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True Life Story: My Wife Wants Wants A Divorce-Did I Push Her Too Far Pt 2?


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True Life Story: My Wife Wants Wants A Divorce-Did I Push Her Too Far Pt 2?



My neighbor asked me to let the gen guy go…I did…I was ashamed…I wanted the ground to open and swallow me….my neighbor was now telling me that this was not ordinary….that my wife needs deliverance cos she is not even remorseful. I asked my wife is she regrets her actions, she said yes but she cannot do anything to stop herself…she said she is depressed and she used s3x to hide her depression...she said one day, when she was just thinking of how I have a son with another woman ….and she wanted to be with another woman and have a child for the man…so she got pregnant for one of her lovers….that was the pregnancy that she miscarried but in truth…she had an abortion.

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My wife says she knows she is now she is a s3x addict. So, she decided to use her new hobby to make money and make other people happy…especially those deprived of s3x in their marriages….My wife showed me her phone…it contained lots of adult movies and my wife was in the videos. Her clients are mostly married men…Now, that is not the worst of it…my wife is not only having s3x online…she is charging for it. So, she has become a prn actress and she gets paid in dollars every week. She showed me her prn videos which are already online….but she uses masks to hide her face…she showed me her bank account…she had over 6k dollars. She said she had been doing this since August last year.

My wife said this whole thing has taken over her and she cannot control it. I sat down to process everything that I witnessed and what my wife was saying….I could not make any sense out of it. The next thing my wife said was….if you want us to divorce…I am ok with it but know that you caused this….you damaged my life. That was when I broke down and started weeping uncontrollably….I know my wife…I know the woman I married…she was a virgin when we married…it took me two days to break her hymen when we married…so I trust her honest answer that she was not a slut before…this whole thing started after I strayed.

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I called her family and informed them. Her family is so shocked and they have said they will accept any decisions I will take on my wife. I can’t tell my family cos that shame is too much…for the mother of my children. I don’t know how to say this: a apart of me wants to send my wife away…to divorce her…a part wants to k*ll her….a part wants to hold her tight and tell her it will be ok….I know I messed up…but I never bargained for all of this. Of all the few people who know about this, they all want me to divorce her….

Only one person said I should go for therapy with my wife….even her family members are divided on this….her mother has said she should go for deliverance but my wife refused….so my question is this: will therapy remove the past? Will it cure my wife of her addiction which she has owned up to? Will therapy heal this marriage…will it erase the memory of walking into a dirty laundry man f*cking my wife on my matrimonial bed? I am a drowning man…


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  1. Dear poster,please separate from your wife. She needs to see a therapist,she needs to heal. She has done too much,this is unimaginable!

    Your kids need to stay away from her asap,this is ridiculous and outrageous. Your mental health is at stake here,find peace so that you can breeeeeeef.


  2. Dear poster,stop making excuses for such a woman,she just want to torment you,let her don’t kill you one day in the excuse of you offended her by having a son outside her,pity your family and stay alive for them,a woman that’s doing all the aforementioned acts is not doing it ordinarily ,she must be under an inflex of a thing,Ur mother in-law should take her daughter for the deliverance not you.

  3. This is the most fucked up story, I have read this year. Dude, stay away from her for the time being. As well as take your kids away from her, children do not need to be raised in such an environment.

    I think you should also move out from that area. While we hold on to the past memories we shared with our partners…these same memories can make or mar us.

    May I suggest you go for therapy, the matrimonial bed has been defiled by both partners…but the wife on the other hand, has gone so far beyond the point of redemption…having sex online and porn videos with different married men and becoming a nymphomaniac in the process had reduced your wife or ex-wife to a mere sex object.

    She needs “help”.

    You on the other hand, need to separate from her for the time being and take your kids away…and move away from that environment.


  4. When I read men’s stories like this, I smile. Like I always say, most men dont know women at all. I have been saying it here, adultery is a planned deliberate intentional act wicked act, it can never be a mistake. Your wife is an irresponsible woman.

    You even said, you know your wife, no sir, you don’t know your wife at all, when I tell men, do not trust women, they accuse me of wanting to destroy their marriage. If I had told you same, O can just imagine what you would have said.

    Men like you don’t take men serious when we tell you female nature, you call misogynists, even when your Neighbour told you about your wife, you still doubted him, a lot of you men are to simple, you see women as can do no evil gender until when women teach you the painful way.

    She even said, you are the cause, no sir, don’t allow her manipulate you, women are very manipulative and hate accountability so much, they always make excuses for their wrongs.

    I doubt if you have learnt your lesson, I’m sure you will still trust her, when she cries to you and use her pity pity face to manipulate you, she will tell you she will go for therapy and counselling, she will even use bible to swear that she has changed, just to deceive you. She will only become smarter in hiding her adulterous ways.

    To the men that sleep with other men’s wives, my word to you is, if you are killed, we will use you as a lesson to other men not to have anything with married women.

  5. Dear Poster,

    I know you’re pondering over a lot… At this time, you have to stay calm.

    You must avoid taking any actions out of emotions…

    Let’s retrace our steps to see where you got it all wrong, learn and make amends for the future…

    You cheated on your wife on the grounds of…
    “I wanted her to be jealous and want me back.”

    Rule 1: Garbage in, garbage out…

    If the affection was death, you could have reignited it with:

    #1 attention  – acknowledging her sacrifices in nurturing the children, maintaining the home etc… Words of appreciation and gifts over time will make a difference

    #2 Compliment her. Tell her she still looks hot and sexy, even after 3 children. Put her on your DP, WhatsApp status and praise her publicly.

    #3 Go on night outings with her – movies, club, dinner etc.

    and many more of those things you did that got her attracted to you initially.

    Rule 2: No one is without weakness

    As couples,  we should complement each other  – where she’s weak, you’re strong and verse versa.

    Your cheating sowed offence in your wife’s heart. In releasing forgiveness on this your particular evil act, she was weak. The result was revenge.

    Rule 3: Two wrongs don’t make right

    You and your wife allowed circumstances to dictate your direction.

    In every challenge, there’s an opportunity to grow and be better. However,  both of you allowed your emotions, not reasoning to get the best of you.

    Ask yourself (You and wife),  did sleeping around like dogs fix your problem?

    A once beautiful home is now battling with hate, resentment, depression, shame etc….


    Now that you probably know better, what is the way forward?

    #1 Deliverance: You must sweep away the foolishness you two ushered into your home  – offence in the heart, slave to sex(no self worth, no dignity, no self control, anyone with gbola or kpekus is a good deal)

    – only God can rightly do this one but not without you consent.

    #2 Therapy: You will need time to heal, know better and kick away ignorance in the process

    To conclude:

    The decision on whether you divorce or reconcile is on you.

    If you ask me, know that in every situation, God is saying something.

    You can choose to make him the captain of your ship now, moving forward or do otherwise.

    Please don’t forget to factor the future of your children in the decision you make. May your actions not affect their tomorrow negatively.

    Remain blessed.

  6. Your wife’s asking for a divorce? If you give it to her she may just destroy herself.
    This is a delicate situation.
    She needs spiritual help, love and someone watching over her until she comes back to herself.
    You’ve both made some bad decisions but you cannot turn back the hands of time. A good thing is that you have a heart.

    If you want to help her, because she is not herself now, ignore the divorce for now but don’t be intimate again until you both sort out all these. Ask God to forgive you, ask your wife again to forgive you.

    Be strong, be disciplined, follow Gods way, get a support systems eg. your wife’s mother.
    I cannot say ger her Sister ( if she has one able to stay with her kids) incase you both end up in bed, neither can I say get a female house help and a male help is not the best if you have daughters.

    Or if you cannot take care of your children because of work and you may sleep with all these people in the process, send them to the best and safest wifes family members house, pay for their upkeep well, visit regularly, pray and let them spend time with you too.

    You cannot leave your children with your wife so that those men don’t touch them.

    If you have some support around your children with you, your wife can be in a different house for now supervised by her family while getting spiritual help from the true God. You can visit from time to time. With these your adventures, you both need to be careful of STD’s and protect your mental health.

    Your situation can still be redeemable. Don’t conclude on a divorce just yet.

    Love never fails


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