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True Life Story: How I Lost Control And Found Myself Entangled With A Married Woman


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True Life Story: How I Lost Control And Found Myself Entangled With A Married Woman

Hello Lively Stones,

Please note that I have used fake names in my story. Right now, my life is out of control. I have not been in a relationship for a long time. This is because I was done with casual dating and I wanted the next woman I date, to become my wife. I have been very careful and selective with women. This is a long story but let me try and summarize.

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My friend and I met a very attractive woman where we were posted to serve, Sara. She was the P.A to one of the bosses in the company. She looked like an angel, very pretty and men used to ogle her. She was a social butterfly too. A bad girl, there were always rumors of Sara sleeping with married men in the company. Ope, my friend was a corpers fellowship coordinator back then and he invited Sara for fellowship but she always declined.

I don’t know how destiny played this one, Ope kept inviting her until one day she accepted. You need to see how happy Ope was. He was even more excited cos Sara began to attend fellowship more. She gave her life to Christ, everyone was watching. Ope and Sara suddenly became very close.

Everyone found it strange that this kind of girl will suddenly change and before you knew it, she is now a Jesus girl. Ope was clearly smitten by Sara’s beauty. After service year, they remained in touch and from what I gathered, they began to date too. Ope told me he wanted to marry Sara cos he loves her alot and she loves him too. Bro Ope fell into temptation and started sleeping with Sara.

When Sara got pregnant, they had to get married. They were believers, no permission for abortion. It was a shotgun wedding. They were both not ready financially but they had to get married to avoid disgrace from getting married as believers. Ope managed to secure a contract job but that did not make things easy for them. They were clearly having financial issues.

Hmmm, money can out your relationship under a test. These two people even though loved themselves so much, you could see that they were struggling. After the baby came, things became more intense especially because Sara could not keep her job during her pregnancy. At some point, Ope said he found out that God was calling him into full ministry, so he quit his job to start up a church.

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Friends and family did not rest cos we were always trying to support this young couple with money or gifts to survive. Things became worse during pandemic. Ope’s young ministry had not kicked off very well. The wife was unemployed. They began to have arguments. Sara began to regret marrying Ope. Sara started cheating on Ope with her former sugar daddies.

It was everyday settling of fight for these two. Sara eventually gave up. She filed for a divorce and moved out of the marriage. My friend was heartbroken but no amount of pleading was going to bring Sara back. She was tired of the suffering. Their divorce was finalized in April 2021. Sara moved on fast, she got married to a rich guy in June 2021.

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My friend Ope moved in temporarily with me until he had to find a job, cos he was so miserable, the ministry thing was not working out as he planned. To an extent, things began to change for him. His new workplace did him good. At least, he was getting regular income now.

I discovered that Sara and Ope started hooking up again all in the pretense of co-parenting their daughter. I don’t blame Ope….Sara is f*cking hot. So, Sara would bring their daughter to spend weekend with Ope but she and Ope would end up f*cking. I asked my friend why he was allowing himself to be dragged back to Sara, he was like, you won’t understand it my friend, Sara is not a woman any man can forget easily. He said he has sworn to work hard, get rich and marry Sara back again.

Sara, a married woman, is sleeping with her ex husband, my friend. I fear women and money. Obviously, she likes Ope but the money is the problem. She cannot stay with a broke man. Ope moved into his apartment in December last year and I was happy that they had moved their foolishness out of my apartment.

On January 1st this year, Sara called me, she was crying. She said she and her husband had a fight and he beat her. She called me because she was ashamed to tell Ope. I asked her to leave the house immediately cos I was worried for her safety. I asked her to come to my place so we can talk and see what can be done.

When Sara came, she was a mess. She confessed how she made a mistake by marrying her husband all because of money. That the man does not love her. That he cheats on her and that is affecting their S** life. That is why she went back to Ope, cos she was s3s starved. That she is just trying to manage and pretend to be happy but she is not happy.

I asked her what she wants to do now, cos she cant go back to the husband who is being abusive. Sara begged me to let her stay a few days, just to clear her head. She also begged me not to tell anyone, especially Ope that she was beaten by her husband. I went to the supermarket and got her a few supplies and first aid. Sara was able to sleep after taking some sleeping tablets.

Three days later, she went back to her husband. They made up. But this kind of continued for almost every other week. She would come running back to me after they have fought. I had to tell her to stop running back to me if she will not stop going back to this man. I was getting too attached. I wanted to beat this man but Sara was refusing to leave him. She said she is afraid of what people will say, that she was divorced twice in less than five years.

To me, I told her that she should go back to Ope, at least, people will not judge her if she went back to her ex husband. She said no, that Ope has no drive to make money and she prefers to be rich and unhappy than be happy but be broke. To me, she is unserious and undecided, so I told her to stop coming to hide in my place every time she has an issue with her husband.

Last week, Sara showed up in my place. She was drunk. She apparently had so much to drink. She was vomiting too. Maybe they had another argument. I had to take her in against my will. She passed out and slept off. The next morning, I was in my room when Sara knocked, I asked her to come in. She looked sober but sad. She felt so vulnerable and I felt for her.

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As we were talking, Sara asked me why I don’t have a girlfriend or not yet married. I laughed cos everyone has been asking me same thing. I told her just have not found the right person. That I have made up my mind, that I will not get involved with any woman except I am sure it would lead to marriage. Sara moved close to me and said she wonders if she will ever find a guy like me. That I am very level headed, a complete gentleman who knows how to treat a woman right.

Sara started saying sometimes, she feels horny looking at me…she moved closer and told me she wanted to f*ck me right now. I was taken aback because I never knew she was into me. I told her to forget about it cos the situation is messed up. She is my friend’s ex wife and she is still married. She was like, just shut up and relax for once….lets see if I could be your wonder woman.

As I was trying to persuade her, she was taking off her clothes. I could tell you that I did my best to say no but Sara just was very horny and she would not take no from me. Ope was right…Sara is not a woman you can ignore. She is insanely pretty and extremely S**y. We f*cked for several hours that day. I completely lost control for the first time in a long time in my life.

We made love for hours, we gisted and laughed. I have not seen her laugh in a long time. I was completely mesmerized. I asked her how is it that she has such a power over men? She said for the first time, she does not feel like she has power over a man. That she feels powerless around me. That she feels if she had a man like me, she would not have made so many mistakes. That I am one man who never fell for her beauty or charm but I was a great friend unlike all the men who just wanted her for S** simply because she is beautiful….that she feels so much at peace being with me.

Sara said she wishes we can be together but she knows its impossible based on the situation. She called my future wife a very lucky woman. I told her to leave her husband and be with me. I do not know where that came from. I must have shocked myself. It was like, what if Sara needs a man like me to be steady in life. I told her I can be the man of her dreams if she lets me. She left two days later, she was crying and I was too. Life is messed up right?

Since that day, I have not stopped thinking about Sara. I do not know what I am doing. I want her back in my hands. Just to hold her and tell her everything will be ok. I am looking forward to when she will come back running to me. But since that day, she has not called me back. I been calling her and she is not picking up. I am running mad. I am scared of why she is not picking my calls.

Sometimes, I wonder if she is ok…sometimes I wonder why she is avoiding me. I kept texting her, begging her to text me, just to say she is ok. She finally called me back yesterday. She said she is fine but she is keeping away from me because she feels she cannot control herself if she is with me …she wants to have S** with me again and that because I am her friend, she does not want to ruin that friendship especially our friendship with Ope.

This girl Sara is bursting my brain. I have never felt like this about any girl in my entire life. Its like she has marine spirit. Cos, normally, I when she said she is staying away from me, I would have said…cool but here I am begging her to come and see me…begging her to eave her abusive husband for me. I know I may not be rich as her husband but I am doing well…she says she knows I can take care of her financially but what about Ope?

How will he feel? At this point, should that matter? They are divorced. I am an emotional mess. Could Sara and I possibly have a chance with Ope in the mix? She said she got involved with him because he helped her find God when her life was in shambles but she was never really in love with him….but Ope is in love with her….could he ever forget her if she decides to leave her abusive husband and choose me?

I can’t think or function properly. The effect this girl has on me is something I cannot explain. Please advice me…no insults please. I never intended to fall for Sara…she opened my eyes. And now, my soul is gone with her. This feeling is beyond S**. I have been her only friend since January when she started experiencing abuse from her husband. Maybe that is how I started having feelings but I did not really take note.

I somehow feel like, this is a type of love that one needs to fight for. Its not perfect but why did she choose me to reveal her secrets to? why am I so concerned about her? Maybe she made mistakes and I can be her final bustop? I really want to be her final bus stop. Like I said, leaving her husband is not the major issue…its Ope that is the major…what do we do about him.

What do I do…some of you might say I should forget about Sara but what if  regret that I did not try to fight for her later in life how do I even begin to forget her even if I tried. Sara is an enigma. I need help folks.


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  1. Please leave Sara alone,you can’t go there.
    Talk to whatever feelings you have for her to die down right now,what guarantee do you have about her that she will not leave you and look for the fourth man or even the tenth man,she needs money and that you can’t provide even though you are doing well for yourself.

    Avoid stories that touches the heart by going close to your Maker,ask for mercy and let Him renew your spirit,soul and body.
    What if Sara was possessed? Please look for another girl and let Sara remain married to her rich husband,don’t fall for that cheap blackmail of hers ,she is always running to you as what? Becareful,be guided and be warned. Don’t use your hands to bring everlasting problems upon yourself. I rest my case

  2. Guy slap your self 56 times because your brain needs resetting and booting.. are you listening to your self at all.. who does that??

  3. U are really under a spell. The Sara girl is not wat the stress u are about to bring into ur life. Remember love and this list for beauty u are into now is not enough in marriage. Caution ur self to avoid further regrets

  4. If her husband catch you, then you will realize how messy your situation is.
    You are just enchanted by Sara, there is no substance to this relationship that pure S.e.xual satisfaction. That is not enough to keep a marriage.
    Don’t just assume that being available to Sara means she loves you.
    You need a clear head. Please leave Sara alone.

  5. You are sleeping with another mans wife saying no man can’t resist Sara, pls speak for yourself, you are an irresponsible man. You are a greedy man, when your wife in future cheats on you, please remember you also slept with another mans wife.

    You even wanted to go best her husband, you are an irresponsible man i must say. Men like you are the reasons why men don’t take other men serious, you are so greedy that you can kill a man to have his wife.

    Sara is manipulating you, and you call yourself a man, no you are a simp and weak man that worships women, Sara even told you she is with her new husband cos of money, that she prefers to be unhappy with a rich man and you want to take such woman, even with the fact she is another mans wife….you can go ahead

    Please read the post again and see how it sounds to you.

  6. That lady has demonic spirit that any man who sleeps with her will never feel normal again. Pray to God for forgiveness and fast. That’s spirit of infatuation will leave you.

  7. Please cut off ties with that Lady she’s pretty messed up and is emotionally blackmailing you.
    Know that and have peace.


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