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True Life Story: Father Gets Revenge On Son For Refusing To Be A Soldier Like Him-Pt 2


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True Life Story: Father Gets Revenge On Son For Refusing To Be A Soldier Like Him-Pt 2



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My FIL said, that there are many things a man can take to be strong to be S.e.xually active. That his son is aware of those things. That Idoma men as very strong men.That his son is a disgrace to manhood. Then one night, Papa called me and my husband to talk to us.I thought he had finally left me alone and he wants to reconcile me and my husband. Papa told my husband that he has noticed that my husband is abandoning his duties to his wife, always workings and always out of the house..

Papa jokingly said, if my husband cannot do his ”duties” he will help him o. We all laughed at the joke but little did my husband know how true that statement was. My husband said he will change and that he will make his father proud. My father inlaw then gave him a root herb drink to use that night. That night, after the talk….my husband made love to me. But before I could say anything, he ejaculated. But at least, we had coitus for the first time in three years. I tried to go a second round but hubby was already snoring.

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I was wondering what happened….did the root herb that Papa gave him not work? I then saw that my husband truly did not drink the herb. I think my husband does not want to have S** with me….not because he is tired but because of the other woman, his side chick. Maybe he is in love with her ….cos some days, he does not come home….he spends time with the woman. When I ask, he will say he stayed with a friend but I have told him to stop lying cos I know he is seeing someone. And he will say, so if you know….why are you now disturbing yourself. So you see, this man clearly wants to frustrate me out of this marriage.

When he slept off….I was still feeling very horny. I wanted to run to Papa to finish the work but I could not…I told myself….not when hubby is around. So, I had no choice but to touch myself to get the feeling of satisfaction. The next morning which was Easter Monday. Before 6am, hubby had his bath and said he has to go to work, I even tried to beg him to have a quickie with me before going, he said he has no time to waste. So he left. A few minutes later, Papa called me to help him get hot water cos his chest was paining him. I genuinely thought he was sick. I never suspected the old man was up to something. The children were still sleeping…

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As I got into the sitting room to give my father in-law his hot water….the man was standing naked with his erection at full attention….I dropped the hot water in my hand. he was smiling and stroking it. He then said, how did my son do last night….did he perform well? I was mumbling rubbish….he then held my hand….and said or do you want me to finish up what my son started but could not complete? Papa led me into the bathroom, bolted the door and f*cked me on the toilet seat,on the floor….he had to hold my mouth so I don’t scream as I was moaning so loudly.  When he finished….he said to me, I will always be there for to take care of you…..stop running from something you cannot control.

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I looked at my husband’s father and saw the look of greed in his eyes. I asked him why he thinks I cannot control myself around him. He laughed and said, do you now why they call me Ogbenjuwa in Idoma? My father inlaw said he always liked me from when they came to my father’s house to marry me for his son. But he had to control himself. That when I came to tell him how his son was treating me, denying me S**….that I awakened the feelings he had for me. And he has made incantations and libations, that I will never be able to resist him. He also said he did something so no one can catch us. That the libation he did will make my husband never suspect anything.

And Papa is right…I cannot control this….its been cat and mouse in my house since Monday….I have been avoiding the man but at the same time, I have been craving him more and more. How will I not go to hell fire like this. The bad part is….we both know we are doing something very wrong but its like the old man said….he has me under his spell now….and there is nothing I can do to stop this. This man also said, I should stop worrying, that as my husband’s father, he is also my husband, that he is helping his son, so I should relax and stop worrying…

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Sometimes I wonder why a father would do this to his son. But from what I can understand…my husband’s father has always resented him for not obeying his wish to join the army. I think he is just trying to punish his son. And I also believe this man is obsessed with me. He is enjoying this too much. He says has been with alot of women but that there is something special about me. Papa is fetish and he has used his power over me. The power he boasted that he used during war that no bullet can penetrate him….now, he is using that power to keep his daughter in-law as his S** slave.

You see why I need your help and prayers…..this man has something over me cos I keep wanting him everytime….its really like I am under a spell…..a spell to always have S** with my father inlaw….I sometimes get wet just by looking at him or even thinking of the last time he had S** with me. I feel like running away cos I cant even say that I am not enjoying it. Sometimes I feel papa wants my husband to find out …maybe as an ultimate revenge….I dont really believe that incantation to make my husband unsuspicious will work…..

And the worst part is, this man is not showing any sign of going back to the village. Some people will curse me after reading this…I know I will burn in hell for this…it is not an ordinary matter….my father in-law is a dangerous man. I am afraid of even telling anyone….not just because they will blame me but I also think of what this man can do to me if he can do this to his own son.

I need help and advise on what to do.


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  1. You allowed this rubbish in the first place,he is not using any incantation or libation against you,don’t allow it scare you biko…

    You have to be intentional,tell him to go, he has to leave that house this minute. For 3years, your husband didn’t touch you, nawaooo..

    Tell your husband everything his yeye father has been doing, sooner or later he would find out oooo,so tell him.

    Just be careful,be mindful,at 25 see what you are already doing to yourself. It is well

  2. Dear poster, for you to want to break out means whatever he did is not working.hes just playing with your emotions because you’re naive.its all in your mind that it’s working it’s clearly not working. you have a choice to stop it all.its lack of S.e.x that is making you want him knowing he’s there to give you S.e.x.since you know your husband is seeing another one and he’s starving you of S.e.x talk to your husband about the way forward.you can’t continue like this please.his response would determine if he’s ready to change or if he wants to put an end to the marriage.my thought

  3. I believe you have been caught in a dangerous web.
    To start with, your husband’s neglect of his conjugal duties to you his wife for 3 years leaves me suspicious.
    Is he in his right senses?
    It looks like something is behind it.

    This your FIL I believe has been working behind the scene all along and has just hit his target, which is you.
    Listen to his confession of wanting you from day one your husband wanted to marry you.
    He had always wanted you and planned all these to get you.

    You need to get up!
    Not only is your life in danger, including that of your husband.
    That FIL of yours will do anything to have you for keeps, even if it means killing your husband, his own son, and he is not doing it empty handed. He is using evil powers.

    But the good news is that there is a power greater that the devilish power he is using. The power of God in the name of Jesus Christ.
    Locate a deliverance church ASAP.
    Start by asking God for mercy and repent from the evil you have committed with your FIL.
    Go for serious prayers and counseling.
    Be very serious about it. Only God can deliver you from this fetish man.
    The power of prayers will drive him from your life and home.
    Make sure you include your husband (for now) by proxy. Take his picture along and let prayers be made for him. Distance is not a barrier to God.
    After the power behind the evil done is broken in your husband’s life and he comes to his senses, then you can tell him all that transpired.
    God will give you victory.

  4. If at all you avoid this at first move things would have been Better nown you see , you allow your emotion to overshadowed you


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