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True Life Story: That Woman Sleeping With Her Father In-law Is Under Spiritual Attack


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True Life Story: That Woman Sleeping With Her Father In-law Is Under Spiritual Attack

Good day Madam Jzhane,

I read with tears in my eyes, the story of the woman sleeping with her father inlaw. (CLICK HERE TO READ THE STORY) I cried because as people are bashing her, I can totally relate to her situation because I was once in her situation. What people dont know is that for a grown person to say that they are having S** with a family member, that is incest and its not normal, it is a spiritual attack and only God can help that person.

This is my story. My name is Mfon (not real name). I am 41 years old. I was married for 5 years to a very good man that died of kidney failure in the year 2015. I have 3 beautiful daughters for my later husband. I was in pain and mourning for almost three years. I would never have remarried but I needed companion and help to raise my children. I did not want to start sleeping around, so I agreed to marry this man that started coming to look for me.

This man, lest call him Jacob. We met and he told me he has a baby mama but he is not married to her. After a year of dating, we got married in 2018. Jacob is a good man but he is also very traditional. He wanted me to have children for him, particularly a son. I used to tell him that its God that gives children and also determines the gender of children. Jacob told me that he is from a very powerful family. That they are strong and can decide which gender they will have if they get any woman pregnant.

A year into the marriage, I got pregnant and delivered a baby girl in 2019. My husband was not happy at all. He said we have to go through the family way for the next baby must be a boy. So, as soon as my baby was seven months old, he sent me to his Uncle, to start preparing me to have the next baby which must be a boy. The Uncle is a traditional medicine man that claims to have helped alot of women get pregnant with baby boys.

First, they asked me to come for a spiritual bath. They boiled all kinds of herbs and oil which they used to rub all over my body. Then I was asked to come for prayers when I start ovulating. And I was to go through a special trance after which I will sleep with my husband to get pregnant for a boy. I did all these things they asked me to do. But when the time came for me to go into a trance, I was given some things to drink and I fell into a trance and when I woke up, I felt like something happened to me inside me….around my vagina.

I touched myself…and behold….sperm came out. It was clear that someone had tried to have S** with me. I went home and was still wondering but I could not talk cos I was afraid to say to my husband that someone had S** with me while they were doing spiritual trance on me. But a week after the trance, the Uncle asked them to call me again. That he got a revelation, that the trance they did the last time did not work well so I need to repeat the procedure again.

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I told my husband I am not going but he insisted and said I should stop criticizing African medicine. That Oyinbo medicine is not better. Eventually I went and this time, I refused to take the portion they prepared for me. I pretended to drink it but I spat it out. Then I pretended to go into a trance like 5 mins later….I fell and pretended to be in a trance. I was carried into a room….a room that had lots of fetish things. And then, my husband’s uncle climbed on me and wanted to open my vagina..to insert his manhood into me.

It was at that point I jumped up. Wait, before then, the man had said some things in incantation. The things he said sounded like, he was saying, thing around…,money…I know what they call money in my husband’s dialect which is ‘Opkoho’. Immediately my mind started suspecting, this man was trying to do some money ritual or something. When he now jumped on me to put his manhood inside me….I jumped up. The man was shocked that I was awake and not in a trance.

This man quickly put his thing back under his boxers and asked me to come back and lie down, so that I will not spoil the ritual. I told him I was not doing again. And he asked why not…cos I told him I was not going to have s3 with him. The man laughed and said…oh you will….I was shocked when he said : oh you will….he said you dont have a choice. I began to panic…I asked him why is he deceiving me that he can do traditional portion for me to get pregnant with a boy when he was only planning to sleep with me.

The Uncle said, yes I can give you a boy. All the women I helped have given birth to boys. I then told him I dont want a boy anymore…told him I am ready to go home now…he laughed and said you have no choice. I told him I will not agree again. He then said, your husband will not let you stop. I asked him why…he said, he is doing money ritual for my husband…and part of the ritual is that the medicine man must sleep with his wife during her ovulation period.

What this man was telling me was that, it was my husband’s plan to have me have S** with a traditional juju man….so the man can make money rituals for him…and in the process, I will also have a baby boy. By this time, I tried to run away but I had no clothes on. The man called his servant…a younger man…who he told to grab me….this man grabbed me and they placed an incense over me. This incense was so strong that I immediately stopped struggling. And it was like, I became this man’s slave instantly.

This time, I was not even in a trance cos I knew what he was doing…he asked me to spread my legs…I did…and he entered me and started sleeping with me…with the younger man even watching. It was clear, I was under an influence. I went home that day and I had dreams of this man just doing all kinds of things with me including having S** with me in the dreams. I woke up very afraid. I knew I needed to run away from this marriage because if I stay…I will loose my senses and my husband and his uncle will use me for S** and money ritual.

I got my children the next day after my husband went out….I took them and ran to a church in our street. I cried and begged them to give me money that I was running away from my husband who wants to use me for ritual money. They gave me 10k and that same day, I ran away. First, I went to my husband’s family house and dropped my seven month old daughter with them. And that same day, I went to my late husband’s village. I dropped my 3 children there with their Auntie and I took night bus to Abuja (not real location).

Since 2019, I have never visited home. But for several months after I ran away from Jacob, I kept seeing horrible dreams and kept seeing myself having S** with the uncle. I was introduced to NSPPD prayer group. I was in prayers for one whole year, throughout year 2020. That was how I was delivered and now, I don’t have those dreams anymore. Today, I am free but I fear for my little daughter that I left with her father’s people. That is my only regret, that I had to leave her there while I ran away.

Sometimes I wish I can go back for her but I know if I go back to that family, then I am looking for trouble. My family has returned their bride price in 2021. My first 3 children are back with me now. I am gradually doing fine…living only by the grace of God…so you see, that woman who is sleeping with her father in-law is under spiritual attack, and her husband may be aware of it….its only God and prayers ….fasting and prayers…that is how she can be delivered. As for my last daughter, I wish I can get advise on how to retrieve her from her father’s people. Please advise me and continue to pray for me.

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  1. Wow……this is serious.
    Thank you for sharing ma. Singles like me need to watch and pray well before venturing into marriage.
    This story is scaring and lesson filled

  2. Chaiii ! This your story is so pathetic,you might be right that she(poster) is under a spiritual attack but remember the poster has been S.e.x starved for three years,her husband never touched her for three years according to her.

    The poster is still a young girl of 25years who can be easily manipulated by a 71 year old man.

    Her story is totally different from yours,the other poster has not seen the reason to stop making love with her FIL because she likes the old man’s gbola,she also said it.

    Thank God you ran for your life,your ex husband is a bad man,how on earth would he think of using you for money ritual? Odikwa egwu

    I’m also happy you joined Nsppd and you got your deliverance, congratulations!

    As for your daughter,you need to go with few of your family members,she must have grown now,she should be 5years old,she needs to know and see her mother,go with boldness,you can make a report at the police before going,you need to go quickly. God bless you ma’am

  3. Dear poster your story is different from the woman that couldn’t resist her Father in-laws manhood because she had not S.e.x in a while.she had a choice of refusing but because she wanted to revenge and the thirst for S.e.x made her have S.e.x with her father in-law which later put her in bondage.please yours is different from hers.i love your determination. By the Grace of God,you will get your daughter back.keep praying before embarking on the journey because it’s going to be tough.may God see you through in Jesus name Amen. Kindly do deliverance for your daughter when you get her back.my thought


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