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True Life Story: My Prophet Wants To Save My Marriage, By Sleeping With Me


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True Life Story: My Prophet Wants To Save My Marriage, By Sleeping With Me


Hello LivelyStones,

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It was 2:49 am, l don’t know how Emeka got to know that l was still wide-awake weeping. I just noticed him roll over, and then the bed light came on, showering its weak beam across my weeping face.

“Did the doctor tell you that the only way out of this is to cry?” his voice was sonorous like it had always been. And do you think that it is the only way you can solve this problem?”

He reach out to hold me, but l wriggled out angrily. He was the last person l wanted around me, not with the thing l heard in the afternoon.

“What has that got to do with me Chioma?” he asked, “How am l responsible for this?, anyway you can stay here, l’m going to the sitting room.”

He got up and left the bedroom. The moment he left, I buried myself in thoughts, about all the agonies l have been encountering since l married Emeka eight years ago. I was thinking of the best way to confront him with the issue on ground.

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He was lying down on the sofa at the sitting room watching CNN, when l walked into the sitting room. He then turned to me and said,

“You indict me on every little thing, Chioma” he said quietly, “How am l responsible again?”

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“I have heard your plans, Emeka”, that was how l started. “They have told me everything you’re planning. You think l will not hear it?”

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His face instantly got contorted. It was a mixture of fury and embarrassment. “What did you hear? have they told you another lie?, all you do these days is just to sit with all those idle women and gossip, that Mama Chinedu will kill you one day. She will ruin our marriage one day. Keep listening to her, you hear.”

And he was right about that, because it was Mama Chinedu who called that evening on the phone to tell me what was happening. I was getting set to leave my Office, when the phone rang.

“Mama Chinedu, how you dey? I’m just getting set to leave the Office”, l had said. “Hope there is no problem at all?”

“Ah there is o, she had replied sarcastically, “l thought you already know?”

“Know what?”, l instantly asked her.

“It is about your husband, he has started dating one small girl in Unilag. Her name is Amara. I guess he’s now desperate to have a child. You know men, there’s none of them you can really trust. I only told you because you are my friend. If you don’t take time, that little girl will push you out of your matrimonial home.”

As Emeka sat on the Sofa. I confronted him with all the facts that Mama Chinedu had hinted me.

“Do you have anything to say about it? Shameless man, can you deny it?

“Me? Shameless man? don’t you ever call me shameless again in my house Chioma!”, he continued,” You are just a thorn in my flesh Chioma, all you do is gossip with your stupid friends, l bet you very soon, I’m going to give you the opportunity, the whole freedom to go all out and gossip with your friends. After all, it’s your fault.”

His last statement greatly angered me. “How is it my fault?, that you are running around sleeping with little girls!”

“Yes l can afford to do that, because the woman l have kept in my house for eight years now is nothing but a man. So don’t blame me for dating other women, because I’ve been living with a fellow man.”

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I was so annoyed that l slapped him. He responded by beating me silly. And it was actually the first time we’ve had a fight.

That was when l knew that Emeka was gradually getting tired of me. For him to have beat me mercilessly was a clear indication that the initial affection he had for me was gradually fading away.

We lived like a cat and dog for the next few days. Emeka stopped eating my food. He left the bedroom for me, and started sleeping in the sitting room. He would leave the house very early in the morning, and come back around midnight. Of course, l could swear that he would have been having a time of his life having fun with that Amara.

And Amara, l didn’t know how to handle her. I hadn’t met her before, and honestly didn’t know how l would handle her if our paths crossed.

It was my best friend and colleague, Esther, that advised me to reconcile with my husband, l went to her office at the close of work one evening, and told her everything.

“Esther”, l began after we had exchanged greetings, “l’m currently going through a lot. My home that was a garden of Laughter has suddenly become hell. These days, my husband that was a Saint is now a devil. He is punishing me with his silence and attitude. And things are not any better because l can’t get pregnant.” At this point, tears started streaming down from my eyes in torrents.

“I know, l know how it feels,” Esther said with sympathy. “I feel for you. I know you must be going through a lot. It’s not easy when your man begins to philander, hoping to father a child outside. And once that happens, he is off. And you are reduced to second fiddle.”

“Esther, that’s the problem l have, and l don’t know how to go about it, l’m so confused.”

“Well, all you need is patience and prayers, Chioma. In this kind of situation, l think you should reconcile with your husband first. Because you have to win him back first, before any other thing. It’s only when you’ve won him to yourself, that you will start thinking of what other steps to take, how long has this been going on?”

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“It’s been four months now”, I replied her.

“And you have been living together?, reconcile with him please. If you go on like this, he may find a reason to justify his actions, that’s the end of the matter.”

“Reconcile!”, Esther don’t forget that this man is cheating on me.”

“Listen Chioma, that’s the nature of men. They are never wrong. And are you sure that the other girl has not charmed him? can you prove that he isn’t under a spell?.”

Buoyed by Esther’s words, l reconciled with Emeka. I didn’t see anything right in apologizing to someone cheating on you. But l had to win him back, so l swallowed my pride and apologized to him first, and we reconciled, or so it seemed.

I also became frantic about my search for a baby. At least that would bind us together. And l needed to get pregnant for him before that stupid Amara does. I couldn’t just sit down, fold my hands and watch my marriage being taken over by a toddler, a University under-graduate for that matter.

That was how l got directed to a church by Mama Chinedu. And my problems seemed to have gotten worse.

………..to be continued


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