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True Life Story: Why Do Women Prefer Lies More Than An Honest Man?


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True Life Story: Why Do Women Prefer Lies More Than An Honest Man?

Hello Lively Stones,

What do women really want? Why do women prefer a guy who lies to them rather than an honest guy? Its already hard out here to be a good guy with all these women throwing themselves at men at every turn. The reality is, some of us men are not going around looking for side chicks to ruin our already happy relationships but its like a battle out there, just dodging daughters of Eve and Jezebels on a daily basis. This is my story, please share anonymously, I don’t know what else my partner wants from me.

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Juliet is my wife to be, my ride or die since 2019. Its been an interesting couple of years of relationship with her. We have grown together, had challenges and stood by each other all these years. I knew she was the one for me after we broke up for almost four months at one time and I could not function literally at anything. I had to fight to get her back. We got engaged last year, the plan is to get married by the end of this year.

Unfortunately, things took a different turn a few months ago and messed up everything. Before now, I have successfully fought off every female attention targeted at me. I live in two bedroom apartment, I am planning to move into a bigger one in a few months before our wedding. Then, my neighbors moved out of one of the apartment, my babe decided to tell her friend who is also engaged to be married about the vacant apartment, she moved into the apartment, just close to ours in the compound.

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This friend of hers works from home and so, is always at home and anytime my babe is around, she will go to her friend’s  place and they will gist for hours, even come to my place and continue. Sometimes, my babe will pass the night at her friend’s flat. I did not like this closeness but my girl felt I was taking the matter too far. The times her friend came to my apartment, she would be flirting with me and my girl was oblivious to it.

Initially, I ignored the girl but she got more aggressive in her approach. She even started coming over when my babe is not even around, asking for things like, soap, salt, one time, her gas finished, she called my babe to allow her finish her cooking in my kitchen. My naïve babe allowed her even though she was not around. That day, this girl put it on me, asking me to f*ck her, that my girl is very lucky, always telling her about her I put it on her with satisfaction.

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I fought for my life that day…I was furious with my babe…I had to call my babe to come and talk to her friend. I don’t know what happened but when my babe came, it became a different story. This friend of her told her a complete lie about me. She told my babe that she caught me with another girl and that when she threatened to report me, that I threatened to lie about me and her too.

This is unbelievable. I asked my babe why she believes her friend over me, she said because she has known this girl long before me, that if there is anything she knows her friend for, is that she can never betray her. So, I told her to believe whatever she likes but I don’t want this girl ever again in my apartment. One would think that would show my babe how serious I was.

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Then this babe celebrated her birthday, her fiancé and friends came around. My girl was there too, I refused to go. This girl managed to convince my girl, to tell me to let bygones be bygones, let go of the misunderstanding, so we can start afresh. I was unwilling to start afresh with a liar but my over trusting girl persuaded me to [let go and be friends again with this her friend. I said ok. So after the birthday party, the girl sent a bowl of pepper soup and a bottle of wine as peace offering. Me and my girl enjoyed the gift.

Two days later, this girl comes over to my apartment, asking for the container she used to serve us the pepper soup. My girl was not around. I asked her to wait at he door while I got the container. As I was looking for the container in the kitchen, I felt the hands of this chick around my torso, she was gripping me….I turned around to try to figure why she was touching me…I had only boxers and inner shirt on…

It took one snap for her to pull down my boxers. She had taken off her clothes…I was telling her to stop this nonsense and all she kept saying was; stop acting like a child…your girl will never believe that I did anything with you…why not enjoy it and stop acting like you don’t want me. I told her I don’t want her…I only want my wife to be…this girl was not even listening to me, she was aggressively working on me.  I pushed her away and she screamed…I thought I injured her cos she was crying.

I asked her what was wrong…as I tried to wear my boxer and she said; all she wants is to feel good about herself,  experience orgasm…that she has not experienced good s3x in a long time because her boyfriend is putting it on her but every time my girl will be boasting about how I am putting it on her…she started begging me to just make her feel good just one time. The way she was hailing my ego just weakened me and the equation changed….I wanted to make her feel good…went in for a kiss and that was the end…or the beginning of a banging session.

This babe stroked my ego…appreciated how I made her feel and was praising me for doing a good job. All these made my manhood loose the battle that we have been fighting for ages. This girl left me feeling like a king and she left crying happy tears too. Then a wave of guilt that hit me. I wanted to tell my babe but this girl said this would be our little secret and I was fine by this. I blamed my babe for letting me fall for her friend. I warned her but she refused to listen that her friend was dangerous.

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A few days after, this chick wanted more of me and I told her no…she begged and cried but I refused this time, I would not open the door for her. So she threatened to tell my girl that I slept with her. I dared her to go ahead and try cos I thought she would never cos she too is engaged. But this madam twisted the story, told my girl that I drugged her drink and took advantage of her…that she was too ashamed to admit that she slept with me but she liked it cos I was very good in bed …she told my girl that she is very sorry, but that I have been trying to get her a second time, so she had to tell her.

Guess what, my girl believed this girl’s side of the story of what happened instead of mine. Yes, my girl said I should have told her first if it was the other way round, but since it was her friend who confessed first, she believed her side of the story. I got so upset with my girl, we broke up and I have been so angry that I refused to beg her…I felt she did not trust me when I told her that her friend was doing too much…now that her friend has gotten what she wants, she still stood by her friend.

What is wrong with my girl? I miss her so much…she is the woman of my dreams….I cannot imagine life without her but how on earth do I convince her it was her friend who made a move on me first? I admit I went too far by sleeping with her friend but my girl went opening her mouth to her friend about our s3x life…this evil chick seduced me by praising my skills…making my head swell….which man can resist such temptation? I am sorry I f*cked her friend but I am not sorry that my girl is not believing me.

Since 2019…I have been faithful…I did everything humanly possible to remain committed to my girl. Its been almost two months, I miss my girl so much, I had to go and beg her. My girl said she will only take me back if I admit that I drugged her friend and took advantage of her. That she wants complete honesty before we can come back together. That her friend has apologized for sleeping with me but that it was not her fault since she was drugged. At this rate, it looks like this woman prefers to believe a lie instead of the truth…should I confess to the lie so we can just have peace and get back together?

My friends think I should accept the lie and move on. They say women do not want to accept the reality, so its best to lie to them so they feel safe and in control. Is that really true? I need your advice….agree to a lie so I can get my girl back or stick to the truth and loose the girl of my dreams?  What should a fella do please? Women…what do you really want? You want a guy to tell you lies or the truth? Please help a brother….


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  1. Neve agree to the lie cos there is more to this ,if you admit what you did not do you will regret it and she will always suspect you in every thing and she won’t trust you again

    Call that lady for a date at a restaurant setup a voice recorder and ask her why she is doing this, you can get her to talk.

  2. Personally, I will never prefer a lie to the truth.

    But, the question is why will your girlfriend since 2019 , ready to do life with you believe her friend over you?

    Have there been times you made her lose trust in you?

    Is it just that she knows her girlfriend longer than you or she has a trust issue?

    Are they into more and ready to share men?

    Is your girlfriend too gullible to see through her friend’s deceit or she knows your weakness and using it against you?

    She can’t claim they’ve been friends for too long and she can’t see the tendency of such attitude in her friend.

    Will you want to start a family where your words and actions are judged untrue?

    How long can you take such?

    Your fiancée girlfriend isn’t leaving her life soon and as long as she remains, you will always be a victim and be frustrated in that union.

    She might be a girl of your dream but is it your dream in marriage to be at the mercy of your girl even when you are subjected to a liar?

    What are your values in life and for your marriage?

    If you ignore this and accept to be the liar, you will be exchanging your true personality for who they will turn you into and have labelled you to be.

    If you know you didn’t do what that girl claimed you did. Don’t apologise for what you didn’t do. This is bigger and a deep bad seed you are about to plant.

    Don’t move on into a union of lies, no trust and bad influence.

    Be yourself.

    If your girl can’t trust you and see the danger you point at, then you are on a highway of loosing your peace of mind and experiencing more allegations.

    Reach out to a counsellor, enrol yourself and your girlfriend. Do this and see a positive change before returning to that relationship.

    Ladies want someone that tells them the truth.

    You can still find a girl of your dream incase this one doesn’t work out anymore.


    • It’s like the lady has known her friend long enough than the guy. It’s actually very sad when your partner believes an outsider.

    • Do not accept the lie, you must be a man of your word who is not easily manipulated.
      If you know her love language then use it. Also talk to people she respects, they can help you talk to her. Do that and see what happens, if she doesn’t change her mind then move on! That means she hasn’t forgiven you.
      If you do get back, you have to do alot to earn her trust and also be firm with your stance. As you are being tempted, your girl is also being tempted by other men. Temptations are not only for men.

  3. Dear poster,I feel or sense that you’re not telling the truth.

    Anyways do not agree to that lie in order to get your babe back,get busy and watch her come around…

    Just be yourself and mind your business, lesson learnt,be wiser!

  4. I don’t think you should tell lies to her or admit to her condition just to get her back. If she does not believe you now ,what about in future ,similar things happen ?

  5. No one, you are fornicating, and it destroys your soul and destiny. Why will you allow a woman into your apartment, I always say, men should not allow women into their apartments, but you all don’t learn.

    You opened the door to her and fornicated and now you blame your babe and her friend. You MUST stop fornicating.

    Also, why will you agree to her apologies when she gave you wine and pepper soup? A woman lied against you and spoilt your image and you allowed your babe and her to manipulate you.

    Even in your post, I could tell you are a simp, a mangina, a pussified man, an effeminate man, an emasculated man, a women worshiper. Saying you cant imagine your life without a woman, you even said, you couldn’t function without her, you are a finished man.

    Then again, you agreed to admit that you drugged a woman, is it until you and your babe break up and tomorrow, she comes on social media and drags you, and fellow simps like you will call for your head without hearing from you? Is that what you want?

    Men like you, dont learn from masculine men when we tell you about female nature, you parellel us to misogynists.

    I won’t be surprised in later years, if both or any of them use it against even come on social media to tarnish you, and believe me, most people will believe them, because women love playing the victim, and stupid simps that worship women will call for your head without hearing your side.

    – Stop fornicating

    – Stop bringing women into your apartment, I doubt you will do this.

    – Tell your babe the truth, how you never drugged her, Bro, if you don’t do this, I really pity you. You definitely don’t know women at all.

    I pity men like you, that put women on a pedestal and worship women, you will learn the painful way.

    I wish you well.


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