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True Life Story: Why Ladies Need To Motivate Men To Marriage Proposal


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True Life Story: Why Ladies Need To Motivate Men To Marriage Proposal

Editor’s note:

We received a shocking response to one of our stories. Please read and share what you think about this current poster’s story? Please share in the comment section. Do men really need to be motivated to make marriage proposals?

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Dear Lively Stones,

Please don’t crucify me but I just want to share my story to help your poster of yesterday (click here to read yesterday’s story). You see, life is not balance for some people like us. I grew up having to struggle for everything I have in life including the man I married. Let me spare you the long story of how my upbringing affected me and the wrong decisions I made. My mother died when we were young and left me and my siblings to the mercy of a very wicked step mother.

Yes, I was a former hook up girl. Life was very hard. I dropped out of school to do hook up. I did that for almost 4 years. I learnt a trade…that was when I met Jide (not real name). He was God sent, very nice to me, this was the first time a man was in love with me, not just for s3x but genuinely in love with me. We had big plans together. To get married and have children and travel the world,etc. And then, my wicked half siblings tried to ruin it for me.

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On my marriage introduction day, they went to tell my inlaws that I was an ex hooker. The family got into a heated argument and left in anger. Jide was disturbed that I did not mention my past life through out our dating. I was ashamed , that is why I didnt tell him. He felt I did not trust him enough and he wanted to space to think about what next for us. I was desperate….I was about to loose my destiny helper.

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I know this Jazz that hookers use to trap men that they like…if they use it on any man…as long as the man has slept with them before…it will work. The man they use it on, will forget their family and focus on the hooker alone. He will spend so much on the hooker. It works very well. It only does not work on a man that has used jazz too. So, in my desperation…I had to use that jazz on Jide. Yes, I did. I was not about to loose the love of my life because of some jealous useless siblings who don’t want me to amount to anything in life.

And just like that…Jide came back to me…his whole family was peplexed….no one could understand why Jide ignored his family warnings to marry me. We got married and life has been beautiful. About five years later, I started going to church seriously and changed my ways. One day, I told Jide what if I used jazz to make him marry me…will he leave me if he finds out? Jide my darlyn husband laughed and said, if I used jazz for him, he is very happy the jazz caught him cos he is very happy he married me.

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So you see…sometimes, a girl needs help to get the attention of the man that she wants…especially if the guy loves him and is single. I mean…its not like I snatched my husband from any woman…he was single at the time and he was truly in love with me. The jazz was just a small motivation to open his eyes not to loose me. And me…I cannot be a loser to bad people. If I was a Christiaan then or known better, maybe I would have fasted and prayed for God to deliver Jide to me but I did not know better…what I knew was what I used.

So, again to the poster of yesterday…maybe your guy needs some motivation….but if you cant use my method…go and fast and pray very well. But note, you need fast motivation o. This your guy, the way you described him….do something before you loose him. I come in peace….its my own advice….my husband is happy with me today…shame to bad people. My style may not be good for some people, but I did not harm anyone. Am I wrong or right? Before you say anything sha…try out yourself in my shoes. Thanks.


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  1. Biblical advice to online readers

    Do not follow the pattern of the world.

    The use of charms to lure a man is not scriptural practice rather ask God and He will give you a good and perfect gift. Look beautiful, smell nice, be sweet, friendly and engage in the things you enjoy doing.

    You must know that the enemy is not kind, he doesn’t give you anything for free. He came to steal and destroy. Charm is deceitful.

    ‘CHARM is deceitful, and beauty is vain, but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.’ Pro 31:30

    God is against the use of magic charms to make a man marry one.

    ‘This is what the Sovereign Lord says: I am against your magic charms with which you ensnare people’. Ezekiel 13:20

    That practice is described in scripture as abominable.

    ‘When you come into the land that the Lord your God is giving you, you shall not learn to follow the abominable practices of those nations. There shall not be found among you anyone who burns his son or his daughter as an offering, anyone who practices divination or tells fortunes or interprets omens, or a sorcerer or a charmer or a medium or a necromancer or one who inquires of the dead, for whoever does these things is an abomination to the Lord. And because of these abominations the Lord your God is driving them out before you.’ Deut 18: 9-12

    The same way you don’t turn to mediums, don’t turn to magic charms.

    ‘Do not turn to mediums or necromancers; do not seek them out, and so make yourselves unclean by them: I am the Lord your God.’ Lev 19:31

    Dear poster, now that you are saved, repent before God and let Him sanctify your union.

  2. If you’re single and you have read what the poster wrote about using jazz,abeg becareful,don’t use jazz on anyone.

    It’s working for her now but what about tomorrow? A word is enough for the wise!

    Wisdom is profitable to direct! Be wise

  3. Dear poster,

    You said you used what you knew then and feel it’s okay for people to still use jazz as a motivation to nudge their fiancé or fiancée to marry them.

    You see, the heart can’t be deceived for too long. Man (human beings) were created to operate by their will. Anything that takes a man’s will from him by force is against his freedom of choice and humanity.

    The heart could be conditioned but not changed completely. What worked for you isn’t because he got jazzed, it’s because he already loved and wanted you.

    When a medicine man asked you to do something to work, it’s your faith that empowers the medicine.

    Your advice to use jazz as a motivation is deadly. People die from.such. Some loose sanity.Some become useless and even have the relationship scattered.

    Jazz isn’t God’s perfect option.

    The best motivation is prayers, show of love, getting friends and his mentors or pastors to put in words on your behalf. These options always work because he reasons through the advices and make the right decision by himself and will.

    Imprisoning another’s mind for your selfish reason is wickedness and witcraft.

    I hope you understand as a Christian that shouldn’t be an advice from you to anyone.
    Besides, what workwd for you may never work for another.

    The main advice here is to let singles stay off sex before marriage. The good advice is to serve God with their lives and let him fight for them. Jazz doesn’t keep marriage or make it sweeter. The best advice again is to let singles know that hook up for survival isn’t best option because it backfires and come with many nemesis in the future and makes one desperate when they see someone that cares about them even when we know that not all relationships or friendship is meant for marriage.
    Learn skills and be an ambassador of decent jobs and decent living. The lesson will be to open up about our past in the most reasonable way and don’t keep others in the dark completely. Singles be good and motivate your friends or partners through your good and exceptiional talents, positive and productive contributions in their lives and work.

    Their poster, thank God you go to church now. I pray God strengthen your marriage and fellowship with Him in spirit and in truth. Keep enjoying bliss in your marriage.


  4. Dear poster just a reminder that the truth can’t be hidden for long

    I will advise you give your life to Christ and turn a new leaf also release that man, you can’t force love on or from anyone let it flow naturally

    When the scale falls off from his eyes the repercussion might be disastrous, I understand your grief but the truth must be told.

    Don’t continue to trend in the way of the ungodly when the god’s you have sworn in return never stops demanding it will cost your peace and many things you never planned for,

    Make amends while it’s still day may the lord be with you and show you mercy amen

  5. Dear Sis,
    You’re living your life and your method worked for you + your husband is aware and isn’t bothered

    This lady shouldn’t use jazz in my opinion… she now knows better unlike you who didn’t… infact she love and knows her guy enough not to involve their pastor…

    Their love for each other will win… She should just commit to God and let her guy get back on his feet spiritually…

    Pray for your sister and her guy as you understand her better… It will work.
    Dem go dey alright las las


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