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True Life Story: This Is Forbidden Love But I Have Fallen For My Cousin’s Husband-Pt 2


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True Life Story: This Is Forbidden Love But I Have Fallen For My Cousin’s Husband-Pt 2

Then it hit me, is Okey hiding someone in the bathroom….I was outraged…I told him to get out of my way…I must see who the b*tch is or I will scatter everywhere….he was holding me and begging me….he began to try to push me out and then I realized…no way…this guy said he loves me….and he is cheating on me and his wife to be…I fought him like a wounded lion…Okey was begging….telling me not to ruin everything….promised to explain…I refused to listen. Eventually, he admitted he had a prostitute in the bathroom…I told him I want to see the girl…

By that time, the girl hiding could not hide anymore…she came out and guess who it was? It was one of the wedding guest. I don’t know her well but she flew in that day, she was introduced as one of Okey’s family guests. I was weak….I wanted to fight….I was fighting Okey but the girl dressed up and tried to leave….I insulted her and she insulted me back….she was right…I had no right to insult her…both of us were friends of Ebele but we were fcking her husband to be…I wondered how many more of girls were fcking Okey. I eventually left….crying …I went to my hotel room and could not come out for the whole day next day….I told Ebele I was sick.

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All I was thinking was: how do I get back at Okey for toying with my heart….he sent me several messages….that nothing has changed….that the girl was just a fck girl…that he is madly in love with me….that to prove it…if I ask him to stop the wedding to Ebele tomorrow…that he will immediately….is he serious….I got scared he would actually end the wedding …my parents will kll me…so I replied him not to think of it.

So, he has been apologizing and saying he will make it up to me, he said he would try and come over to see me before the wedding. That I should be patient with him. I refused to reply him anymore. I realized how stupid I had been. Na love sha…no doubt but I was in love with a serial cheater. I cannot deny that I have strong feelings for Okey…I still believe he has strong feelings for me cos he cannot stay a day without talking to me…and he has been trying to talk to me since yesterday that thing happened but I been avoiding him.

Okey has been begging me, to have patience, that after his wedding, he will arrange for me and him to travel out to spend time together. Oh God…this guy is messing with my heart…I love him to pieces but I am so angry that he is doing this to me and Ebele and I am contemplating ruining his wedding tomorrow. I am thinking of sending Ebele an anonymous message that her darling husband is fcking all her brides maids…oh gosh…I am so filled with rage right now. I feel like, let’s just scatter everything right now…Ebele is a scum and l can’t help the way I feel about him…so why am I so angry that he is fcking other girls? I just want to stop feeling so pained…what do I do….

Normally, if a guy cheats on me…I would leave him…I have thought of breaking up with Okey but I can’t fathom living without him. This guy has gotten into my feelings and I am not thinking right…if my family find out about us, my dad would die of hypertension….how do I get Okey out of my life for good…how do I stop what I am feeling for him….how do I undo the mistakes I have made with Okey for the last eight months….the abortion….s3x…the times we confessed love for each other…

I sincerely believed Okey loved me, that he is only marrying Ebele because he met her first and he did not want to break her heart or disappoint many people involved at the introduction. Me and Okey have had several conversations of our future. I was ready to be his hidden lover far away in maybe Australia….where Ebele will never find out…at least, she would never find out…

I was happy cos I thought it was love…is this still love? Should I trust my instinct? Maybe go along with the plan for our future and leave Okey to his side chicks….which man does not have side chicks…I just love him so much…I am afraid of loosing him yet …so upset at all that has happened…what do I do? Even if I want to leave Okey….how do I undo all of it? How do I set myself free?

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Should I tell Ebele? Or should I disappear quietly, I am not sure I can make it for the wedding tomorrow…I can’t…what do I tell my family and Ebele? My heart is about to burst…I want to confess to someone…that is why I called your no (Lively Stones no). I need advise….because I feel like until I confess to someone….I cannot get Okey out of my system. If I can expose Okey…maybe I will also save other girls who he may be f*cking but don’t know he is with me , Ebele and God knows how many more?

I also need courage to get through tomorrow’s wedding without making a fool of myself…I am so upset with Okey but all my body wants, is for him to come make love to me and tell me everything will be ok.

You see what the problem is: I am in deep problem…I need your help and advise urgently.



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  1. Dear Poster,

    Love doesn’t hurt. Love is kind. Love is forgiving.

    If you love Okey, you won’t want to hurt your cousin who is innocent and not in anyway the reason you fell in love with her fiancé.

    Love is kind. If you love yourself and Okey, you will take a walk no matter how painful it feels and go away from ruining the happiness of many people especially your cousin and her family.

    Love is forgiving.
    You did what you did because you are wired to play rough games with strangers and it’s your firm believe that Okey is in love with you that made you to be blind to reality and reasoning. You have messed up and still messing up.

    The key points;

    If Okey was a poor guy would have wanted him desperately?

    If you were to be your cousin, will you be happy to have your cousin sister ruin your happiness and dent the name of the family with her promiscuous lifestyle?

    If you care about your dad, so to hurt him and send him to early grave is your best gift?

    If you keep living a secret life with Okey, will you remain secret with the relationship and kids that may come from the relationship tomorrow?

    Don’t you wish to have your own man and be addressed as wife?

    Why are you bitter about Okey’s cheating lifestyle when he is cheating on your cousin with you?

    Do you think Okey would stop cheating and respect you tomorrow?

    The side chic seems like a good option but with time, the true woman of the heart of a man would be known from his actions soon.

    I will advice you to forget Okey and stay away from him. Confess to a good accountability partner and be willing to change your lifestyle and let go of that feeling.

    You are doing an unbearable harm to your cousin’s marriage and it’s bad to be angry or jealous of her because you are the intruder here.

    Let go of the feelings by finding an activity, course and group to join and shift your attention to them.

    If travelling out but not in connection with Okey or hope of continuing the evil relationship is available, travel and be away from Okey and Ebele.

    For Christ sake, don’t do anything stupid on their big day.

    You cause the hurt yo yourself. Bear it and don’t ruin their wedding day. If you can’t stand it, then fake sickness and go to the hospital.

    We have control over every emotions we feel.
    We ought to endorse wrongs as wrongs and right as right. Both can’t future together.

    Do not deceive yourself with Okey’s confession of affection. It’s deadly and unrealistic.

    Kindly leave Ebele and Okey alone. Build your own relationship.

    The moment you realised that you were expecting was turning pointing opportunity,but you ignored it.

    Okey is a serial cheater, you should have warned your cousin when he found out he was the fiancé but now is too late to say a word.

    Keep quiet forever.

    Your plan to scatter the marriage is wickedness and inhumane.

    I hope you’d do the right thing.

  2. Actually, you are a wicked and very greedy woman, I have no pity for you at all. How could you be so wicked to your cousin that did nothing to you? Like how, you are jealous of her, kept referring to Oke as yours, excuse you.

    I want my comment to pierce deep into your soul and hurt you greatly that you will think deeply about it and decide to be a good woman and ask GOD for his mercies for fornicating, lust, jealousy, greed and the likes you have manifested towards your cousin.

    This is not love, this is wickedness, lust, evil, foolishness, idiocy etc. Do you realise what you have done? Do you actually do?

    I wish you well sister.

    To other Livelystones women:

    To those women that want me removed. I don’t blame you at all, women by default hate men that go hard on them, men that tell them the truth, men that don’t pander towards them, men that have standards, men that are firm, men that are not pussified, not effeminate, men that don’t simp for women, men that hold women accountable.

    I laugh, because it’s funny. In the post a woman said her husband was cheating on her, she called him heartless for it, and I told her she too is heartless since she too has been cheating on her, but you women were not having it, and in many other posts too.

    To the admin, you too can bow to the mob, of cos you are a woman, you can’t relate to why I go hard on both men and women in my comments, you think it’s because I hate people, no, far from it. Going hard on people gives them a rude awakening and wake-up call to stop being wicked, stupid and the likes.

    To men on this blog, be men. Be stoic, be firm, stop pandering to women, stop acting foolish for women, stop pedestalizing them, hold them accountable for their actions, stop sleeping with women not your wives.

    Let men be men.

    • @King:

      There is a wise saying that goes like this: ”if you do not have anything good to say, then do not say anything. In other words, if your words cannot be kind and uplifting, then please by all means, do not open your mouth to say anything”.

      Do you know how hurtful your words are? I sometimes feel sorry for you: It appears that you need help, it appears that you do not know what love is. You do not understand what support and judgement free zone….that is what Lively Stones is about.

      Just like gospel is good news to the spiritually forsaken and broken, so is our vision to to the broken and forsaken in relationship and marriage.

      You do not need to agree with our vision: but you can leave if you are finding it hard to contribute positively.

      Mr. King: this is your last strike on Lively Stones, if you use any more abusive or demeaning words on any story or anyone, then you will be permanently removed from Lively Stones.

      Wish you all the best.

      Lively Stones Team

  3. Dear poster,be reasonable for once. Just stop this whole drama and stop being dramatic,did you say you fought one of the wedding guests you saw in the hotel with Okey? Nawaooo

    Nne,just get busy and leave him alone,just stop,stop this whole mess,haba!

    Where is your conscience? Where is your sense of reasoning and responsibility? You’re just too young for this nonsense you’re doing.

    Allow Okey to breathe and don’t suffocate him.



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