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True Life Story: Marriage Has Become Game As Married Man Place Bets To Cheat On Wife


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True Life Story: Marriage Has Become Game As Married Man Place Bets To Cheat On Wife

Hello Lively Stones,

Please help me share this story. Alot of people now see marriage as something else and frankly speaking this is discouraging alot of people from getting married. Many prefer to have partners to have children but refuse to marry. Its very sad and its just some sick people who are responsible for this sad trend. This is a story that I witnessed myself and I cannot help but share it. I also wanted to share this story so those planning wedding can be careful of people who attend their weddings.

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So, a girlfriend we all knew from way back secondary school sent her wedding invite to the school alunmi chat group In February. She also asked any lady who wanted to be in her train, she wanted a 50 number of ladies on her train. The girl is from a well to do home. Her wedding was going to be the talk of the town. No one was surprised, even from school, Shade liked to show off cos her parents were rich.

True Life Story: Marriage Has Become Game As Married Man Place Bets To Cheat On Wife


And then when she posted the picture of her IV with the groom, everyone was stunned cos the guy was fine abeg. Some people quickly did their research and found out the guy too is rich. The guy is into IT sales and franchises. Well, as a single and searching girl, I quickly bought the asoebi that cost 65k. I knew it was going to be a party that would have a lot of promising young men and I decided to attend to see who might catch my fancy.

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I had to ask my colleague Bimbo in the office to give my asoebi to her tailor cos Bimbo is a killer dresser….her fashion and dressing eh…is a cover page always ready. When Bimbo saw the quality of lace that I was going to use for the wedding, she got really interested…wanted me to give her gist so I gave her the full gist and when she saw the IV for the wedding, she begged me to help her buy the asoebi too cos she also wanted to attend the wedding.

Well, I didn’t think it would hurt to have a companion at the wedding, so I got Bimbo the material and she her own dress. We just kept talking excitedly about the upcoming wedding, you would think it was Christmas day that was coming. I never saw Bimbo’s style until we met at the reception of the wedding that day. As Bimbo stepped out of her uber at the gate of the wedding, all heads turned and my mouth went wide open.

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Bimbo was dressed in the most scandalous wedding guest dress in the history of weddings. Her dress slit was just almost showing her undies and the girl no even wear paint. She was shaven like a new born baby. The dress was sleeveless…her huge breast was ready to burst out of the dress any minute…the back was bare…Bimbo was dressed to murder!…Even me as her friend was so shy cos everyone was staring at her.

I asked Bimbo why she dressed like this…why causing all these attention….the girl was like…she is on a mission to get a fine dude o….like the bride’s husband. The party was lit…every one who was someone in the society was there. When it was time to dance….Bimbo was on the floor showing off her steps plus her goods. She caught the eyes of a lot of guys no doubt. And she left the wedding with one of the grooms men that day. I knew it was going down that night.

I went home alone that day o. I met a few guys but nothing serious clicked. So, I was waiting patiently for Bimbo to gist me about her night with the guy she met at the wedding. This girl did not call me. Her phone kept ringing throughout but she did not pick up. Later, she sent me a text that she will call me back. She did not call me back. On Monday at work, I rushed to Bimbo’s desk to look for her. The girl was looking wasted. And it was Monday morning, so she said she will gist me later. That I wont believe what went down after the party.

So after close of work, I told Bimbo to take a taxi with me so she can gist me on the way home. It was in that taxi ride Bimbo told me that she what happened after the wedding. She said, she went with the guy to the hotel and they had S**. The guy then invited her for the after party on the hotel pent house. According to Bimbo, the bride and groom and some of their friends were at the after party. Everyone is lit, drinking, dancing and smoking.

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Bimbo said she was later introduced to the couple…and she noticed the way the groom was staring at her breasts. The party went late into the night. She spent the night in the hotel room with the guy she met at the party. They exchanged nos. The guy got her an uber. But as Bimbo went downstairs to get into her lobby….the hotel receptionist gave her an envelop. The envelop had a note in it with one thousand dollars inside. The note read, wait for me in room 309, signed B. She asked the hotel guy who gave her the note and all she was told was, the host of the party last night.

Bimbo said she thought the host of the party last night was either a friend of the married couple so she decided to go to room 309. She got there, and saw a note for her to take a shower and wait for Mr. B. Bimbo took a shower and slept for a while. When she woke up, she met someone staring at her. And when she opened her eyes fully…it was the groom…the guy who got married last night. Bimbo said she could not believe her eyes but the guy told her to keep his visit a secret. Told her he was mesmerized by her when he saw her at his wedding last night.

Bimbo tried to make remind him that he just got married but the guy was not ready to listen. He went ahead to ask Bimbo if she wanted to earn another $1k…my friend was like…why not. And that is how Bimbo had S** with a man who got married less than 24 hours ago. After they had S**, he gave her the money and told he just won a bet by sleeping with her. That four of his friend made a bet when they saw her dancing and shaking her booty at the wedding, made a bet that anyone who sleeps with Bimbo under 24 hours after the wedding sleeping with Bimbo gets $1M…..

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So, the guy and the groom sleeping with her was for a bet. But Bimbo did not mind….after all, she got $2k richer for it. I could not believe my ears…she showed me the money in her purse. I felt so bad and guilty for bringing Bimbo my friend to the wedding what I could not understand is why a freshly married man is cheating on his freshly married wife?

Throughout the next few weeks, the couple went on honey moon and the dude still kept texting Bimbo. The guy said, he still wants to keep f*cking Bimbo. And my friend is ready to keep cashing out. I have been warning Bimbo to stop doing this to her fellow woman and she said, she is not the one, its the guy coming for her. Bimbo and I were gisting recently and from her argument, it seems there is really no need of marriage. I mean…not with what is happening with Bimbo and this guy.

Yes, Bimbo is attractive….but marriage is supposed to be sacred. I feel somehow bad for bringing Bimbo to that wedding. Two weeks ago, when I got to the office, Bimbo was absent. I called her line but she did not pick up. I was told she took one week off for her leave. Later, Bimbo texted me to guess where she is….she is in Maldives with the guy who got married just three weeks ago. She sent me pictures and I almost had a heart attack. Now, the girl who got married will think her husband is on a business trip but he is f*cking a girl he met at their wedding?

What do people think about marriage sef? And what should I do to stop this nonsense since Bimbo does not want to listen, should I tell my friend? Maybe I should send her an anonymous message with the pictures Bimbo sent to me? Then I thought, its not my business to break a home that has barely started…las las…everybody go dey alright. So I decided to mind my business. Bimbo came back and I decided enough is enough, I started giving her distance. I thought she had gone too far with this man.

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And then guess what: pictures of this man and some chick making out got leaked and shared online and in our school whatsapp group. Click the link to join LivelyStones whatsapp Chat. Apparently, Bimbo is not the only girl this man is bonning. Everyone was talking about it. The gist was trending for days. The dude then came online to say those pictures were fake and doctored. And that he loves his wife and will never cheat on her. And then the wife went on to post that jealous people are hoping to break her down by posting fake pictures and bad rumor about her husband cos he is rich. People started supporting her for standing by her husband.

And then I looked at the pictures of Bimbo and this guy and I wonder…..how this poor girl can be so blind and I wonder if my silence is doing any good for this new wife. I am still very sure Bimbo is seeing this guy….and I feel guilty everyday knowing what I know and yet I have chosen to remain silent. Please advise me…should I speak or remain silent? what is the best thing to do?


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  1. Keep quiet there is nothing hidden under the sun just as you said las las everybody go dey alright you don’t need to say it just as the S.e.x tap leaked so will the truth come out some day so chill and watch things unfold.peace

  2. The best thing for you to do is to speak,let the cat out of the bag. This nonsense must stop,please spill . Thank you

  3. Marilyn has already said, you need to tell the woman, people can be so wicked. Scary times. Stop being bimbo’s friend, later they will be shouting women supporting women, women are oppressed in marriage, but they are the ones destroying other women’s marriages.

    Please, tell the woman, but I suggest you have a physical meeting with her, because, if she is alone, she can harm herself.

    Please tell her. Just see how men are rolling out money to women, but will never help fellow men. Some men are really foolish.

  4. The wife is doesn’t seem like the type to leave a marriage or a rich fine man, if you tell her you will be the enemy and she will say you are trying to break her home.

    It would have been better to tell her but it is not every woman that you can tell such, some women have dependent mentality and they would turn it around and blame you instead of thank you. My advice stay away from bimbo and the case entirely, you may not be appreciated

  5. Kindly tell her what is happening and thank God you have a picture to support your claim.

    Keep off from your friend, in fact, she is no more your friend. Distance yourself.


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