uncle. Sometimes, I masturbated at the thought of him dry humping me, I started wanting him to come inside me, not on my thighs anymore.

One day, as he was dry humping me, I took off my trouser and pant….he was shocked and asked me what was I doing….I told him that all the dry humping was making me horny and I wanted him inside me….I told him not to come inside me but I wanted to feel his big dck inside me. He hesitated and said…we are related…you are my niece. I told him he is a half brother to my mom so its not a big deal. US penetrated me and that is how we started fcking. I wanted to moan so loud because he was so good but he would cover my mouth.

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This continued for a month, and then we started feeling like others in the house, were beginning to suspect something was going on. So, we decided to be meeting in a hotel. This has been going on for some months…we are both in love but we are unable to stop it….US decided to rent an apartment for me, so he can come see me anytime he wants. And I really want that but I am feeling guilty about what we are doing. But you see, we were both blinded by desire, we did not care too much about the guilt. After a while, we got a two bedroom apartment for me, somewhere not too far from where US house is. That day, we made mad love on the bare floor of the apartment….US looked at me and said I am so in love with you….its driving me crazy. And truth is…I feel the same way about him.

I lied to everyone that my office gave me a loan to get an apartment. Anyone who wanted to come visit me, I would lie that I was busy at work. Even my mother tried coming to visit me but I made several excuses why she cannot come. So me and my Uncle have been living in sin and calling it love…until one day, US told me that he wanted to have a threesome with me. He talked to me and pressured me to thinking it would be so much fun. I reminded him that he vowed to stay off other women. He said he trust the person he wants to bring into the threesome.

And that is how, US brought one of his domestic help, Dorcas. Apparently, he is sleeping with her too. And he brought her, made us all watch threesome p*rn together before we had s3x together. It was crazy but I felt so jealous, I saw that Dorcas was very experienced….she was doing too much during the s3x. And US was giving her more attention than me. I got upset and told US that I cannot do this anymore. I wanted him for myself alone. US then said, he loves me just as much as he loves his wife but he will never allow any woman lock him down to herself alone.

You can say I deserve what I am getting because I al sleeping with another woman’s husband but the truth is….I am so in love with him…I can’t bear the thought of not being with him…call it the dck…maybe I am dickmatized….but this is my predicament. I tried shifting focus to someone else…I tried to date someone else, to get rid of my feelings for US but I cant….now I know why women cant stay away from US….he has told me that I belong to him…that no other man can fck me the way he does…that he owns me…

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And even though I swore never to have threesome with him….I can’t help it when he wants it….he knows how to place a spell on a woman, its true..US owns me…I feel like he owns my body and soul. I can’t function without him. I need your advise….on what to do to let go of US….I am unable to accept sharing him with Dorcas….I started thinking of evil thoughts of how to harm Dorcas. That is how bad my rage and jealousy is. I don’t want to share the same d*ck with that girl. I pushed her away the last time we had a threesome together…US was so mad that he stopped making love to me and focused on her instead.

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That really hurt me and I don’t know what to do about it. I had to beg him after he ignored me for two days. I can deal with the fact that he may be seeing other women beside me but I cannot be dragging dck with such a low life such as Dorcas. US wife may not mind knowing her husband is a community dck….I don’t know but I mind because he made me fall in love with him. US is a bad influence on me but I can’t seem to get rid of him. He made me believe he was crazy over me…so why should there be a competition to have s3x with him?.

Am I being irrational? US said its just s3x with Dorcas, that its me he really loves. I guess he tells her the same thing. I try to be like US wife, to ignore the fact that this guy is a womanizer but my case is different because, I don’t just want his money, I want to be treated differently. I want more than been his side chick…I highly suspect Dorcas and other women he has been with, are trying to jazz him too. Because, if you see this girl, she is so short and ugly….she just has ass…I know she means harm for him. I cannot bear to loose US again…Remember he was poisoned, I was the one who saved him…now, he is well again….he wants to go off and behave like a dog?

US is not a perfect man but I love him….Tell me why I should not get that love portion solution if that is the only way to save him from getting himself k*lled? I may sound desperate but what else am I supposed to do?


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Caution: The views of this poster is not the views of Lively Stones. The Story is shared only for the poster to be advised on how to get back on the right track.



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  1. Hello,

    You are more than this. You are able to be in a healthy relationship where your family can visit you and you get married honourably.

    Ask God to forgive you, but first you have to realise this is the wrong path

    James 3:16 says ‘For where envying and strife is, there is confusion and every evil work.’

    Look at what this envy over the helper is making you think, it’s filling you with jealousy/ envy, thoughts of inflicting harm/ murder and willingness to use charms.

    What you are involved in is not right

    1) Sleeping with a married man is adultery. If he wants to keep messing himself up, you are not the messiah to stop him by offering your body. He is married and his marriage should be honoured. God would judge adultery

    ‘Marriage should be honored by all, and the marriage bed kept pure, for God will judge the adulterer and all the sexually immoral.’ Heb 13:4

    ‘Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God.’

    This act is sexual immorality, greed for someone else’s husband and an act of swindling to use a charm to keep him to yourself.

    2) Use of love charm on a man is wrong.
    God wants everyone saved but he gives us the choice to decide, it is wrong biblically to use portions to keep a married or single man to yourself, what makes you different from those who wanted to poison him? He has also expressed his wring desire not to be tied to one woman, why should you force it.
    All these evil powers… how do you know the house helps portion will not cause madness to one of the parties? Why do you want to tie yourself to a man that cannot be yours when God can give you your own husband.

    3) Threesome is unbiblical. S.x was created to be between husband and wife and not three people.

    ‘Do you not know that you are a temple of God ?’ 1 Cor 3:17a

    I see you can’t help yourself, do you attend a church, go to your Pastors wife and let her help you. Cry out to God to strengthen you to stop. Stop seeing your relative. Stop before something bad happens.

    • Dear poster,I cannot shame the shameless. Did you read what you wrote after writing? Did you?

      First,you are committing incest
      Second,you are committing fornication
      Third,you are so ignorant of what you’re doing,not even minding the huge consequences.

      I’m not here to judge you because I’m not deputy God,but use your tongue to count your teeth.
      You’re sleeping with your uncle,your mother’s step brother and you feel is normal,you feel there is nothing wrong with your bad behaviour.

      How did you save him from the poison if I may ask? Are you a doctor? You only took care of him and next you guys started misbehaving,you didn’t say NO to his advances, someone who got you a job where you’re well paid,what else are you looking for? Why must it be a married man,your uncle, you’re his niece remember?

      People no dey fear God again oooo,you even want to cage your uncle to yourself by going diabolical,haaaaaaa. Nne zukwanike,rest and take a chill pill, breathe so you don’t suffocate yourself, Dorcas and US your uncle.

      You need Jesus,say this prayer after me. Dear father,I come before you today,I surrender my whole life to you,I want to make you my Lord and Saviour,let my body be your temple and make it whole again,amen. I wish you all the best

  2. Dear lady,

    The sweetness of an act is when you can enjoy it openly and be celebrated about it or with others.

    There is no love between you and your uncle. It’s lust, deceit, no self-control and incest.

    If you can’t let your mum have a beautiful bond with you in your space then you are lost and loosing a golden opportunity. Even people who are call girls or live in with men ,still clear home to have their mum around. Don’t continue in what will give you nightmares tomorrow.

    In the first part, I said that the act between you and your uncle will someday lead to actual sex. Here it is. The little conscience you have is telling you to stop but your love for money and wanting to feel more preferred is why you are stuck in a deadly act that will consume your generation.

    Have you ever thought that nobody owns this uncle of.yours? Do you ever imagined if he decides to marry you or you get pregnant for him? Do you think you will be happy to share a lie to your family about the paternity of the child? Do you think you can cover it better?

    Aside Dorcas, many others know about your acts but just staying in the lane until your act exposed you two.

    None sees fire then put their hand in it. Your relationship with your uncle is evil , dirty and demonic.

    He isn’t loosing anything as you are. He has a family and is rich. In records, he is made. Your re single, just 3 months of job experience or probably a year or two only. You have nothing to boast of and where to fall to tomorrow. Not God, not family or conscience to pave your way.

    Going diabolical will be your worst mistake and nightmare because you can’t be sleeping with your blood relation and want to cage themselves to yourself. You are already tied together in the spirit but he won’t be submissive to you alone.

    Dorcas isn’t your competition, your competition is your low self-esteem, fear and greed.

    The man used you. He is using Dorcas. You are his victims. You pushed him further out of lust and greed. Devil knows how to hold people captives through lust… He will sell the idea of domination, fetish and killing to you.

    How sure are you that your charm will work? If you spill a blood over lust and greed for a wrong relationship with your uncle that’s your greatest nightmare. Take it from you, you won’t enjoy the aftermath whether alive or dead.

    Run. Run. Run.

    Resist the devil… He will flee.

    The strong and victorious person is one who overcomes his flesh, desires, fears and greed.

    If you don’t control to the above then you are a failure only.

    I’m not here to beg you not to do evil, I’m here to remind you that stealing, lying and evil doings are expression of weakness, fear and dirty spirit.

    Be bold and take back your dignity. Your re redeemable. Your life can turn around and you will find true love. You can be happy and be more successful. Don’t continue in that which you can’t be bold and excited to pray or talk to God about even the world.

    May God help you.

  3. Besides, stop claiming you saved your uncle from dying or poison.

    You weren’t the doctors that treated him.

    You were only asked to watch over him.

    He made his decision not to step out again. He used you as a tool to achieve that then.

    You got carried away.

    Who told.you he hasn’t been sleeping around after then?

    Where did Dorcas emanate from?

    Do you know.thrir history?

    Do you think a man sleeping with you is an indication of his love?

    How many that sleeps with prostitutes love them?

    Do you think intelligent men don’t know what they want?

    You aren’t enough for US to abandon his family for.

    That step will expose you if you try it.

    Dorcas is filling the same gap as you. You aren’t any better. She serves the purpose that you serve.

    The confession of love to you is the language you understand and will be deceived with hence, uncle US speaks it to you.

    He might genuinely like you but you guys have stepped into a dirty track.

    Trace your way back to purity, pure love, decency and normal way of relationships of uncle and niece.


  4. Some steps to help you

    1) Read what everyone has said above and apply it.

    2) Repent and don’t go back to your old ways.

    3) Start looking for another accommodation away from your relative.

    4) In the meantime, let your mum come and stay in the house so your relative cannot come there anymore for s.x and don’t go and meet him in any hotel / his home.

    5) Let someone of spiritual authority keep you accountable and help you ensure you don’t slip back to your old ways. Let them pray with you to break every spiritual covenant you have entered by this abominable act and accept Gods forgiveness filling your heart with who you are in Christ from His word.

    6) Tell your relative over the phone you are no more interested and block his number and every contact he has with you, he does not own you, Christ does. You can return his properties in your possession back to him.

    7) Focus on your job, form new good relationships in your church group. Avoid married men and covetousness, stay celibate, serve God with your youth and engage in good hobbies you enjoy.

    8) Always pick yourself up if you start to desire the past by filling yourself with Gods word and fellowship.

    9) Don’t go to places or do anything that would make you fall again.

  5. You have mentioned love several times but what you have with US is not love. You are crazy. This thing will boomerang and you will so ashamed of yourself.
    Detach from US and everything that has to do with him now!!! A word is a enough for the wise. You think Dorcas too doesn’t have plans? What if she exposes you or blackmails you? You have more to loose than her


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