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True Life Story: How My Spiritual Leader Deceived Me & Seduced My Husband


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True Life Story: How My Spiritual Leader Deceived Me & Seduced My Husband

Hello Lively Stones,

This world is filled with alot of pretentious and evil people, especially the ones hiding under spirituality. Some are close to you just to deceive and destroy. I was deceived by someone I trusted so much. Last year, we moved into a new neighborhood and we decided to locate a local parish for our family worship. I  found a place not too long, it was nice. There is this woman leader in the parish that is very dedicated and committed  in the activities. She is a single mother of three teenagers. The story everyone said about her was that her husband abandoned her and her kids to marry a white woman abroad.  All women go to her for advise and prayers. She became like a spiritual leader and mother figure to me and many other women.. She was a powerful prayer warrior in the parish.

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Our problem started when shortly after we moved in. I don’t know how it happened but I started noticing that anytime me and my husband are making love, he somehow tries to put his finger or manhood inside my anus and when notice it, I try to remove his hand from there…then one day, my husband who was doing it from behind suddenly out it directly into the second hole. I screamed and told him to stop it. He did not want to but I aggressively pushed him away and that is how he got off.

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By the time he got off, he was upset. He said he wants to have anal s3x with me and I told him…it will never happen. Actually, hubby has been trying to get me to do anal with him since we got married but I always refuse. But that day, he got so upset that he started shouting at me and accusing me of denying him his right as my husband. After that day, he did not speak to me for weeks. I was worried and I thought to carry the matter to my woman leader in the parish.

That is how I went and told this woman about my marital problems. As I was telling her, I was crying cos I was getting tired of my husband’s behaviour…somewhere in my mind, I started thinking he was bisexual. After complaining to my woman leader, I was shocked at her response: she asked me why I am indeed denying my husband anal. That the bible did not say s3x between married couples must be vaginal. She ended up scolding me and told me to go and learn how to give my husband what she wants.

To God who made me, this woman said I should stop acting super holy holy. That if she not a single mother, she would do anything her husband asked of her. Even if its anal sex.Then she went ahead to teach me how to apply lubricants and other things to be able to practice safe anal s3x. I took her advise and with her training me, I believed it was ok to engage in anal s3x within the marriage. My husband was surprised when I initiated it…infact he was too happy and he asked me why I changed my mind and how I learnt how to do anal. I told her that the woman leader taught me. My husband was happy and he wanted to thank this woman for advising and teaching me how to be a good wife that satisfies her husband’s s3xual needs very well.

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Since then, our families even became much closer. She was like our big sister. We called her mummy T. Last month, it was my turn to host the women’s alnight fellowship in our house. The women came in and we had the fellowship. Most women left around 5am but Mummy T stayed back to help me clean up the next morning. While we were cleaning up, I thought it was wise to also offer her some breakfast before she leaves, so I rushed out to go get some bread, eggs, and other things for breakfast.

I told her I was going to the supermarket to get the items I needed but as I got on the road, I noticed a mallam selling most of what I needed, so I bought the things and was headed back home very quickly. On getting back home, I went through the back door into the kitchen cos I realized the front door was locked. That was strange cos I thought I left it open since there was someone in the house. But then, I remembered the back door was open. I felt my husband was still sleeping and did not want to wake him up and I thought big mummy was maybe in the toilet or something. So I let myself into the house through the back door.

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Once I was in the house, I dropped the things I went to buy and walked to the palour….and right there, I walked into my husband and mummy T …he was f#cking her from behind and not just from behind….he was giving her anal. They were so engrossed, they did not hear me enter or notice I was starring at them…it was my scream that got their attention. And then there was chaos. Both of them hurriedly tried to cover themselves and explain rubbish.

All I could say was….oh my God….my God…what is happening….am I dreaming? My husband and  Mummy T…. This same woman whom I trusted with my life….I mean, she and other women were in my house all night praying…how is she a demon incarnate right then? My husband had the audacity to try and explain that she was not at fault…that its his fault….that he forced her…that ever since I told him that she taught me how to do anal…he felt a strong temptation to do it with her…

My husband tried to convince me that she did not want to but he persuaded her to do it. All these talk was not making sense…I asked mummy T to leave my house and she did not utter a word…she looked at my husband and said to me….I dont blame you …you are ungrateful…I taught you how to have a great s3x life….you think your husband is not attractive? She abused me, that I went and opened my mouth that my husband loves anal….she said that alone will make other women want to taste my husband.

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My mouth was just open…I realized…she had completely played me…yes, she taught me how to do the things my husband loved…but she has been lusting after my husband to get those things from him. I asked how long this has been going on…she said since the time I came to confide in her…but my husband said its not true. Mummy T said she has nothing to hide and she enjoyed my husband….she said she has enjoyed my husband many times in and outside our house…she mockingly advised me that next time, I should learn to stop complaining about my husband’s s3x life…she pushed me off and left our house in rage.

Me and my husband were tongue tired….I only called my husband by his name…. I said Mike….and he said…please don’t call my name….Mummy T is right….everything is your fault….you are responsible for brining her into our lives. Since this incident happened…I have not been myself…I have so much hurt and anger and rage inside me…I want to destroy Mummy T and my husband…I reported Mummy T to the parish. An investigation was done. They found out that Mummy T deceived everyone. It was revealed that her 3 children were born to 3 different man. That she was a former prostitute claiming to be born again. The parish has suspended her but that has not brough peace to my home.

My husband and I don’t speak to each other since that day….I think he is still seeing Mummy T….Everyone is blaming me for taking an evil advise from such a woman….I have learnt a big lesson in the most hard way. I think I have lost my husband to this wicked woman…I have apologized to him even though I know its not my fault he had s3x with Mummy T….maybe he is under her influence? I think she really wants me out of the way so she can take my husband…right? Please what should I do?


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  1. Dear poster,you go dey trust mentor, spiritual leader abi na woman leader,so you never hear? Eyaaa , sorry you had to learn the hard way. ….

    Hope you’ve what you’re doing sha? Na there issue go dey oooo,you need to involve his family members because he’s still seeing that spiritual woman leader.

    Just imagine,no shame,right inside your house,he doesn’t deserve to be called husband. He’s so disgusting and shameless

    Tufiakwa,hope your kids were not around sha? What if one of your children entered your parlour just like the way you came in ?

    Abeg I just dey vex,the kind things wey person dey read these days about marriage.

    Dear poster,why did you agree to do anal with your husband in the first place? Do your know the health implications and dangers? Sorry ooooo

  2. It’s now I understand the phrase don’t report your spouse to anybody ever.

    The mistake has been made the Damage has been done my dear , pickup the picece of your marriage life together and act as though nothing happened.

    Put your husband in prayers
    And pray to God never to experience it again.

  3. Mummy wa atleast you pray and the God that exposes her is the same person that you pray to create enmity between them. As to your husband loving anal sex report the situation to God

  4. Very sad to know that you’re going through such a difficult situation. Infidelity can be incredibly painful, and discovering the circumstances surrounding it can add even more hurt and confusion. It’s important to prioritize your emotional well-being during this time.

    Honestly with any doubt Discovering that a spouse has been unfaithful can be painful, and the added complexity of the person involved being a spiritual leader can make it even more difficult to process.

    It’s also important to give yourself permission to feel whatever emotions arise and to take the time you need to heal.

    When you feel ready, having open and honest communication with your husband about the situation can be beneficial. It’s important to express your feelings and to discuss what steps can be taken to address the betrayal and work towards rebuilding trust, if that’s what you both desire.

    Regarding the involvement of a spiritual leader, it’s understandable if this aspect adds additional layers of confusion and pain. You may find it helpful to seek clarity and guidance from other trusted spiritual advisors or professionals who can provide support and perspective on how to navigate this aspect of the situation.

    Remember that you are not alone, and there is support available to help you through this difficult time.

  5. Anal sex is not good for you. It has detrimental side effects. You better desist. Stop doing everything to please a man. You gave him anal and yet he cheated. Be wise

  6. The incident is quite unfortunate. I don’t blame you for confiding in the so-called spiritual leader, because you thought she was what she claimed to be not knowing she’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing. But, when she advised you to consent to anal sex, that should have made you raise eyebrows and watch her more closely. No true spirit-filled, born again believer would tell you to agree to such dirty act.

    Anyway, the deed has been done. You need to get your husband back.
    Tell the church leaders that suspended the wolf about your husband. Seek for their assistance in prayers and counselling to your husband.
    You need to stand in the place of prayers and get your husband back from the clutches of that agent of the devil.

  7. The Bible says test every spirit. How can a spiritual leader advises such. That should have opened your eyes to mummy devil canality.
    The main problem is your husband. He is unstable and it is clearly obvious by the things he has done. Where did he learn anal sex? Obviously he has been doing it outside before coming to meet you. These are the subtle way the devil enters a marriage and ruin it.
    Your husband is far into the world and he is not seeing clearly. Please let his family members know .
    Stop begging him. You have him that opportunity to be ranting because you begged him. He is the one at fault!
    Begin to focus on your life with your children, ignore your husband ( it will not be easy but you can do it) if he likes he should be sleeping with mummy devil. It won’t be long before it will scatter.


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