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True Life Story: My Parents Begged Me To Give Them A Son-Pt 2


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I was so overcome with a passion to help my parents, that I timed my ovulation perfectly. On the day that I knew my eggs would be released; which was a Friday, I flew to Lagos and called Seun to meet me at a hotel in Ikeja. I told him I came to Lagos to purchase some drugs for my father. At night, I took him into the bathroom, and bathed him, while rubbing my soft body all over him, he carried me into the bedroom and we spent the whole night making love. I never touched the birth control pills, I was using before then, for the whole weekend I was with him.

And after a weekend of love-making with Seun, I didnt need a sooth sayer to tell me that I was pregnant.

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One month later, l started noticing unusual symptoms. I told my parents about it, and my mother immediately took me for Ultra-scan the next day. Imagine my parents’ happiness, when the tests confirmed that I was one month pregnant with a male child. My mom showered a lot of monetary gifts on all the hospital staff like they were the ones that did the miracle. When we got home and broke the news to my dad, he seemed to suddenly come back to life again, he hugged me tightly and kept showering blessings on me. I was so relieved to see my parents happy again, after a long time of sorrow.

Imagine my horror a week later, when I told Seun about the pregnancy on phone, and he seemed so pleased about it, I had expected him to tell me to abort it, but he was so over himself with joy, even suggesting that we get married at once. I never knew that Seun had grown to love me this much, I had thought, we were just using each other for S.e.x and companionship.

At my mothers insistence, I started avoiding Seun, he called and called, and left me messages, confessing how much he loved me, but I didnt reply. I simply wished, he just vanished!

My father seemed to hang on to life, waiting for my son to be born, and eight months later when my son, Chinedu jnr (named after my father) was born, my father got a senior advocate of Nigeria, the day after Chinedu was born, willed all his estates to my son, Chinedu, and died peacefully two weeks later.

After my dads burial, life really seemed to be going on fine for me and mom. Chinedu was growing into a handsome healthy baby (he surely took his dads genes). And my uncles seemed to have forgotten about us for good, until Seun came calling, out of nowhere!

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I was sitting with my mom in our spacious living room at our Calabar mansion, watching TV, while enjoying a glass of Orange juice with some sandwiches, one Sunday evening, when Seun barged in looking so worked up. He took one look at Chinedu, who was peacefully sleeping on the soft sofa and swallowed hard.

What do you want here, young man?, my mom harshly demanded of him.

I have come for my son, He thundered back.

Just name your price young man, anything, a million pounds, two, three…any price you want, we will pay you and you get lost forever, My mom answered him.

You think Im that cheap ma…you think Im going to sell my first son, the first fruit of my lions for any price…you think….

Please Seun, dont do this, I interrupted him.

He looked at me, with so much hatred in his eyes like he was just noticing I was in the room for the first time.

“You”, he continued, You used me, l thought we were in love, do you know how much I loved you, Amanda, do you? you destroyed my life, I thought you were different, I thought we were building something…, He was shouting and crying at the same time.

With all the shouting going on, Chinedu suddenly woke up at that moment and started crying.

My mom sharply turned to Seun, and with a deadly voice, I hardly recognized was hers, she said to him: Now, get lost young man, and I dont ever want to see you here again!

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Seun thundered back at her, I will go for now, but the next time Im here, I wont be alone, I will surely be coming over with some advocates…see you in court soon! he finished, and stomped out, the way he  came in.

My mom said nothing, I carried the still-crying Chinedu to my room upstairs and cried myself to sleep.

Two days later, Seuns sister called me on the phone crying. She said that Seun was dead, that arm

robbers shot and killed him while he was driving home from work that night!

I didnt need a soothsayer to tell me who was responsible for Seuns death. I instantly knew my mother hired the assassins that killed him, so I ran downstairs and stormed into her room to demand answers.

To my horror, my mom sat up in bed, once she saw me, and started:

Yes my darling, the killers did quite a professional job (like we planned this together), We are free now.

Free!, I fired back at her, is this what you call freedom mom?…how can you live freely, knowing fully well that you killed Seun!

I didnt kill him, darling, his stupidity did, I tried to warn him, I even offered him any price he wanted.

You are delusional mom, I never knew you were a killer, his blood is on your hands mom!, I shouted back at her.

I did it for your father darling, always remember that, at least, he will be happy in his grave now, knowing fully well that Chinedu is ours forever.

Look, mom, I dont care about anything you say, or what dad will think anymore okay! you deceived me once, and you are not going to deceive me again, you pushed me into this, you destroyed me, mom, just for the sake of some outdated evil customs. And I dont want to have anything to do with you again mom, never!

I was crying dementedly, by the time I walked out on her. She was shouting at me to come back, but I didnt listen to her, I just ran upstairs to my room, took my small travelling bag, which contained my debit cards and other personal items, then, I ran out of the gate, boarded down a taxi, which took me to a small hotel in town, where Im telling this story from.

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Ive been holed up in this hotel room, for the past three days now. I do nothing but cry myself to sleep. My appetite is long gone; I only manage to eat very little. I just cant seem to get over what I did to Seun. Worse still, I see him in my dreams every night; crying out to me, how much I betrayed his love. He tells me that he is in a very cold, dark and lonely place and that he misses me so much. I just keep on begging him to forgive me. I just feel like Im running out of my mind!

As for my mom, I wont have anything to do with that devilish woman again. She can now have Chinedu to herself, for all I care!

Im leaving for England, as soon as I get myself back. And I dont plan to ever set foot in Nigeria again, I just want to run very far away from my mom, my past, and these people, that call themselves my people; with their barbaric, outdated, obnoxious, and evil customs.

Pls Advise Needed


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  1. This is tough.your story got me speechless. this is scary.Dear poster,may God give you peace of mind after all that has happened. May seun’s rest in peace.i wish this Igbo tradition concerning male heir could be called off.so many wrongs happen all in the name of male heir.it is well.

  2. This is so so sad. I feel so sad .
    Poor Seun. You shouldn’t have told him about the pregnancy, knowing you had no intention of giving him the baby, in case he wanted it. That’s past now anyway.

    Well, put yourself together please. Don’t allow depression to take over you. It’s a feeling that is very difficult to overcome.

    Your decision is a good one. Go back to England and stay for now, until you are fully recovered.
    BUT, for your peace of mind, you need to ask for forgiveness from your Maker. Ask God for mercy. Cry bitterly to God to forgive you and cleanse you from any blood guilt as a result of Seun’s death. Yes, you neither killed him nor masterminded his death, but you contributed to it. Seek for God’s mercy with all your heart, He will forgive you.
    When you obtain God’s forgiveness, you will have peace.
    Then go far away from all these and try to heal. The best and fastest route to healing is to remain in God. Look for a Bible church over there and continue with God. He will mend your heart and give you a wonderful future.
    It is well with you.

  3. Your mum should be arrested, all the women here are silent, but when a woman posts about how her husband beat her, all of you will be crying in the comments, but here, only two women commented and they didn’t talk about how wicked this lady’s mother is.

    Very pathethic, your mum is evil and wicked.

    I pray she is caught and thrown into jail at least.

  4. Your mum is evil. Women here are silent, but if it was a news of a man beat his wife, they would have been crying but here a woman killed a man, you all are silent. Very patethic.

    This is hard for you, the thing is, once something is not good, just don’t do it. You need to get yourself together and eat, please eat and don’t let this issue cause another problem.

    Your mum is really evil, mheenn, she is wicked.

  5. You can’t tell the gender of a child in 1month. Kinada made the rest of the story somehow for me….

    Anyway that was an evil thing to do I wonder how far people will let desperation carry them


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