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True Life Story: Why I Cannot Tell My Husband That We Got Scammed


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True Life Story: Why I Cannot Tell My Husband That We Got Scammed

Dear Jzhane,

I don’t want to share my story because I do not want my husband to read it, except you can change some parts so its not easy for anyone to link me to the story. I have been battling this secret problem since last year and I think I can no longer stay quiet because I am about to loose my mind and maybe my marriage because of my stupid actions.

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You see, the story you shared about a man about to divorce his wife for scamming him really gave me a scare. READ THE STORY HERE. I am in the same situation like that woman. I have been married for 9 years now. My husband and I have successful businesses and careers with 3 children.

In 2019, my husband got admission to study his PHD in US. So, he moved to US while I and the children are back here. I manage the business and run the home. We go on summer holidays and husband comes for Christmas holidays. But something bad happened at the beginning of 2020.

An old friend of mine, you can call him an ex because we had a brief relationship many years ago before I met my husband reached out to me. This man is now very successful. He is a millionaire, he has his own businesses too. We actually met at a business conference and we exchanged pleasantries and complimentary cards.

When he called me like a week later, we chatted generally about business challenges especially as the covid lock down just happened around that time. What he and many other businesses that were being affected by the lock down did was to find places to invest money in so as to keep business running.

This man, lets call him Malik, not his real name introduced me to some investment banking and other forex and cryptocurrency. I wanted to help our business and I agreed to try it out. I informed my husband and he was like, trade carefully…study the market before you enter fully.

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I started with forex and I saw some reasonable return on investment. I then moved to crypto. Malik was into these investments big time. He was well connected and was cashing out in millions of dollars even trading for many companies and individuals.

As I made more money, I wanted to make more. I did not seem to understand how to break into the kind of returns I wanted and Malik was like, he cannot show me his secrets for free. Like most men dealing with women, they always think with their dicks. Men do this all the time. To get some big business, they do all kinds of things and me as a business woman, I did not want anything to stop me from reaching my highest potentials.

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That was when I gave in and had an affair with Malik. Of course without my husband’s knowledge. Malik let me into some big boy business secrets. This investment returns was going to be in billions. I invested 500M of our company money. And that was when the nightmare began.

I was told by Malik that this level of investment requires patience. I kept watching as the investment was gong down and Malik kept telling me to wait for the right time. We entered 2021, the returns of the investment was not coming. The capital was now reduced to 350M. I wanted to pull out but Malik told me to relax. That if I pull out, I might loose an opportunity to make billions.

In April 2021, things started happening. I started hearing rumors of certain investment scams. I never knew Malik was linked to them. Before I could realize it, I could not reach Malik anymore. All his numbers became inaccessible. I went to his office and discovered, his staff were resigning one after the other.

I quickly called my lawyer. I was afraid to go to the police because I did not want to be exposed that I was having an affair with Malik. I later found out that Malik ran away from Nigeria. My god…I almost died. I became sick with BP. Only my lawyer knew what happened but I did not even tell him so much about our affairs.

Around August 2021, my lawyers were able to petition Malik’s lawyers and they responded that Malik did not enter into any business with me but that their client, Malik confirms that we were lovers and he received financial gifts from me. Wow….I am done for. I have never been able to recover. That I did not die is by God’s grace.

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With God, I have been working so hard to make sure the business my husband left in my care did not collapse. I bribed our accountant heavily not to tell my husband  anything. I sold all my personal effects, cars, lands, jewelries and some shares to put back into the business so that we could survive.

The business is picking up gradually. But we have hidden the true situation from my husband. I am begging God to give me the wisdom to pay back every kobo that I lost before my husband discovers the missing money. The accountant has been cooperative, my life is in his hands for now.

However, after reading the story from this morning, I am very afraid that my husband who is almost through with his program abroad will soon come back and discover what happened and I will be doomed. I cannot go after Malik because we did not sign any contract. I only transferred money to him in good faith. How stupid did I get. I thought I was being a smart business woman, taking big and smart risks like men do.

Malik has pictures of me and him, so if I pursue this legally, he will disgrace me and destroy my marriage. I cannot stand the thought of that happening. Its 500 million naira. Its alot of money yes…but I will shed my sweat and blood to make it back rather than for my husband to find out.

Please pray for me. My lawyers still think I should fight Malik in court but I am scared. My husband, my children…I let them down. My family…everyone will be so disappointed in me. What am I going to do? Keep trying to make the money back quietly or tell my husband and risk loosing everything, just to fight Malik in a fight that I might not win because he will say I was his lover and gave him the money as a gift?

What would you rather do if you were in my shoes? I have sleepless nights thinking of the worst that can happen if my husband were to find out and leave me. I would die I think. I would kill myself. Please help me.


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  1. After defiling ur marital bed, u still lose ur money inorder words, u slept with him to lose ur money.what a Loss.
    I pray that God gives u the wisdom to recover all u have lost.

  2. wao , is better you tell your husband and deal with wat comes after , cause if he found out , u will be in more soup , cause he will soon return nd he will find out for sure . God heal your heart .

  3. The truth is, your husband will surely find out, it’s best you tell him yourself, cos if he finds out himself, I’m sorry that will be worse… you said: you may commit suicide if your husband should leave you….why didn’t you think of all these before committing the act….I’m sorry to say this you became greedy, I’m not trying to be judgemental…I advice you look for a way to tell your husband and be ready for anything that comes with it, and to be honest, your husband will ne really mad at you for cheating…..God help you dear ✌️…


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