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True Life Story: My Brother’s Widow Is Using Our Tradition To Seduce Me-FINAL PART


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True Life Story: My Brother’s Widow Is Using Our Tradition To Seduce Me-FINAL PART

Good evening Lively Stones,


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My wife then asked me, that what is my decision on Amaka…that am I going  to be forced by tradition to marry her….my answer is no but Amaka said I should marry her cos I had S** with her cos she does not think she wants to sleep with me for now.

So, if I need a woman in my life, for S** or anything…I can go for Amaka while she decides if she still wants to be in this marriage again. My wife is hurting from what I could tell…she was not herself anymore….she was looking like a ghost …lost so much weight in a few days…..she cannot let me touch her …she now sleeps on the floor in our room….cos she said she cannot share the same bed that I had S** with Amaka on….

Me, I am confused….my wife cannot sleep on our bed cos she said I had S** with Amaka on the bed…..and yet she says if I like, I can marry Amaka but she must remain in the village and never step foot in our house in the city. Now, I am confused….this woman said she cannot forgive me for cheating on her….yet said I can marry the same woman I cheated with? That was when I knew something was not adding up…

When I asked my wife why she even considered asking me to marry Amaka: she said, because I desecrated my brother’s widow and so I must take responsibility for my actions so our generations unborn will not bear the consequences. So how does my wife believe in tradition yet she refused to swear? I am confused myself…my wife said she is not against second wife but if I had even come to her, to tell her I liked Amaka, she would not have felt bad cos she liked Amaka and she would not have said no cos she knows men are somehow polygamous. That it was better I was with someone she had awareness of.

What is going on here? My wife is not making sense….For the first time, I am thinking….maybe I really do not know my wife as much as I think…that small voice of doubt is telling me…maybe my wife was actually my late brother’s lover….if not, why will she even suggest with this barbarian plan to marry my late brother’s widow. …right now….we are waiting for the decision of the elders of the village to judge on whether I must marry Amaka or not.

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My uncle said since my wife has given consent….I can marry Amaka if the family and elders insist, that way, I can continue to be the father of my brother’s son and he will not be raised by a stranger. That Amaka should just apologize to my wife for the way she behaved….the lies and forcibly trying to insert herself into our marriage?

Please…what are you thinking I should do? I never considered myself in this situation…how do I make this right with my wife…My wife even though gave approval, will never trust me again and I do not know if I can live with that…I love my wife alot….she was there when I had nothing…she contributed to where I am today. Yet…I wonder if she is doing this to just make me stop suspecting her with my late brother?

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So for the last time, I asked my wife to tell me the truth if she had anything to do with my brother….that I will not let anyone know if she did….my wife looked at me with tears in her eyes…she said: my husband, you have to marry Amaka….I was wrong and failed you but do not ask me to tell you anything cos the truth is better dead than alive…so marry Amaka so that our sins will not pass unto our unborn generations. That she felt I was better than her…she trusted me but even now…

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My wife feels God is punishing her for her past and she does not know if she can ever trust again. She even said maybe God is angry with my brother, maybe that is why he died. That she feels it’s her turn to be punished and Amaka is her punishment…so she is ready to accept her punishments.

Where do I go from here? My wife has indirectly confessed there was an affair with my brother….I promised not to tell any one and I do not want to marry Amaka…she is evil and wants to destroy my home….I was wrong to sleep with her….my wife was wrong to have an affair but is that enough for me to marry someone who has no good intention for myself and my family?

So the main thing remaining is: how do I stop Amaka’s family from laying a curse on us….especially because what Amaka said was true and I had S** with their daughter. If they lay the curse…will it really work? As for my wife…can I really forgive her? There are so many questions in my head…like why did she cheat…how long was she cheating? … I know its hard but she said she cannot forgive herself…is she being sincere? Or trying to whine me…maybe to make me feel sorry for her.

Why are all these happening? now, there is curse waiting for me….and my wife says I must marry Amaka…my wife….and I are completely broken….how to go on…how do we build our marriage again? Please pray for us…maybe people are even tired of this our matter but please advise us. I do not know how we can survive this.


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  1. I will not say much,the only thing I would say is,don’t marry Amaka,no matter the pressure from her family,no curse can work against you afterall you both did it,if they insist on laying curse or curses on you then you will tell them that your family will also law curses on Amaka,you both had S.e.x,so why laying curse?

    It is hard to forgive your wife but you just have to, forgive her because of the children,find a way to love her again,it is hard but you have to, please.

    Final warning,stay away from Amaka and her family,do not have anything to do with her ever again. I believe you have learnt your lesson and other men will also learn from your story.

    I pray for restoration in your marriage,may Amaka never happen to any of us,amen and amen.

  2. At this junction, you must be the head and provide protection for your wife and your children.

    What you believe, you endorse.

    Amaka is bad news. Marrying Amaka may cost more lives. Let her go.

    Your wife is broken. She is being unreasonable and confused just to save you and the household from future problems.

    Be strong and go to God in prayers.

    At night and every given chance, pray over your family pictures and declare peace, love, togetherness and God’s mercy.

    Stand firm and insist that Amaka seduced you for her selfish reasons hence you won’t marry her.

    Pray. Pray. Pray.

    Continue to reassure your wife that you love her and treasure your family over any curse.

    Encourage her to stand with you in prayers to conquer the challenges and any curse. Her attitude isn’t something to read meaning into rather seek to help her to return to her joyful self. You need your wife.

    Challenges occur but we must be strong and focused to win.

    None of their curses will work. Let love win.

    Forgive your wife, your late brother and yourself.

    Don’t let anything affect your resolve.

    God will have mercy on you and your family.

    I pray this serves as a message to everyone that we must be disciplined, be vigilant because the true reason for people’s actions could be different from what they say to you.


  3. You and your wife should draw really close to God.

    Let your Pastor know what is happening, speak scriptures over your marriage, both of you should fast and tell God you are sorry and take refuge under Him.

    If you marry Amaka, she will really trouble you and your home, she would not agree to stay in the village.

    Please find a space in your heart and forgive your wife and reassure her you have forgiven her, both of you should fight for your home and children.

    Stay close to God, don’t allow any fear in.

    Lam 3:37 – ‘Who is he that saith, and it cometh to pass, when the Lord commandeth it not?’

    Finally it is actually against God’s will for you to swear, do not swear by anything, regardless of what the Elders say, let them know Amaka seduced you, you didn’t go asking for trouble to start of with she desecrated you . ( No excuse for falling though).

    Don’t marry her.

  4. Lfe is not hard so don’t make it hard. Marry amaka and put her in a different house. Your wife has already given you consent don’t allow amaka to interfere with your wife ever again.

  5. Dearly beloved Poster,
    I sincerely feel you and I felt bad for the situation surrounding your life and family right now. But You will definitely overcome this challenges and be healed

    Yet Truth must be spoken and to be candid, I feel YOU SHOULD NEVER BE COERCED TO MARRY AMAKA. No matter what anybody says …..Except you really wanted to. Many has said this in their opinions and they were right
    Marrying Amaka will bring unpleasant troubles into your existing family. Period.

    As for your Nephew (Your late brother’s Son), continue to support him until grows up to come and live with your family

    Now You need to learn to forgive your wife, come together and fight this battle together
    Eccl. 4: 9-12 says Two are better than one, because they have a good [more satisfying] reward for their labor;…….

    Come together in love and unity, Pray to God and take solace in His Words at this time.

    No evil can befall you, neither curses from any human being…. Only hide your life and family inside the Lord Jesus Christ. Period

    It shall continue to be Peace with You and your family

    Shalom #


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