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True Life Story: My Ex-Girlfriend Knows I Am Obsessed With Her Yet She Keeps On Testing Me


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True Life Story: My Ex-Girlfriend Knows I Am Obsessed With Her Yet She Keeps On Testing Me

Hello Lively Stones,

Please hide my identity. I am in a state of confusion. I always prided myself as a man who knows what he wants and I dont have time for games. But please be patient as I share my situation with you. My ex girlfriend, lets call her Sewa and I met when she was posted to our company last year for her NYSC. When we met, she told me that she had a boyfriend but it was nothing serious. About 3 weeks later, she told me that she has broken up with the guy cos she has feelings for me. I was happy cos I was in love with Sewa.

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Sewa is very beautiful and smart. She was living with her Cousin here in Ajah, the cousin is also fine but older and works in a bank. Sewa and I continued dating and I knew she wanted to get married before her service year was over but I wanted us to date at least for a year and a half or two years before proposing. But Sewa was impatient. A month to the end of her service year, Sewa got engaged to the same guy she told me she broke up with.

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I was so messed up because I never knew she was two timing, dating two guys at the same time…all the I love you was a lie…I was so heart broken but I made up my mind to move on but that was impossible. I still loved Sewa. I sent her several messages but she ignored me. It was her cousin Eva that later spoke to me and said I should stop embarrassing myself, that Sewa is like that…she likes to have alot of male attention around her.

Eva then started making moves at me ….for me, I wanted to forget Sewa, so I gave into Eva’s moves. We started dating and I realized I wanted to make Sewa jealous. And it was working. Sewa started abusing Eva for going after her ex….we made sure we posted very sexy and enticing pictures and videos of us every where on social media. Sewa did the same, before we knew it, her wedding invite was out…all her engagement pictures,bridal shower was a torture to me.

I knew what Sewa was doing…she wanted me to regret not proposing to her. So, I chatted her…a very long chat, I told her I realize that I was wrong and I am now ready to marry her if she breaks up with that guy. She replied and asked me if I was serious. I told her yes. She said she would think about it. She asked me to give her two days to think about it. After two days, I did not hear from her . I called and called…I realized she blocked me. After a week,…she sent me a text and said she is sorry but she cant break up with her man cos hes done so much for her.

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That week, the man bought her a range rover sports car. I swear, I wanted to eliminate the guy but I said to myself…I have tried…time to forget Sewa. About a week Later, Eva tells me that she is pregnant. I am like, whatever her wish, I will support her. She said she wants to keep the baby. I say ok but am not ready to settle down cos I am not yet over Sewa. Eva says ok. I think Eva tells Sewa she is pregnant. Sewa called me and started raining insults on me.

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Sewa was crying and said she wants to see me. I asked her to come over to my place. She comes over that evening. She was crying and calling me a betrayer. why would I get her own cousin pregnant. That the child from her cousin will be a constant reminder of what she lost by not being with me. Sewa said she will love me till the day she dies but that she realized that she has gone too far with the dude she wants to marry and breaking up with him will be too drastic.

All Sewa said, and all I understand is….she still loves me but she wants financial security and that is why she chose that guy who is obviously richer than me for marriage. I knew what I had to do, I started kissing Sewa…she was trying to resist but I was on a mission…wanted to remind her what she was missing….I knew her wedding was in 3 days…I needed to do something drastic….

We spent the whole night together. We talked…Sewa said I have to ask Eva to abort the pregnancy. I agreed…Sewa asked me to get her pregnant that night…she was on her ovulation period too…so I poured every sperm in my life into her….Even when her man was calling….she turned her phone on flight mode. It was the best night of our lives. It was knacking all through. It was animalistic. By next morning, we were both spent.

And I thought it was game over but Sewa’s love for money won. She got dressed  and said she was sorry but she was having a mental breakdown and she regrets all the things she said to raise my hopes but that I should take this last night as her good bye and that she will be getting married to that guy. I broke down. I told her no way….I tried to stop her from leaving but I forgot her still has my key. When I was taking a leak, she opened the door and ran out.

I tried to go after her but she disappeared very fast. I tried calling but Sewa blocked me again. I tried …I called and send 1 million messages…she ignored me. Right now…I am so desperate…I am feeling like calling her husband to be and telling him that Sewa and I slept together…maybe send an anonymous text. Maybe that will end the wedding…The very thought that the wedding is in two days is making me loose my mind.

I have not been myself all day, just feeling so confused and wondering what to do. Should I send that anonymous message or should I find somewhere to go to, so I can get my mind off Sewa as her wedding takes place a day after tomorrow. And then, I get an sms from Sewa. Here is the text:

I have never been so scared in my entire life but as I walk down the aisle with another man that is not you, I feel like I am loosing you forever, please do not give up on me, if you truly love me, have Eva get rid of the pregnancy. I will know if your love is truly for real, and then, I will file for a divorce soon. Your soul mate, S.

Ladies and gentlemen, if this is not crazy, I dont know what to do anymore…is Sewa trying to tell me to prove her love by aborting Eva’s child…if I do that….will she really come back to me? How do I convince Eva to carry out an abortion…shes 36 years old….will that be fair to her….What if Sewa is trying to make sure I get rid of Eva’s child….only to deceive me again? My confused mind feels like Sewa is toying with my emotions but how do I know if I dont try….maybe she wants me to really prove how serious I am about her….Could she be genuine this time? I need your advice.


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  1. The thing is, as long as you have not made the type of money she loves, her love over money will keep making her cheat on you. Just let her go and try and focus Eva. Its hard to let go but thats the best option.

  2. So sad to hear that you’re going through a difficult situation. It’s important to prioritize your well-being more

    Sewa playing with emotions, she might be doing it on purpose, but it might also be subconscious.

    Sometimes the reason is as simple as the fact that a person is trying to work through their emotions. They still feel something for you, but for some reason, they don’t feel that they should allow themselves to get too close to you.

    They’ve found a way to reel you back in and then reject you, so that you know how it feels.

    Similarly, people often say that there is a “winner” and a “loser” after a breakup. The winner is the one that is better off without the relationship, and happier in his or her life as a result of being liberated. The loser, on the other hand, is the one who got their heart broken and is left feeling awful.

    Obviously, no one wants to be the loser. Your ex might actually be toying with you simply out of pride and the fact that Eva is also carrying your baby which will bring her bad memories. She wants to know that you still want her and can be vulnerable. She wants to be in a position of power, and she might be playing with you for this exact reasons.

    She doesn’t want to commit to you, also she doesn’t want to lose the chance to be with you if she feels like it later on. It’s selfish, but it’s a very common thing that I see.

    The very first thing you’ve got to do in this situation is to put some space between you. Be careful with how much you tolerate, because you’re teaching people how to treat you.

    The ideal tool you should use for your ex not to play with your emotion is the No Contact Rule. For three weeks to three months and beyond cut contact entirely with your ex. No texts, no calls, no emails, no Instagram likes, no Facebook like ( avoid social media stalking ), no “accidentally” running into her in places you know she will likely be there, and no replying to their attempts at contacting you!

    I know that this might sound scary because you’re worried that your ex is just going to disappear into thin air, but trust me, that’s not how it works.

    Up until now, your ex has been getting away with playing on emotions because you’ve been available for her. Unfortunately, it’s been a bit too easy for her to take you for granted.

    Now, the tables need to turn and you are going to have to give her an electroshock. You are not there at her beck and call, and she’s not the center of your universe.

    By getting busy with people and activities that bring you joy, you will have less and less time for your ex

    channel your energy into reaching personal and professional goals. Now is the time to put yourself first and make it clear that you aren’t going to let another person toy with your emotions. You bring quite a bit to the table, and your ex is going to have to understand that they run the risk of losing you for good

    Giving someone an electroshock like this is often the catalyst for longterm improvements in situations like these. I hope God grant you the strength and wisdom to adhere, learn from your mistakes and do better in your next relationship one love

  3. Dear darling poster,you need to receive sense and wisdom immediately. Just stop ,stop and concentrate more on your life, what’s all this bayi?

    From Sewa to her cousin abi, you’re now doing competition, pepper dem gang,at the end who won? Sewa did, obviously.

    Sewa is a player,she plays like Ronaldo and scores like Messi, she’s not a serious person,I’m sorry to say this,she might not even last in that marriage because she’s entering there because of the raba,owo,money,ego,her love for money no be your mate,e senior you bro,you can’t even stand it.

    You should be thinking of her cousin that is pregnant for you,what do you intend doing? Do you want to marry her,become a baby daddy,single father or what? The ball is in your court. Na you hold knife and yam,cut the yam wisely bro

    For the last time,leave Sewa and her husband alone,she needs to return your house key because e get why,collect it from her,block her and never have anything to do with her,if not, she’s gonna make your life miserable and mesmerize you with premium shege.

    He that has ears,let him hear. I don left

  4. Start by changing your keys.
    Block and delete Sewa’s numbers on your phone.
    Concentrate on Eva and your baby. Even if you don’t intend marrying her, don’t ever ask her to abort the baby.

  5. Reading Ur story was very annoying and irritating coming from a man

    But then everyman would accept the love they think they deserve

    Ur story is quite similar to the last story whose girlfriend left him for another guy only to come back because she feels he is second choice ,not only so but the fact Ur own scenario is worst

    Just imagine

    First error ,never take to serious any woman that leaves a man for u ,if she left her boyfriend to be with u for ni reason , definitely she would leave u for someone else

    She was not faithful to the guy who love her ,she left him for no reason to be with u ,and u can even for one nanosecond till of dating that kind of woman

    Gosh ! The seed u sow u reap ,u seduce a woman outta another man life and u want faithfulness from such woman ,this is earth

    Once someone is unfaithful to one ,they are unfaithful to others

    And what is really the problem with some men ,leaving the woman who loves u for the woman who uses u

    Can’t u see sewa is playing ding dong with u head ,how can u allow her to manipulate till the extent u can’t call a spade a spade anymore

    What’s the p with u ?

    U got a lady that loves u ,whose willing to carry Ur child ,the woman who would respect u ,and cherish u and all of this u are willing to throw away to be with a woman that doesn’t give a F**k about u or Ur feeling

    If u dare abort that baby for sewa u would just have made a mistake that u would regret for life , because take it or leave it sewa would never accept u back for that

    She blocked u ,she’s the epistle of manipulation and u are acting like a simp for her

    God of mercy ,I know Ur ancestors didn’t go to war , fight enemies and survive those hard times so u would be the kind of man u have become

    As far as I know and am promising u ,the only reason sewa would come back to u after marriage is probably when she needs a room service from u ,or better still her husband is not around and she needs u her errand boy to do her maintenance on her body

    Why would an able looking not handicap man be willing to be second choice to another man

    God forbid ,man cut the crapped

    Sewa doesn’t ,listen carefully deserve u one bit

    The lady who is pregnant for u deserve u ,can’t u just see the way she is controlling u like remote

    Do this do that for her ,but she doesn’t even in one way wants to make sacrifice for u

    U don’t need deliverance ,u need self awareness , because u are blinded by mirage when the universe has place a virtuous woman in Ur life

    But some woman are very very Terrible ,her wedding is three days away and she is busy having sex with her ex three to four days before weeding

    If she becomes pregnant now ,she would immediately pin it on her husband

    This is why I would keep preaching this truth ,as many as would accept the world of life

    Never accept a woman who left u for another one ,if truly she left u allow her go ,u don’t know what u are missing out till u are willing to let her go ,most attimes u think u are in the good relationship ,till another woman comes Ur way and u would realise how much u are being cheated as a man

    Yes the man who bought range rover for her ,got what he deserves cheating girlfriend ,I bet he would be disappointed when he finds out the woman he plans to marry ,is still servicing another man’s penis ,even days to her wedding

    What more does she wants ??

    His sins are simple he accepted her back

    Hais ,son of man ,I want u to man up Block sewa for life and take all the love u have for sewa and give to the woman who is pregnant for u ,do u even know the risk she took to be pregnant for u at all ,carrying Ur child

    Oh my god ! May u not lose the stars because u are chasing shadows

    Remember sewa is no good but a manipulative deceiver who believe she can always have u kiss her feet .

  6. You are a sore loser, a pathetic simp. You are fornicating allowing a woman destroy your life and spiritual strength, read proverbs chapter 5 very well and learn.

    You poured all your cum into her, then she will go give her man another man’s child. The man too is a simp, he bought a range rover for a woman, oh my goodness, some men are far gone, they don’t learn.

    Yes, tell her fiancee how much of a hoe she is, trust me bro tell her, she will pin the child on him, I know in the past, you have complained how women do paternity fraud, now, here you are, you can prevent a man from raising another man’s child which is you, so, tell her, intact, send him your chats and the SMS she sent.

    Tell him to break up with her, and collect his range rover and money he has given her.

    Bro, you are really very unintelligent, to be honest, don’t you men think or what? How do you all worship women and act foolish for them like this, are you all cursed or what?


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