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True Life Story: This Is Forbidden Love But I Have Fallen For My Cousin’s Husband


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True Life Story: This Is Forbidden Love But I Have Fallen For My Cousin’s Husband

Dear Lively Stones,

I need your advise urgently please. Before I share my story, please forgive me for the things I will be confessing to you now. I know I messed up and probably deserve to be in hell for the things I am about to reveal but I believe I fell in love (I know its forbidden love) but I could not control my feelings for a long time until something happened few days ago and I realized, that I need help.

So, last December, my family travelled down to the village for the yuletide celebrations. Its our usual family ritual every December. I love going home too because I would meet all my cousins who live in different parts of the country and some from outside the country. Ebele is my favorite cousin, I was so happy when I heard she was coming around.

We got to the village like 3 days before Ebele’s family arrived. My brother and I attended one of the village music concert and  festivals that the rich people organize during the festive periods. We were encouraged to attend cos its a social gathering for single people to meet their future partners as well. That night, at the concert, we danced, drank and I met Okechekwu. He told me he came from Abuja with his friend, he is not from our village but he followed his friends to come spend the yuletides.

I was so attracted to Okey that we ended up making out and having s3x in his car that night. It was one of the wildest and most reckless night of my life. The next day, we secretly hooked up in the hotel and f*cked for almost two hours. I was falling for him. He said he was falling for me too. Okey then said, he will be travelling back to Abuja and he gave me his no, asked me to come visit him, that he would buy my plane ticket, I agreed.

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The next day, my cousin Ebele arrived in the village, I ran to her house to catch up with her. Ebele said she had a surprise for me:she was engaged, she excited showed me her ring. I hugged her, was genuinely happy for her. She said, the fiancé was already around in the village and that the family would be doing the marriage introductions that weekend. Of course, I was already picturing a lit weekend cos Ebele’s family are rich, they will paint the town red.

Then Ebele showed me the picture of her fiancé; who happened to be Okechukwu. Yes, you guessed right…the guy that I met two days ago, who I f*cked on the night we met and the next day. I wanted to puke when she showed me but I had to pull it together. I could not believe it…I thought it was a big mistake, so soon as I left Ebele, I ran to call the no Okechukwu gave me, He picked up and I asked him if he knows my cousin…soon as I explained that he was getting married to my cousin, he told me to forget about him and never say anything, that he would give me 1M to keep quiet.

I was heartbroken and pained. Heartbroken cos I was catching feelings for Okey. Pained for my cousin who was getting married to a man who is already cheating on her. That holiday was a mess for me. I started hiding indoors cos I could not face Ebele but this girl would not let me be…she dragged me around and wanted to ‘introduce’ me to her husband to be. The day she introduced us was the morning of the wedding introduction….I could not breathe through out the ceremony.

I faked sick throughout that holiday cos I was avoiding everyone. I was afraid, someone will notice the guilt I was feeling and expose me. Maybe someone even saw me with Okey, so I was hiding. After the holiday, we went back to our city. Everyone was talking about Ebele’s glamourous introduction, my parents prayed that I would find a man like Okechukwu. A few weeks later, Okey called me…I did not pick up. He kept calling until I sent him a message to stop calling if he does not want me to expose him. He replied the text saying, he wanted to say thank you to me for not saying anything, and that I should send my account no to him.

Somehow, I sent my account no and he wired 1M. I was shocked. I was at least not going empty handed. I sent him a text to say thank you. That was supposed to be the last time we spoke. Then I got pregnant…I could not believe it. I was so scared so I called Okey to tell him. We both agreed to terminate the pregnancy. I mean, he was getting married to my cousin right…that would jeopardize everything. To avoid raising suspicion, Okey asked me to come to Abuja , so he would arrange the abortion. He sent me a plane ticket.

I took leave from work and travelled to Abuja. He lodged me in a hotel and the next day, we went for the abortion. Okey is a very caring man, after the abortion, he stayed with me in the hotel just to make sure I was ok. He tried to make sure I was comfortable and all. He asked me to stay in the hotel for as long as I needed to heal. I ended up staying for 4 days. On the 4th day, I was going to leave, Okey came to say good bye and like that, emotions rose and we ended up making out.

Okey confessed that he cannot get me out of his head but he is already committed to my cousin. I was confused myself. We couldn’t take our hands off each other but we did not have s3x. He drove me to the airport and kept calling until I boarded and landed. I realized I was in love with Okey but we both know we cannot be together cos of Ebele. Ebele my cousin meanwhile has been planning wedding for this August. I was am supposed to be one of her brides maid but I have been lying to her that I will not be at the wedding because I won’t be around, Ebele no wan gree.

Okey and I have grown so close since my trip to Abuja. He has sent for me three times since that time…we have made love every single time but this time, using condom. Okey has said he cannot stop himself from wanting me. He confessed his love for me too. we both know its wrong but we both can’t help ourselves. Okey has asked me to be his lover…promised to treat me well and take care of me…but I have to be his secret. He promised to send me abroad and set me up with anything I need. I should say no but I want him so much.

Their wedding is finally taking place this weekend. Okey and everyone is around. I have been pretending to be happy around Ebele…but deep down….I wish she was not taking away my Okey. She met him first…so I can’t be mad at her but I feel so much jealousy. It should have been me getting married to Okey, not her. Ebele’s friends had a bridal shower for her today. It was a really fun and lit party in the same hotel that Okey and his friends were staying.

During the bridal shower, all I was thinking of, as the girls played those stupid bridal; shower games, was Okey….they naughty games were making me so horny. I bet Ebele too was feeling horny…cos the were teasing her about Okey and s3x and stuff. I wanted to sneak out to see Okey, so I asked the reception for Okey’s room no…I told them I needed something for the bridal shower from Okey’s room. They saw me as member of the family, so it was easy to tell me the room number.

I got to the room and knocked. It took a while for Okey to open the door. And when he did, I pushed him in….I wanted a quickie…I was horny as shit. I wanted him to be inside me while his wife to be was busy twerking downstairs…it felt fun and exciting….Okey was trying to resist but I went down straight to attack mode, I was not going to take no for an answer…I noticed, he was nervous…so I took his p*nis out to help me relax and noticed he was actually flat. I proceeded to give me a head….I tried to bring the little man up but it was not working…he said he was tired and I should wait a little while and come back.

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So I got up…I said ok….I was surprised…Okey has never said no to me before…he has never resisted me giving him a head before. But I thought maybe because his wedding was just two days away. So, I got up and wanted to go to the bathroom to rinse my mouth but Okey quickly jumped in my way and said I can’t go to the bathroom. I was surprised…asked him why…he said because it’s smelling cos he just pooed before I came in the room. I told him it does not matter but he refused.

The it hit me, is Okey hiding someone in the bathroom….please advise me…what do you think?…




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  1. Dear Poster,

    Why are you desperate and being inconsiderate?

    Why didn’t you back off when you found out your cousin is his fiancé?

    The man in question has showed you his true identity. Even if he leaves your cousin for you, it’s you marrying a man with no self-control.

    Did I hear you say you were jealous? Hmm! You are funny, honestly.

    It isn’t love. Love doesn’t hurt others.

    Except you don’t mind sharing him with many others like he is doing with you and I’m sure with many other girls you don’t know about.

    What a life!

    Well, I will say more when I read the last part of the story.

    Wise up! Such relationship is only based on sex and it dwindles with time.


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