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True Life Story: I Am Suspecting My Born Again Wife-Did She Sleep With Her Ex Husband?


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True Life Story: I Am Suspecting My Born Again Wife-Did She Sleep With Her Ex Husband?

Hi Lively Stones,

I think I have made a mistake in marriage. I am someone who did not marry on time because I really wanted to make sure that I married right. I dated a lot of ladies but I never found someone who showed me that they can be very faithful and that triggered a fear that made me not to marry until I was 38 years old, which was 2 years ago.

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The girls from this area are usually promiscous, I am an Isoko man living in Warri (not real location). They are willing to give any man their p*ssy just for any amount. So, I made up my mind to marry only a serious church girl. That was how I met my wife in a church I started attending.

My wife was in the workers group. I saw her as very dedicated and prayerful. She was the Admin in our prayer band whatsapp group. I really admired how serious she was with her faith. I got closer to her and found out that she is a divorcee with a four year old child. Initially, that put me off but she explained she left her husband because she was not born again when they married. The husband had two wives and she became the third wife at age 23.

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So, when she gave her life, she left the marriage because the man was cheating and beating her as well. Well, I saw that she seemed like a decent girl cos when I tested her by inviting her to my place, she came but when I tried to kiss her, she refused and said nothing will happen until we got married. We got married like seven months later.

My wife is pretty, kind, good cook, gives me good s3x and a very good Christian or so I thought. I married a born again wife…We have been married for almost a year now. My wife is pregnant and the scan shows that we are having twins. I have never been so happy. I thank God for everything. I then travelled for Business to the east for business. While there, my phone rang and it was my neighbor, she called me to come , that my wife is injured, they are rushing her to the hospital.

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Injured…I asked how, was she in an accident…they said no, that its like she was involved in a fight. I was scared…how did my wife get involved in a fight? Who will have the heart to fight a married woman. I quickly called my wife, her phone was not going through so I called my brother in another town to go and check on my wife while I hurriedly took transport to return home. All through the journey home, I kept praying for my wife and the unborn twins.

Soon as I got home, I rushed to the hospital. My wife was in drip and she was being given oxygen. I kept asking what happened. All people kept telling me was that my wife went to see her mother and got into a fight. That some people came to fight her mother and my wife got involved and she too got injured. My wife’s mother was no where to be found. I went to their house and I was told the mother is not in.

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That was when I asked people around to tell me what they saw, what happened. They only told me that a woman who claimed to be my wife’s ex husband’s girlfriend came to fight my wife and her mother. So, I tracked this ex husband’s girlfriend to her place. I got there with two police men. When she saw us, she wanted to run but she was arrested and taken to the police station for assaulting a pregnant woman.

When she was arrested, this woman began to spill the beans. That she got jealous when she saw that my wife and her mother were still collecting money from the ex husband and she was supposed to be married to this ex husband but the man is delaying their wedding because he gave my wife and the mother money. This woman said that my wife and her mother were sleeping with this her so -called ex.

It was unbelievable what she said: I could not fathom it. How can she say my wife and my wife’s mother are sleeping with the ex husband? I traced the mother too. When I met her, she refused to speak. All she said was, tell your wife to focus on her marriage. It was clear something fishy was going on. The police also arrested the mother and they confirmed the fight was about my wife’s ex husband.

the summary was that, the ex husband wanted to marry his woman but he kept dragging the wedding because he was hoping to woo my wife back. He was still sleeping with my wife until we got married. Then the man switched to my wife’s mother. This angered this woman, and she kept warning my wife’s mother that she will deal with her if she keeps distracting the man she wants to marry.

Then on that faithful day, when she heard that my wife came to visit her mother, she went there to warn both of them when the fight started and that was how my wife was injured. The police advised that the matter be charged to court but they wanted to hear from my wife too. My wife denied the sleeping with the ex husband …that she only slept with him once before we got married but the other woman kept insisting my wife and her mother are still sleeping with her ex.

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The ex was invited to the police and he refused to come…he is a well known titled chief and the police did not see how the assault was his concern. From that, the woman and my wife’s mother were detained because they found out that my wife got involved in the fight by her own will…she could have stayed aside. The matter was charged to court and it was a horrifying experience.

To my utter disgust, I sent my wife packing, to give birth in her mother’s house and we will do DNA before she will return. The lady was charged to jail or pay a fine. She paid the fine. My mother in-law also paid a fine. My wife was not charged anything but given restraining order to her mother. So, she cannot even stay with her mother. She is staying with a church member.

the pastor of the church called a meeting to resolve the matter. The pastor and elders of the church agreed that my wife ended any relationship with her ex but that she mistakenly slept with her ex a month to our wedding. That the ex tried to woo her back and promised her heaven on earth and my wife fell for it. But that since we got married, that she has cut off ties with her ex. That my wife has sworn by the bible that she has not slept with any man except me since we got married.

My issue is, why would she get into a fight with her mother and that woman? She said she was trying to defend her mother but her mother said my wife got into the fight when she realized her mother was also sleeping with the ex. That my wife is bitter that her mother convinced her to divorce the man yet she went back to sleep with the man.

My wife’s mother said she is trying to survive cos things are hard. That she is only sleeping with the man for money …that she is knows the man may have been sleeping with her to make her daughter jealous but she did not think her daughter would mind after all, her daughter is now married yet her daughter fought her when the other woman exposed her.

Its so messy…my wife says her mother is lying. The elders want me to accept my wife back. A part of me could have forgiven her but remember that she did not let me sleep with her when we were dating but she allowed her ex sleep with her? How am I not sure she will still sleep with him if another opportunity comes? After all, they have a child together, so she cannot really cut him off from her life. And  thirdly, why on earth will her own moth stoop so low to sleep with her own daughter’s ex husband?

What kind of family did I marry into? Are they any different from all the other girls I have avoided to marry? Is my wife not as loose as other girls? Please advise me…what should I do? What if the twins she is pregnant with are not mine? I will definitely do DNA after she gives birth. She is due to give birth in three and half months. Until then, the church is asking me to take my wife back because she has no where else to go to, they also think she is telling the truth but I do not know what to believe…from what her mother and that other woman said…I am still suspecting my wife.

Please advise me…the church elders said they have done their investigation. That they even asked the ex husband and he said he has never touched my wife since she got married. My family is not happy about that Do you think my wife is telling the truth or she is lying? I am confused and I do not know if I can trust her anymore. Even if its before we got married she had s3x with her ex but she never told me and she refused me having s3x with her then.

I love my wife…I thought she was my dream come through but now, I do not know anymore. How am I sure she is not like all these other girls around here? I told you, these girls can f*ck anyone that can even buy them ordinary shawama or give them ordinary 2k. Even the so called churchy ones. I have lost hope on women…do you think its my fear that has come upon me?

Please advise me.


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  1. So sorry that this is happening to you,what you were actually afraid of has come knocking on your door.

    Your wife is pregnant,for the sake of the innocent and unborn babies,please take her back,she doesn’t have any where else to stay,please accept her and forgive her so that you can be able to live with her peacefully.

    When she gives birth,please go for the DNA,it is very important,this is to be sure of their paternity.

    Please forgive her and take her back,she might be telling the truth, who knows. Sorry for all you must have gone through in the hands of your mother in-law,she is not a good person.

    Thanks for accepting her back,I pray that peace be restored to your beautiful home, amen.

  2. When we tell men the nature of women, they call us women hater. Immediately I saw your title born again wife, I smiled. Your wife has been sleeping with her ex husband before you married her and when you married her.

    She is an irresponsible woman. As for the church leaders telling you, they believe her and have done investigation, you better don’t mind them, yeye people, they always act so silly, you better block them for your own good.

    Oga, if you make the mistake of taking her back, you will be acting silly. So you think a woman will confess that she cheated, you really think so, you are 40 years, it’s why we tell men to know the female nature so you know how to deal with them. You should be active on Twitter and see what’s going on there.

    Your wife, and her mother are same, don’t fall for their lies, women never hold themselves accountable, they will always give silly excuses. Your wife played you all along, it’s what women do today. Im very sure, you were spending foolishly on her, so she already saw you as a “real man”…to them real man is a man that acts foolish for women, he is unnecessarily kind and simps for women.

    She played you big time bro, you definitely don’t know women. You still even said you are still suspecting your wife. So with all these you have said, you still think, she hasn’t been sleeping with her ex husband.

    I will always say it, lot of men don’t know women. If you knew women, you won’t have posted this story. When men tell you some things, it’s good to learn. You see the issue of paternity fraud, and how women give silly excuses, it should give you a glimpse about women.

    Bro, I have said enough. Make your choice.

    Be a man.


    • OMG!!!! King relax nau? Your blood Dey hot. This kind aggressive advice .
      Anyways, the wife could be innocent though, she might have not slept with her ex after marriage but cheating in courtship is a no go.
      Sir, do away with those church investigations, na BS. They claim to be peace makers so they are doing their parts.
      I will say, accept your wife back home, don’t be intimate with her until the babies are born and the DNA proves the twins are yours.
      Coz how would you feel if it turns out that the twins are your kids and you kicked them out of daddy’s house because mummy was a dummy. Kicking their mother out is same thing as kicking your kids out.
      Kiddos could be yours and they deserved to hear daddy’s voice while in the womb.
      Take care of your wife in your house while she is pregnant, when the babies are born, and DNA proves they ain’t yours, then you can decided what next to do.
      Congratulations on your babies and May GOD bless you.
      Sending virtual hugs.


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