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True Life Story: My Husband Is Lazy & Likes Keeping Malice-Pls Advice-Pt 3


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True Life Story: My Husband Is Lazy & Likes Keeping Malice-Pls Advice-Pt 3


Hello Lively Stones,

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Good Morning Ma. Thanks for the wise counsel you gave to me. I haven’t replied you because I was observing things. My husband has been calling and apologizing for his bad behavior. He said he wouldn’t do that business  again. He even went for a power packed church program, unlike him. He has been checking up on me and the baby everyday even when I’ve refused to call him back he will just call and tell me the situation of things at home. I’ve been away from home for almost three months now.

I traveled to give birth because I’ve been having pregnancy complications but to the glory of God everything is fine now and we are ready to go back home. This is actually our only child for now, a rainbow baby after two painful stillbirths and one miscarriage.

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The rent I insisted he pay was two months rent from the place we are packing out from, we got another apartment which we combined resources to pay for but it wasn’t ready so we stayed two months in our former place. I vehemently insisted he pay the rent because he’s not been paying rent since. He’s not making enough money and he’s becoming so complacent with me picking bills.

I’ve complained severally about this he’ll keep on saying that he’s trying his best but that best isn’t good enough as it hasn’t paid enough bills! He works hard but not smart. I’m not convinced he has the skills to run a business hence I’ve told him to get a job but this pride/ego won’t allow him coupled with the fact that there aren’t really any jobs available. I’m just tired of being financially in charge, it’s embarrassing.

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So, like I said he’s apologized and been telling me of every step he’s been making so far. He has sold the birds of our poultry business and has cleared some debts and reinvested some money in the barbeque business we opened last year.

I’ve just been watching him to see if he’s really changed. I,on my own part has decided to be better at communicating. He usually complains that I’m too toxic with my words, it’s not my fault. My personality makes me my own greatest critic.

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In all I know I’ve prayed but we still need to pray together as a family and I’m still a bit bitter about everything that has happened so far and I’ve already decided to be taking care of myself even before you advised me.

We still need counselling. For now this is where we are. We need to still do more work on ourselves and our family, I believe we can do better for the sake of our child, we currently have only one child. I’m still open to counselling and I hope he too will agree with me on this.

In all, I say thank you Ma for reaching out despite your tight schedule. It was really comforting telling you, a neutral person of my problems, it really took much of the burden away from me even when I hadn’t gotten a solution yet.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Ma.
God bless you and your family.
God bless lively stones.

To be continued…


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  1. Congratulations ma’am,there is progress compare to before,atleast he is making effort.
    With God all things will be possible,keep pushing, praying and hoping,your family shall move to the next level,amen.

    God shall help your husband,let him keep trying his best and be sincere with what he does, financial help is coming his way,amen. Please stand strong for the family,the Lord is your strength.


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