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True Life Story: I Am Sitting On Damaging Evidence That Will Expose My Brother’s Evil Wife


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True Life Story: I Am Sitting On Damaging Evidence That Will Expose My Brother’s Evil Wife

Hello Lively Stones,

When my brother told the family that he was dating Julia (not real name), I was shocked because Julia is not my brother’s spec in any way. My brother is a cool, calm nerd, who is doing well for himself but Julia is the glamorous girl every guy wished they had as a girlfriend. But somehow their parts crossed when my brother went to UK for his masters and he informed us that they were dating. I never liked Julia cos I thought she was too exposed for my brother but my brother was smitten by a hot babe like Julia.

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I constantly cautioned my brother to be careful with Julia but he always told me I was too conservative. Throughout their dating, they were always fighting. Julia was always billing my brother to live the baby girl life. My mom did not like her either. But she kept over trying to force herself on our family to like her.  My family is the quiet type while Julia is from a very loud family….my brother and Julia broke up more times than they actually dated but my brother was smitten in love….he kept going back to her.

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Even when we were suspecting that Julia was cheating on him, my brother would never listen. That is how Julia got pregnant and before we knew it, they were rushing wedding. The weeks leading to the wedding was so full of arguments between Julia and my brother and my family. Eventually, my folks decided to remove their hands cos there were red flags everywhere but my brother insisted on going on with the wedding.’

This Julia girl is a manipulator. After she causes chaos, she will start begging and crying for forgiveness. She will blame it on her childhood trauma cos her parents are divorced. She never takes responsibility for anything. And that is how my brother is being deceived that she does not mean some of the terrible things she does. Is it the wedding food, there was fight….she disrespected me and my mom….the clothes for wedding nko….she insisted we use her tailor and in the end…she and the tailor had a fight…2 days to wedding….our dresses were not ready….we had to arrange our own clothes under 24 hours.

Too many things that Julia does….then she will blame it on pregnancy hormones too. Anyway….they have been married and my family have never interfered in their issues. Do you know that when their son was born….Julia refused for my mom to come do omogwo…..she instead forced my brother to pay for a nanny in UK….you know how expensive nannies are in UK? Julia never allows anyone of us take a picture of her son or even let any one of us come and stay over in their place for more than a day.

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Julia forced my brother to chase his once loved close family away. Anyway, I travelled this summer to UK and stayed with my aunt for 2 weeks. One day, we attended a wedding of one our family friends in UK, at the wedding, when I was introduced to one amebo Nigerian woman…she asked how we are coping with Julia…I smiled and said…all is well. She laughed and said….that girl Julia has no shame….that she is sleeping with a married man in UK who’s family is back in Nigeria.

Worse is that, she made the man give her the iPhone14 that he was planning on sending his wife back in Nigeria for her birthday, but Julia took it for herself. I was so ashamed. Since then, I did not know to keep this information to myself. I told my sisters. But we did not know what to do. So, I had to plan to visit my brother in UK…when he saw me, he was happy and asked me to stay the night. I agreed. Julia barely looked at me. She was like, so sorry…pls you cant stay more than tonight….you know me and my husband have agreed no third parties in our home.

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I just laughed….I waited until I could get her attention alone….I cornered her and confronted her about the married man she was sleeping with….she tried to deny it and I told her if she does, I will tell my husband how she got the iphone. She told me it was a gift…that the man is her uncle….bla bla bla….so I said…lets go and visit this uncle together. Of course, she gave several reasons why the man is so buy and cannot see us. I was not convinced, so told her to stop seeing the man or I will tell my brother. She said I have no evidence.

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Please right now…I have evidence of Julia and this man. Don’t worry how I got it…I have my ways…I got someone to video them and its very bad. This woman actually has a s3x tape with this man. I am so embarrassed and disgusted. I also managed to hack her phone and got all conversations with this man and other men. This woman is a sl*t.  Right now, I have the power to end this ungodly marriage my brother has with this woman….but I am thinking of the best way to use it…I thought of leaking the video online ….I also thought of sending it to my brother…I don’t know how he will take it…and then, I thought of perhaps sending it to Julia….maybe that will make her leave the marriage by herself but she will say I am blackmailing her right?.

This Julia is just too evil….how can she do this to my brother….I am shaking just thinking of what to do with the video…one thing is….this marriage must end….I need your advise…I dont want to hurt my brother but his wife is a demon. Please share this with your readers…I want to know how to go about this.


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  1. Family owe us the truth regardless the situation at hand. Tell him about his wife’s infidelity lifestyle and don’t bring the video not until you have to.

  2. Dear poster,I’m fully in support of you,that marriage must end. Enough of the nonsense,your innocent brother does not deserve to be treated in this way or manner by Julia. How can Julia be going out with other men while she is married?

    Your brother needs to do a DNA,why did she even rush that marriage? The pregnancy/baby doesn’t belong to your brother,act fast

    Have a one on one talk with your brother first,then whatever he says will determine if you will send the video anonymously. Your brother must see the video,infact send it to your mum,that marriage must end,your brother cannot continue in such a marriage,he might contract STD from her,not just one man but men haaaaaa!

    Let your brother think of how to get custody of his child if at all the child is even his.

    It’s well,make una dey shine una eye oooo,love is no longer blind.

  3. So, you are still asking if you should tell your brother? I See you really care for Julia and not your brother.

    Before I open my eyes, you better go and tell your brother and this time, he must leave her and not look back.

    Your brother is an effeminate and emasculated man, he is a women worshiper. Some men amaze with how they pedestalize women.

  4. Hmm ,this Ur story has so many rhythm of bondage for a brother who refuses to listen

    What an elders sees when he is sitting down ,even when a child climbs an iroko tree he would never see it

    Ur brother refuses to listen to his family ,that serves him right for the retribution he got from his wife

    How do u want to marry a woman ,and no body in Ur family support it and u still went ahead to marry her ,isn’t it rather strange that u (the man ) seem to be the only one that is interested in her

    Only a woman knows another woman better ,u can’t know a woman more than Ur sister or Ur mother ,I tell u even during courtship their is so many acting that both gender often put up

    So if u want to marry a woman and u can’t get support from either Ur parent of any of Ur family members ,no body then it is a red flag for me already

    Once a woman sees another woman ,she can perceive things from Ur partner that even as a man in 100 years I bet u u would never know ,yes I am beating my chest to back up this claim

    Anyway that serves him right ,if his wife is sleeping with a married man ,he deserves what he got ,

    He over look the red flags ,he over look her manipulation now he is reaping the dividend of his careless decision

    Anyway if it was to be my family no body would even care to bother by him

    But u people are nice sha ,after he rejected Ur advice u still found a way to desire to help him ,that’s rare not all family would do it self

    Now what I believe u should do

    U already have a sex tape of the woman ,while linger over to show it to Ur brother,u are careful in reasoning if it would hurt Ur brother

    She having sex with another man is her hurting him already and the oy antidote is u (as a reasonable sister ) is to show Ur brother

    Infact I am beginning to doubt if the children she has for Ur brother are his ,

    Because a woman who is sexing another man ,under the nose of Ur brother how do u then guarantee that those children are his

    The solution to to Ur question is simple , release the sex tape to Ur brother ,so he can see the mistake he married as a wife

    A weak man would always marry a manipulative man ..

  5. Before you tell him, as a family also pray, it is possible the lady may have used powers to blind your Brothers eyes that is why he was not able to heed his families advice or take adequate note of the red flags. So it may not entirely be his fault if he was low spiritually and they manipulated him in the spirit.

    Do some binding and loosing prayers, let some of your family in on it then let your Brother know.

    Let him run a DNA test on the child too.

  6. Dear Poster,

    Begin by stating away from that marriage.

    Don’t discuss or confront Julia with your evidence and don’t share the video with her.

    Start praying against any stronghold she has on your brother to be broken and that your brother’s eyes would be opened to know who she truly is and also that he het strength and wisdom to take the right decision.

    Pray for your brother’s life, sanity and safety.

    Pray fervently and don’t relent.

    While praying, until you return to Nigeria, then get a new line and send that video or one evidence to your brother and tell him you wish to release the rest on the internet.

    That if he doesn’t want you to do so, he should secretly run a DNA test and share result with you.

    Besides, he should end the marriage before he gets infected or turned to a dummy who does her bidding while he is a figure head till they get the chance to kill him.

    Your brother might accuse you of scattering his marriage if you send it direct. He may not see reasons with you. Besides, he might share it with the wife and they will use love and close that topic.

    Take a quick action and don’t keep quite.

    I wish you the best.


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