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True Life Story: How l Married Two Husbands-Pt2


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True Life Story: How l Married Two Husbands-Pt2



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Kelvin swept me off my feet. I was sleeping with him only a few days after our first meeting. Kelvin was that kind of man. He crawled into my heart and pumped me full with his sweet love.

While Daren was White, Kelvin was biracial, his father was Jamaican and his mother Austrian. And he looked every bit like an American hip-hop star. He was so energetic and adventurous, always eager to try out new things, that everyday spent with him was memorable.

We met at the gym one Saturday morning, and every thing fell into place at once.

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I can’t really explain what happened to me except that it was love at first sight. I don’t want to call it lust because it is several years now and l can still feel it deep in my bones.

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Then Daren suddenly returned from his Paris trip. And l found myself in a dilemma. I realized that in order not to hurt Daren, that l must make a choice between him and Kelvin, and be honest about my choice with him.

You see, White men aren’t your typical Nigerian men. They have such a fragile ego, and as such, demand utter honesty from their partners, no matter what. Being dishonest with them about your feelings in a relationship hurts them more than anything else. So l had to make the choice, and be fast about it.

Though It wasn’t an easy choice to make, but l already knew that l wanted Kelvin over Daren. Of course, Daren was more matured and disciplined than Kelvin. And Daren offers you that protection, and financial safety that every woman needs from her man.

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But, there was just something irresistible about Kelvin. He was so fun to be with, so full of crazy ideas and the courage to try out those crazy ideas, and have enough fun while doing so. He also had that ‘bad-boy’ looks and streak, that every woman secretly craves for in her man.

And above all, he was better in bed than Daren.

So l went straight to Daren and told him all about Kelvin.

I had expected him to get mad at me, and hate me at once for cheating on him, while he was away, like a typical Nigerian man would have done (perhaps l had never fully understood that white men are in a completely different realm, compared to African men).

Imagine my shock, but massive relief then, when he told me; after he had silently listened to all l had to say about my affair with Kelvin.

“Darling, l don’t know if you will agree with what I’m proposing. l know that you are crazy about Kelvin, maybe as much as l am crazy about you. So this is my proposition; let us be married to you!”

“Are you saying what l think you are saying or is something wrong with my ears?” I blurted out.

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“You heard me right the first time”,  Daren continued,

“l have done this very thing before and it worked out pretty well. All you need to do is to present it to Kelvin, and we can move from there to another level.”

“Where l come from, that is a taboo, no woman is expected to be married to two men. It is not just a taboo, it is against the law. And any woman who tries it will not only be punished by traditions, but by Statutory laws as well.”

“Tradition has got nothing to do with this. Don’t forget that you are thousands of Kilometers away from your home country. Besides, no one has to know what you have done if you don’t tell them”, Daren replied me.

“How about my conscience dear Daren, how am I supposed to live with that knowledge, if I do something like that?”

“I am only making a suggestion, you don’t have to do what I am asking you to do if you don’t want to do it. I just want you to know that it is going to make my life better and happier, because l just can’t live without you Maureen, except you want to refuse me this one desire, after all the beautiful moments we have shared together and all the promises we have made to each other. I will never forgive you Maureen, if you leave me, always bear that in mind okay!” Daren finished, and stormed out of the restaurant.

That sounded like a death sentence coming from Daren, l went to my hotel room that evening very disturbed. I ran all that Daren had said through my mind and realized that l was in a total mess.

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But when l told Kelvin about it the next day, l got the shock of my life when he replied;

“Hey! Why not? If it is what you want to do, l’m sure we are going to have a great deal of fun doing it.”

To kelvin, it was always about having fun and new adventures; trying out new things he had never done before, just to have a thrill at doing it.

And that was the thing l love most about him. He was never scared of taking on new challenges.

Dear readers, that was how l eventually got married to two men in Vienna.

Call me crazy if you like, but the truth remains that l married Daren and Kelvin out of greediness, l wanted them both for what they individually offered me.

We have been married for five years now and we have no problems whatsoever. Our marriage was nothing formal. It was a very simple affair. We just had a small ceremony in the flat that my two husbands had bought for me. I have had a child for Daren and another child for Kelvin.

We have even put a timetable in place, which was mutually consented to, right from the beginning. They come to me everyday of the week, operating a one-day in, one-day off schedule, with me resting on Sundays. It had worked very well for us.

But l am not suggesting that you should try something like this yourself. Is’s my story!

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  1. E be like my ear or my eye dey pain me ooo,wetin mummy G.O just read finish bayi?

    Boya make I read again to get clarification,PE this one ko ye mi mo ooooo.

    They made a timetable and it has been working for them for five years, Jesus Christ is still Lord bikonu. Inukwa ihe nka,ihe nka owunu beans bikonu.

  2. This is strange to my world. What kind of greed led you to this…? S.e.xual lost or wealth you already had and in control…?? Naaaaa
    Pls, check yourself very well


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