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True Life Story: Help-Why Is My Niece Doing This Horrible Thing To Me?


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True Life Story: Help-Why Is My Niece Doing This Horrible Thing To Me?

Hi Lively Stones,

I need advise on a very sensitive matter. Its about my 15 year old niece. My step sister lost her husband after the man suffered stroke for many years. Their first born, my niece was about 9 years old at the time. The other two siblings were under 5 years old. I was in secondary school and I was living with my Step sister cos she needed help. I was their house boy, cook, cleaner, everything. I loved her kids and we were all like siblings even though they called me Uncle.

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After I got admission to study in Benin republic, It was hard to come home cos of financial challenges. But after I graduated, I went home and my sisters children were so happy.  The day I returned, my sister’s eldest child was not at home, she was in boarding school. I really wanted to see her cos we used to be very close. The week after she came back home and I could not recognize her. I mean, she had grown to be a full woman. AT 15 years, she looked like she was at least 20…curves and so pretty.

I was so happy to see her. We stayed up late, just talking and catching up. I used to call her my babe…like my favourite girl, etc when she was small…She started asking me if I missed her….if I thought about her…she said she was always thinking about me…she asked me if I had a girlfriend…she said hope I remember she is my girlfriend….I said yes na…my no 1 babe….I was laughing and telling her to mind her business…she asked if I thought she was beautiful…I told her she was stunning…I was concerned about questions she was asking me but I felt she just missed me and I told her that I missed her too.

When it was time to sleep, I opted to sleep in the living room cos I felt she needed her privacy. Not like when they were little and we all slept on the same bed in the same room. But this girl insisted I stay in the same room as them. Well, I am their uncle so nothing bad came to their mind. Something unexpected happened that night….this girl started moving close to me after like several hours later…I was surprised so I pushed her away but she was like she wants to stay close to me cos she has missed me so much.

I was still not getting it but after a few minutes, I realized this little girl was actually trying to seduce me. I was shocked…I began to push her away gently. Her brothers were fast asleep in the same room. Why would she do this? We both continued to struggle until I could take it no more. What made it worse was, I was even getting an erection as she struggled with me. I had to run away from the room to the living room. I was panicking cos I was just thinking what would happen if her mom saw us like this…with my full erection.

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That night, I barely slept a wink…the next day…I had to lie to my sister that I have to travel to the village for something urgent. My sister did not want me to go…she said I should wait till weekend, so she will see money to buy somethings I will take home to the family. I was very afraid to stay one more night in that house. In the afternoon, I had to call my niece aside and ask her why she did what she did last night. She seemed very embarrassed but she said she does not know what happened to her.

So, I told her that she needs to focus on her books and not boys. She agreed and apologized. Then she asked a very disturbing question: she said, Uncle…you are not really my uncle…you are like my step uncle…is it wrong for us to get married in future? I opened my mouth in shock. I asked her where all of these is coming from…and she said…she has loved me from when she was 10 years old.

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This girl said that I am her forever crush. I had to explain to her that she is having a wrong mindset…that first she is too young to be thinking of marriage and secondly….it can never be with someone like me cos we are related…she is my sister. I could not believe how such a 15 year old was so into s3x….she continued trying to convince me…touching me…trying to turn me on until I slapped her.

This girl started crying…saying she has been dreaming of me since all these years…that she thought I loved her…I told her I love her but not that kind of love. Readers, I became too afraid cos I did not know what else to say to this girl. I just told her to forget about me and boys…she left and started frowning and refused to talk to me for the rest of the day. Her mother noticed she was sad and withdrawn and was worried. She was asking everyone if they know what is wrong with her daughter.

Everyone said they dont know why she is sad…she refused to eat that evening and stayed in her room. That night, the mom was like, I should please talk to her daughter for her cos she is worried about her. She said, you know she will open up to you cos both of you are close. Jesus…if only the mother knows. I was shaking ….I went to meet this girl and begged her to smile and be happy because her mom is worried. She refused to say anything until I agree to say I love her and will marry her. So, I told her I love her and will marry her if she promise to keep our relationship a secret until she is 18 years cos her mother will not agree to anything until then.

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My niece became happy and we all got talking again. That night, I slept in the living room. I was sleeping peacefully until around 3am…I woke up to someone lying beside me…and behold it was her again…she said she could not sleep. Truth is….I was more scared of her mother waking up and finding us fighting…so I told her to sleep beside me….she slept beside me and continued to dry hump me…I felt her wet and she came quietly….I also came all over her dress….I am ashamed but I was afraid that if I refused my niece….she will continue to struggle and my sister will wake up and catch us in an awkward situation.

All I was thinking was, how will I explain when my step sister’s daughter will tell her mother that is in love with me and has been trying to seduce me…at the age of 15? The next day….I borrowed money from a neighbor and travelled without telling my step sister or anyone. I have been very troubled and I do not know what to do or who to tell or how to handle this matter. My step sister is so upset that I left without telling her. I just told her am sorry but she refused to understand….the night I got to the village…I had a wet dream about my nieace….bro…is this girl possessed? What is happening to me?

As it is….I may never be able to go to my sister’s house again….I am worried about my niece….what should I do about her? Is this just a teenage crush that will fade away after sometime? Oh my god…I am so burdened….I made my niece wet and she made me cum. I am freaking out and I am thinking that this will send me to hell cos I feel like I already had s3x with my niece in my head…OMG…is that not incest?….I need help and advise…surely….her mother must never find out. What do I do please?


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  1. Dear poster,I just thank God you haven’t had anything to do with your little niece,I just hope so.

    You weren’t firm enough,you were playing along with her as she was coming close and seducing you abi,weldone.

    I’m trying to imagine the gap between you and that little girl,yet you were not firm enough to sit her down as an uncle that you are to her.

    Here is what I have to say,if indeed you’re not playing along, kindly tell your sister about her daughter,if that girl is not well groomed she might be doomed,at 15 she already knows how to seduce,how to cum and do the do. So that girl no be virgin? Haaaaaaaaa,aye mi……

    Go back to that house and tell your sister,how long will you keep running away from your little niece? Her mother needs to know, I don’t even know why some mothers will just take their children to boarden school and forget to talk to them from time to time,forget to talk to them about sex education. It’s well! This our generation sef

  2. You were not firm enough in handling the situation. This girl is very much younger than you. For a girl of 15 to have such feelings for the opposite sex is very dangerous for her, not to talk of those feelings being towards you, her uncle!
    You need to see that girl as someone in great danger of ruining her life sexually in future if not helped now and act urgently towards saving her.
    Running away from the house is not the solution at all.

    You should have told the mom about it.
    It’s unfortunate that she couldn’t see the changes in her daughter, while you a man noticed it. If she was the attentive type, she would have seen the physical, physiological, phycological and emotional changes in her daughter which are beyond her age at 15.

    If you truly love your step sister and niece and don’t want that girl to ruin her life, you need to go back to that house and inform your sister what happened. Both of you should sit her down and EXPLAIN everything to her. Start from sex education. She’s too young to start acting the way she’s doing. At these age, those feelings should be curbed. She should face her studies and future.
    Tell her about your relationship with her. You cannot marry her.
    Be very firm about it.
    At this stage, she needs close monitoring. She has been negatively exposed to sex and most likely from the boarding school she’s attending.
    If after watching her and she seems far gone, if possible, you can bring her to a day school.

  3. You did the right thing by giving space at moment.

    But If you are not interested in the child, you could try to be polite and let her down easy.

    You could say something like, I’m flattered that you like me, but I don’t feel the same way about you.

    If the child persists, you may need to be more firm and say something like, I’m sorry, but I’m just not interested

    What need to be done are as follows

    For one reason or another, you’ve become a father figure (been there done that). Life can be a messy business. However:

    You become a role model of who she should eventually marry. You use your influence to show her what a good man is and does. You protect her from harm, exhibit unconditional love, and teach her how to push back against being exploited.

    And you help her get out into the world, whatever that might mean to her.

    If you think about it properly and it consequences you would be shocked to know how many men could have saved themselves a lot of pain and trouble if only they had put their brains in gear.

    Please Never be alone with her. Never give in to her advances. Do not talk and text with her. Car ride? No. Homework? No. Talk about her problems? No. DON’T DO IT! Your head will spin when you see how quickly she will turn against you and accuse you of everything under the sun.

    say nothing to your niece or relatives or your family will implode & you will lose them all. This is Not normal.

    Kids are capable of tell tremendously damaging lies , and they know they can get away with it because of their young age. Never let your guard down around her. Never touch her. Never make any comment about her appearance, even when other people are around. This kids can be dangerous best welisge.

  4. You need to come clean to your sister that is the only way out. You can’t run forever. Maybe not in the immediate but you have to let your sister know what her daughter is doing so she can guide her. As soon as you get your confidence please tell your sister if not you will be an accomplice and that will make you look very bad.

  5. Dear Poster,

    If you are running away, you are encouraging her to find solace with another young person.

    She is infatuated and will surely grow out of it but not easily.

    They solution is to firmly clear yourself of any affection of sort from your head and mind.

    You weren’t firm because you liked her and was concerned about your sister knowing not cos you know it was all wrong.

    You can’t date her. You won’t marry her. You can’t mislead her. She is a minor. She is naive.

    She grew up to like you and want the care you showed to her as s child to become a permanent thing because she feels only you can treat her right.

    Return home and talk to your sister. She needs to know and speak to the girl not just about you but other men. You need to be firm to straighten the girl’s thoughts and emotions.

    After this, you can leave the house till you have dealt with your inner war and she is gotten over you.

    You need to have control over your emotions and be a protector not a scavenger or devourer.

    Please, be a good uncle.


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