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True Life Story: My Fiancé Is Having An Affair With A Married Woman


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True Life Story: My Fiancé Is Having An Affair With A Married Woman



Hello everyone,

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Am an active member on this forum, I’ve have my main account but I wish to remain anonymous, i just want to hide my identity and i will deactivate this account as soon as I get a solution. I’m so heartbroken right now cry

I thought my fiancée was different from every other guys, despite his gentle and innocent face I never knew he was a liar and a cheat sadREAD ALSO: Yes He Is My Destiny Helper! But I Don’t Want To Continue In Sin, By Dating A Married Man

He’s fond of connecting his laptop to his smart TV (65 inches). What displays on the laptop automatically displays on the smart TV screen. See what happened, he went downstairs to pickup something, So I wanted to see a movie on Netflix, while I was looking for a suitable movie to watch, a message popped up from Facebook and it stated “Whr are U? Check ur phone…6 missed calls cry

At first, I wasn’t triggered to open the msg but what drew my attention was the “cry emoji”. When I opened the msg my heart melted, I was crying


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. Their secret affair has been going on since April last year. A married woman with 2 kids, I checked her profile I saw her kids and husband photos everywhere, she has visited my fiance at home several times, I saw lot of romantic messages.

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I videoed their chat conversations as evidence, thank goodness his TV screen is wide enough for the blind to see. The moment he came inside he noticed my mood has changed, he was smart enough to know I opened his msg. He’s started begging me, he said he can explain. Explain what?

Am on my way home now feeling devastated, heartbroken and sad cry. I plan to upload the video on Facebook and tag all the woman’s friends until her husband sees it. I will also send the video to instablog, Linda ikeji.. Honestly I feel dejected and heartbroken. Help I don’t know what to do cry

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  1. Nne you will do no such thing, don’t upload those pictures for your sanity and safety. Calm down please ,you should be thanking God you have not married him ooo,if not, would you have divorced him? God has just shown you that he is not a husband material, infact 0 material. How can a young man be sleeping with a married woman with two kids and a husband?What is his problem bikonu? Rain !Rain! please go away ooooo,what is happening to our women? Why is your fiance sleeping with her in the first place? What is his reason? Is it for money? Or he loves her? Or he wants to make her his wife or what because me no understand this paro. Anyways,run as your feet can carry you,hope no wedding plans yet? God has delivered you from a terrible rain(CHEAT), congratulations my dear sis,you serve a living God.

  2. Babe you have no problem with the so call woman bt your man or is it the woman that force your man into dating her because I don’t know why you want to ruined her entire life because of your stupid boyfriend. See forget about posting the video on Facebook or any social media, you wil not gain anything from it


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