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True Life Story: My Uncle’s New Wife & Her Cousin Threatened My Life


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True Life Story: My Uncle’s New Wife & Her Cousin Threatened My Life

Good evening Lively Stones,

My name is Bright (not real name). I live with Uncle because I am preparing to write JAMB. My Uncle got married in April. His new wife is cheating on him and I don’t know what to do about it.  Usually, I got for JAMB tutorials everyday but a few weeks ago, my JAMB lesson was cancelled, so after my morning duties, I decided to hide myself in the room to read.

Around mid day, I heard the door bell ring and a few seconds after, I heard the living room door opening. At first, I thought someone was trying to break into the house and my first instinct was to hide so they dont know anyone is in the house. It was a few minutes later, I realized it was my Uncle’s wife cos I heard her voice and the voice of another man.

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Maybe she rang the bell cos she wanted to make sure no one was home. Because, after a few more minutes, I heard my Uncle’s wife and this strange man she brought into the house, f*cking. I could not believe my ears …this woman is a newly wed, why bring in a lover in her matrimonial home and on her matrimonial bed? They continued for a while and after which, I think they slept for like 30mins cos I did not hear any sound again.

Thirty minutes later, I started hearing sounds of s3x again. This time, I could not hold it….I had to come out of my room. I sat in the sitting room…just waiting for them to come out after doing their dirty deed….like 15 mins later, they finished…they were laughing…the guy was like. he needs to go cos its getting late….my uncle’s wife was begging for one more round and he was laughing with her.

Then they both came to the living room and when they saw me, it was like…they both saw a ghost. My Uncle’s wife was the first to scream Jesus. I was just there even more dumb founded because the man that came out of the room happened to be….one guy that this woman has been calling her cousin. This guy introduced her to my Uncle from the story I heard…he is like my Uncle’s close pal. So, this guy is f*cking my uncle’s wife behind his back? The height of betrayal.

I was like ….this is unbelievable. The guy then tried to quickly look for a story to cover up…he was like..hey, how are you…my cousin called me to help her fix their room AC but I fixed it already. I was like…sorry sir, when did you become an AC fixer. It was then the woman realized I must have been in the room all along…she knelt down and started to beg me…saying its not what I think….that they were just talking…I told her to shut up. That I know they f*cked.

That was when the guy decided he would try to strangle me…he held my neck so tight…he tried to choke me so bad, I almost assed out…it was the woman that was begging him that made him release me after like 4 mins of strangling me…This man then told me that he will give me 50k and that I must leave my Uncle’s place or he would send hired assassins to get me. After that, he left.

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My Uncle’s wife kept begging…saying I must leave and never tell my Uncle cos she is actually with this so called cousin of hers because he is a cultist and he is forcing her to sleep with him of he would murder her husband. She cooked up a story of this cousin having a crush on her since childhood….that they have a blood oath…that he will continue to sleep with her…to make him money ritual.

This woman also begged me not to tell my uncle cos she does not want to loose her marriage. She swore on her life that she will never do it again. So, yes, this cousin guy of hers is rich ….and powerful….but I do not believe the blood oath and s3x story of my Uncle’s wife. I can tell they have been f*cking for many years and they have no plans to stop now.

However, for my life, I had to come up with a story that I am not feeling well, I had to return to my home cos I know the cousin was not lying about hurting me. So I told my mom what happened…my mom was shocked and told me not to say anything about this. That we should mind our business. That husband and wife matter, no body should meddle. That my uncle will find out one day about his wife but I should not be the one to come in between them. My mom made me swear never to tell my uncle.

I find this very disturbing that everyone is saying I have to keep quiet about this…while that jezebel is f*cking her cousin in my Uncle’s house and in his bed. I thought of sending my Uncle and anonymous message..so I need your advise…what do you think I should do? Should I message my uncle anonymously or mind my business like my mom is saying?


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  1. Dear poster,I would like to applaud you for your courage to stand against what is wrong. God bless you!

    Kindly send your uncle an anonymous message,keep sending it. You need to convince him to believe you in the message.

    You can also send to any of your uncle’s siblings too. They need to be aware of the nonsense she is doing.

    Women! Women! Women! Nawaooooo,mewa nsele ke


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