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True Life Story: My Marriage Is On The Verge Of Crashing


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True Life Story: My Marriage Is On The Verge Of Crashing



I want to thank everyone for their advice and I really appreciate everyone involvement about the thread I created 2week ago. Here is the link: I Regretted My Actions Against My Wife. Please Help Me!

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Great people of this forum, honestly things have never been better ever since that incident and I wish our minds are like show glass so that y’all would see how sorry I am inside of me. I messed up and I’m really sorry.

5 days after I created that post above, My wife traveled with my daughter to her parents house to stay without telling me. Since that incident my wife haven’t said a word to me, Not a single word. Sometimes I wonder if she’s the same woman I married. I’m frustrated, incoherent and I’m losing my mind.

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I’ve been good to her, I provide 85% for my family while she bring just 15% yet I don’t complain, I’m romantic and good looking, since we married I don’t keep female friends not to talk of cheating. Yet She denied me s3x over 2 months without any reasons, that was why I acted that way and I’m so sorry.

On Tuesday here, My friend and I traveled to her parents house, they did not even welcome us well, I don’t know what she must have told her parents but I explained myself, knelt down and asked for forgiveness.

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She refused to come home with me, her parents were just starring at me like I’m some d.e.m.o.n, I requested for my daughter but she refused to release her and I’ve already paid my daughter’s school fees for the term. Her parents said they would register my daughter in a new school, that my wife need some space for now.

Please don’t call me a weak man, I’m family oriented, I don’t want broken home, if she needed some space that’s not a problem, I can give her all the space in the world but let her come home. It’s not proper raising a child in a broken home…I’m really losing my mind.

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I faced query today at work because I traveled without informing my Boss which I know he won’t allow me and I know how much would be deducted from my salary. what I’m going through now I can’t wish my enemies and I wish I could turn back the hands of time. I messed up.

Beloveth Pls I need advice.


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  1. To me, u have done ur best, by showing u have really regretted your actions.
    Involve those who council your guys before marriage and if that one too she is still not seeing ur effort to make peace, just relax urself, focus on your work, be sending them their feeding fee. When she is healed, she will come back.

  2. Allow her some space and focus on building yourself. Being family oriented does not include being stupid at the same time. Let her be for now and focus on your career. I’m alarm when I see men acting and behaving like kids

  3. Yes, what you did is bad, but i think your wife is manipulating you with the way she is acting, let’s assume the daughter is not yours nko..just saying, cos paternity fraud is very very common.

    Your wife’s parents told you they want to enrol your own daughter in another school, and you are ok with it, so you didnt tell your own family members, how can you allow that, like how can you.

    You MUST GET your daughter back bro, YOU MUST, how does that issue with your wife mean your wife’s parents mean this will happen.

    You are acting weak just like the second comment said. Man up bro, i advise, stop begging her, you have done that BUT YOU MUST get your daughter, your family members must know what’s up.

    Be a man.


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