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True Life Story: How Mother & My Step Father Convinced Everyone That I Am Possessed


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True Life Story: How Mother & My Step Father Convinced Everyone That I Am Possessed

Hi Lively Stones,

I don’t know where to start telling this story about my mother and my step father from. But I will start. I am a 25 year old woman, I studied Pharmacy and I have a good paying job. I and my boyfriend have been steady and he recently proposed to me. It has always been my desire to get married early cos me and my mom are very close, she had me when she was in secondary school but my father passed on before I was five years old.

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Me and my mom were like besties but things were very rough after my dad passed. My mother remarried a man who was abusive to her. Eventually, he and my mom divorced after 7 years. My mom was single for a long time after that. She was still young so people advised her to remarry and she did, this third time, she vowed this will be her last marriage. Then I was around 13 or 14. Her new husband was very kind to me and my siblings and my mom. Very soft spoken …no one would believe he could hurt a fly.

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At age 14, my mother’s husband disvirgined me and brain washed me that he was in love with me. I was a shy and introverted teenager so I was always by myself. I somehow believed that this man loved me cos he treated me so nicely, taught me about calculating safe period. He made me promise not to tell anyone cos my mum would be jealous and try to stop us. My mom was always working, she never suspected anything. The s3x continued with my step dad until I went to university. I never got pregnant cos he made sure I was on contraceptive pills. But in University., I was able to open my eyes to realize that this was abuse even though I thought this was love.

At age 19, I confessed to my mom. I cried, she cried. She got so mad at my step father but the shame was too much, she begged me to keep the secret within the family. According to her, no man will marry from our family if they hear her daughter is involved in incest.I felt sad but I understood where my mom was coming from. After being a widow and divorcee…another divorce would be scandalous. The strange thing was, my step dad accused me of seducing him, that every time he abused me, I was the one luring him to do so.

This man showed my mom s3x video he made with me, which I was not even aware of. In that video, I was actually begging him to sleep with me. What he did not tell my mom was that, he was the one who groomed me to talk dirty during s3x. My mom was devastated. She accused me of having seductive spirit. That I am possessed, that I want to shame her. That it was clear from the video, that I was not forced but that I was enjoying sleeping with step father.

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My mom tried to take me to a prophet to deliver me from the spirit of seduction and the fake prophet almost slept with me, in the name of trying to cleanse me from spirit of seduction. All these experiences really pained me. As a result of this, I stopped coming home even after school vacations. I rather stayed with relatives. Everyone said its best I left my mom and her husband to avoid problems in the family since the man does not want to accept me anymore as his child.

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All these years, I have lived with this painful secret that I almost began to believe that maybe I am possessed. Until I met my current boyfriend. Now, since my boyfriend proposed to me, he has been asking when are we going to see my mother. I already told him that me and my mom are not in good terms because of my step father. He believes we are not in good terms cos I am not his biological child.

I lied to my boyfriend that my mom and her husband treated me badly cos the husband did not like me like his own child. What he does not know is the real issue. I don’t want to tell him cos of the video evidence which I was talking dirty s3x talk to my step father. I am scared that he would find out and also believe that I was the one seducing my step father.

I need your advice on what to do; should I call my mum, to beg her and her husband not to reveal anything about that video? Do you think my mom will keep that secret for me? What do I say to my fiancé about why I am not speaking to my mom or step father? Do I tell him the truth…This is incest, will it drive him away like my mother said before? Will he believe me or will he leave me? What do I tell him?


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  1. Hmmm. You have to talk to your mom about this new guy and his intentions
    Don’t just shut them out, because the guy on the long run he will do his findings about your parents, and then your parents my say a different thing than what you told him.
    Meet with your mom about it firsts she will guide you

  2. Dear Poster,

    You were abused and wrongly accused by your mother’s husband.

    Tthe worst you will permit is to let him take your voice and happiness.

    Reach out to your mum and tell her what really about your boyfriend, his intentions and get her to promise not to discuss with her husband yet. Get her word that the video must be deleted from the phone or anywhere it could save them.

    Insist that the many won’t say anything anyday. Don’t fail to remind her of how the man showed her the video and accuse you wrongly after she asked you not to tell anyone outside the family.

    Ensure you meet your mum outside your her house.

    No matter their response, pray for God’s leading on how to handle the situation.

    If your mother’s husband doesn’t talk today, do you know if he will do so tomorrow?

    Do you what shall happen in the future and he will raise the topic infront of your boyfriend or others?

    If telling this guy will make go, let him go. If he comes back and don’t mind being with you, better. The worst is if he finds out tomorrow and not from you.

    Wisdom is profitable to direct.

    I hope you get better guidance on this.

  3. Tell your mom about the boy. I think she will insist you don’t tell the boy about what happened between you and your stepdad because of the shame.
    But, I can assure you that the secret will come out one day. What happens then?
    Let your mom meet with you and the boy outside your house where your stepdad wouldn’t know and tell him the story. Let him see the true picture of what actually happened. If he’s your husband, he will go ahead and marry you.

    But, before you do this, make sure you ask for forgiveness and make peace with your Maker.
    Ask God to help and guide you better.
    He will.

  4. This is pathetic. He took advantage of your naivety. You should expose him and reveal the truth to your mum. Set him up with a hidden camera or voice recorder telephone. Initiate a reconciliation meeting with him. Secretly record your conversation. Purposely drag the discussion into how you both started the escapade. How he asked you out , slept with you several times and impregnated you. Mention other evils he committed including the lies and scripted video. Drop the bomb and find way to leave that house. Report him to human rights group to assist with appropriate action.

  5. I am so sorry. What you have described is absolutely sexual abuse and it is not your fault. He groomed you starting at a young age. It’s very normal to feel ashamed and guilty, but you did nothing wrong. (And what you wrote was very clear! It’s so hard to shape a narrative about trauma when the memories feel broken and scattered

    I will advice you Consider contacting local authorities or organizations that specialize in helping survivors of abuse. They can provide guidance on legal options and support services available to you. Remember, you don’t have to face this alone, and there are resources and people who can help you may God grant you your heart desire.

  6. Tell your mum about the boy then together you can tell him what happened to you. Keeping this a secret will cost you a lot especially your marriage


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