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True Life Story: My Wife Wont Let Me Knack Because She Wants To Stay In Shape


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True Life Story: My Wife Wont Let Me Knack Because She Wants To Stay In Shape

Hi Lively Stones,

I need your help fast. After my wife had our third child, she decided that she will not continue with the contraceptive injections that she was taking. She said it was making her fat. Its true, my wife has really put on a lot of weight but its the price of having three pregnancies in less than five years. I thank God for our healthy children. My issue now is, after she said no more contraceptive, she said we must use condom or s3x can only be when she is on her safe period which is less than 4 days in a whole month.

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This caused an issue cos I don’t like condom. We quarreled about it. Someone advised her to use coil. She tried it and said she was very uncomfortable with it, she eventually got rid of it. So that it will not look like that I am being an insensitive husband, I decided to go with her rules for no s3x except with condom. This made me dislike having s3x with her. So for many days, I would rather go without s3x than use rubber.

My wife noticed the low frequency of s3x and accused me of cheating on her. I did not bother to explain myself. She has herself to blame for making a rule that makes me detest s3x. The quarrelling got so much that I had to tell her that its because I don’t enjoy s3x with rubber. So we agreed on pull out s3x. I swear to God, I tried but my pull out betrayed me. My wife got pregnant and she got so mad. Somehow, she had a miscarriage but after that, no more pull out s3x.

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My wife practically locked up and only allows me for s3x for her safe period every month. Anything other than that…she will not agree. After about a year of living like this, I got used to this almost s3xless marriage. I got into masturbation for my release but I noticed masturbation started making me last less than 5 mins in real s3x. This is the problem in my marriage. I am dying inside me. I do not want to cheat on my wife but I do not want to continue like this. I am s3x starved. I cant knack my wife when I want to, I have to wait till safe period…who does that?

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When I knew I needed help was when I started lusting after a young lady in my workplace. This girl is behaving like the devil sent her. She flirts with me and the tension between us is almost getting to a place where I will soon off her pant. I swear to God, this lady is waiting for my signal and it will be game over. Ladies and gentlemen…your brother will soon join the statistics of married men who cheat on their wives.

And no one should blame me. Its been a whole year of scanty s3x. I have tried and I am about to throw in the towel. I don’t understand how my wife is able to go without s3x and expect me to do the same? She is always going to gym and working out cos she wants to loose weight. She cares about nothing else. Are there other married men like me? Please what do you do to hold body because me I cannot hold body any longer. I need your help and advise. Thank you.

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  1. Dear poster,I must say your wife is very selfish and unreasonable. Who does that in marriage? You need to check who your wife is listening to,there is something she is not saying.

    You need to have a one on one talk with her ooo,she needs to understand that you are human and a man,you need love making like kilode. She’s just after her body shape, nothing more.

    Don’t lust after that small girl that has been giving you signal,you better watch it and be careful. Look for a way to sort out the issues in your family rather than going out to get solution.

    If she doesn’t listen, please involve her family as quick as possible,wetin sef?


  2. Do you know that men also do family planning? Family planning is not for women alone! Make enquiries and know what to do! She suffers to make sure she doesn’t get pregnant and you’re doing as if it’s only her business! It is your business too! You can go ahead with your colleague and be justified in your eyes but with God, you’re sinner! Do the needful and enjoy your wife!

  3. Your wife can seek for help other than injection and she would be able to spark up the sex life without starving you or you feeling abandoned.

    In all , do not cheat.

    Leave the young girl alone and seek help to get your sex life active with your wife.

    I will.suggest that you have a heart to heart talk with your wife. Fix your marriage.

    She is trying to look good for her health and you. Assure her of making it adjustments. Use condom till you find a solution that works for the two of you.


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